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Trust in God's plans for me


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forvicI can do no other

If I move to the left or to the right God stops me in my tracks. If I push and the door opens, this is the plan. If I push and it isn’t opening or its too difficult for God and I together to open, I try a different door and a different path. 5 years ago

Alive InsideWhat It Means

To me, to trust in God is to accept that whatever He does has a purpose, that we cannot change it regardless of what we would have done/do, and to take JOY in His plans, not stress or be saddened over them.

I’m really going to be challenged on this one, which is half of why I have chosen to tackle it at this moment. I have recently found someone I care deeply for, and I’m not sure where God is going to take us. I just cannot imagine being pulled away from this person, but I have to trust that God has His plan for me already, and no matter what I feel, He knows best. 5 years ago

LittleClazI know what he wants but can I be strong enough to do it.

I have a serious self esteem problem God knows it and I know it. He has told me several times that he has plans for me, plans that will make me the person he wants me to be. I trust in him, I know he can do anything., I just need to believe that I can follow him to the end. 6 years ago


Trust, trust, trust. Oh what an intersting word. At it’s basic concept, trust is easy. Trust should be inherent. As we come into this world we are granted the gift of absolute trust, it is only as we get older that we lose this trust. We get hurt, we get disappointed, and we lose trust. Trust is a very hard thing to get back, to re-create, to, well trust in. Through events of life I have always had a hard time trusting, even in God. I am trying to relinquish more of my life to God and trust that everything happens for a reason and there is a greater plan for me. 6 years ago

MicahbobThe Gospel

The problem I have is I sometimes disassociate my vocation (God’s calling, plan) with living the Gospel. The truth is, God has already shown me His plan for my life. Jesus came to the earth, showed us how to live, and said “this is your vocation.”

This is all He wants me to worry about.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (see Matthew 6:25-34) 6 years ago

veryshermissed a party

I missed a party on Saturday. The guy i was going with came down sick at the last minute. I did cry, but i realize i must not have been meant to go. God will guide me and i will follow. i sure hope He lets me go to the next party! 7 years ago

CassaundraAfter all, He does know me better than myself!

We must continually trust in God’s plans for us. Today I had lunch with my counseling pastor. The only time anyone usually comes to this man is with a heavy problem in mind. I had the unwanted luxury of this sort of rock.

I have been waiting for nearly three months for my leaders to decide on letting me stay in my current job, leave, or try another career. This so called rock in the road I took out and gave to God. I asked him to take my burdens and trust that he will make the best decision in my life. After all he does know me better than myself! My problem was not giving God the rock; it was being patient for results. My pastor quickly told me that if I do not endure I wouldn’t have faith. I had to ponder that thorny word…endure.

What he meant was this; if we did not endure the suffering, there would be no hope. If we do not grieve, we would never love. If I do not wait to trust in God’s plans for me, I will never know. 7 years ago

Lita5428"...be still and know..."

I feel like I have so much potential. I want to just get out there and do what God has planned for me. The problem is that I have no idea what the plan is. I am guilty of constantly trying to push God along instead of waiting for His perfect timing. Like I’m in line at the buffet of life and I’m afraid the guy ahead of me is going to get all the good stuff before I get there. I need to be patient. I need to trust that God will put the perfect dessert, made just for me, down on that buffet line at the precise time that I get there. My plan is for me…no one can take it…only God knows its perfect timing…I need to trust Him. 8 years ago

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