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Hack a USB Flash Drive


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I need a how to hack USB flash… 4 years ago

rachelsue20How to make modified USB flash drives

I love hacking up USB flash drives. I’ve been making modified drives for friends for the last year and a half, and finally finished building a site all about it. The site has several tutorials to get you started on how to make your own hacked USB flash drive.

As far as inspiration is concerned, I would highly suggest you wander the aisles of your local toy store or 99 cents only store (that’s my crack… I go in for 2 things and leave with twenty!) Anyway, I have gotten tons of great ideas from checking out the toy aisle in the 99 cents only store. Good luck and check out www.freshlysqueezedflash.com for tutorials, resources, and more. There’s also a page where you can learn how to hack the inside of your drive, with portable apps, and drive icons! 7 years ago


Hacking USB drives seems to be the in thing. Hot Wheels, PezDispensers, even Homer J. Simpson have gotten the hacker treatment. It seems to be a relatively simple and painless procedure. One just needs a Dremel (or Dremel-like) tool, an USB drive you’re not using, and some sort of toy or figurine.

Well, I want to play too. And it just so happens that I have the tools and the USB drive. Unfortunately, I have very little experience or technical know-how when it comes to electronics and / or hacking in general. But, still, you’ve got to start somewhere.

So, I’m just waiting until I find that perfect toy to tear apart and re-build in my own unique and configureable way, hopefully with the ability to read and write up to 256 MBs of data.

The hunt is on. 8 years ago

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