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Meet my first grandchild

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First Grandchild

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I completed my class at school and the next day got up at 3AM took a taxi to the ABC Bus station, this took me to the International border, waited in line walked across the border into San Diego. Then I took the Blue line trolley to the Amtrak station downtown. Got to Amtrak and missed my connecting train by 7 minutes (such is life with public transpo)..Notified my daughter-in-law that I would be on the next train at 630PM would be in Santa Ana, Ca Amtrak station 8:27PM. Feel sound asleep once on the 6:30 train, woke up as we pulled in SA. Got off saw a young girl with long brown hair holding a little baby at the big fountain in front of station…I ran toward her then stopped, my eyes were betraying me. It was not Stephie. No one met me at the train…I sat down and waited and waited. Finally some lady offered me a ride, so I took it, found a bank and got a Motel room. I felt like it was 1 or 2am, but it was 9 or 930PM. I fell asleep as soon as I walked in my room. Charged my cell and IPAD, both had been dead when I disembarked. oh yeah.
But nothing and no one keeping me away from meeting Sienna. I wrote and told Stephie where I was and my mistaken thought that since they invited me to stay with them and we made these plans 3-4 weeks in advance. Then I realized I did not ask them to pick me up and they had not said they would. Why I would think they would be there or my son who had my car was stupidity on my part.
The next morning, not sure where I was, I first located a place to have money wired and started taking buses. (side note…directions not my strong suit) I always get lost. I did not have their address on me, had been there once a while ago and finally talked to Stephie and her mother offered to pick me up. I so did not want that, but I had to keep my eye on the prize, so I swallowed my false pride and accepted.
Everything in the universe working against me, big time personality differences, old money versus work for a living and a whole lotta of peeps thinking they be better than others based on numbers in some bank account. This was my first invite ever into this home (secretly, I think me becoming a doctor was the reason.
Sienna was so worth all the pain and suffering and people talking out of the side of their neck. Hello, I own vehicles, my son was driving one and the other was over heating suddenly. But I walked until I had blisters took every form of public transpo and I did make it so there is that.
So…the moral to this sad saga is no matter what, see your grandchildren and just keep your heart open to them. The rest is just noise that an Ipod can drown out easily…(lol) I put on some Nirvana and all was cool. Left the next morning very early and did the reverse trip back to Baja. Missing Sienna every mile of the way. 19 months ago

user34935 19 months ago

grassroofdocMeet my first grandchild...Sienna

Sienna was born July 13, 2012, I had taken off from school and work for over 7 weeks. my daughter in law said it will be awhile start your new class and work, we have plenty of time. then I was shut it of the loop. Sarted my new class on Tuesday… Friday c section baby princess was born. I read about it on Facebook! 20 months ago

grassroofdoc 20 months ago

kmom2468 2 years ago

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