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Dreamdancer12Crazy wild and likely fabulous idea!

Think we may do something slightly insane… I think we may temporarily move into a single room that is available! Idea is to put all our stuff in a 16 ft pod. And then take the bare
Minimum and set up this room to be a professional office break room by day, and our sleeping quarters by night. Idea would be to have a mini fridge, table, folding chairs, etc and a futon. Fold down the futon each night, to have a place to sleep on the down low. We would join a gym up the road for shower acess. A bit hairbrained, but we are sick or financial stress, and living this way for 6-8 weeks before our new apartment comes available could leave us with upwards of $1500 in our restocked emergency fund. Might just be worth saving the $30/day :) 5 months ago

sierra_dreamr 6 years ago

Dreamdancer12Time to restock

Our travel completely wiped out my emergency fund. Well, all except for a little less than a hundred $. Definitely time to stock back up! Which is easier said than done, wheat with my computer in the shop, my car needing an oil change, dented partner paycheck from having been gone, and looking forward, a house hold move coming up, etcetera. Eeep. Deep breath, and feel thankful I have skills that earn me a great hourly income :) 6 months ago


Feeling grateful that I have as much money stashed in savings as I do… Not a ton, and a lot of it is ear marked, but still, this allows me to go to Dubai without fear of being able to manage when we get home in June.

Excited to be making more money, and situations changing so that our basic bills are less :) 7 months ago

aisa_basia 12 months ago

aisa_basiaAchieved! Emergency Fund of $5,000 USD

I typically do a self check-in on a monthly basis to check up on the progress of my “Emergency Fund” Saving goal. Today is March 16, 2014 and we’re only half way through March yet I am doing an impromptu self check because I’ve met my goal.

I am happy to check off my entry on here about Saving $5,000 in Emergency Fund as I attain this goal today. This is also part of my New Year resolution and I’m really grateful for the current job assignment at S. Company in Menlo Park. I wouldn’t be able to meet this saving goal and other financial commitment if it weren’t for this job so I can attain this saving goal.

YTD Cash Saving: $2,640 (unchanged from last check-in)
YTD Stock Account # 1 (SB): $1,289 (went down a bit in value sincelast check in).
YTD, Stock Account # 2 (L):$100 (newly opened from last week)
YTD, P2P Account (P):$1,080
YTD Dividend income: $7.05

YTD TOTAL: $5,116.50

I am affirming:
*All my goals have specific, attainable deadlines.
*All of my thoughts and actions are consistent and congruent with the attainment of my goals.
*As I move boldly in the direction of my goals, unseen forces come to my aids.
*I am good at saving money.
*I am dedicated to saving money.
*I am capable of consistently saving money.
*I am highly disciplined with my money and never spend it impulsively.
*Every day in every way my finances are getting better and better.
*I am very responsible with money.
*I enjoy giving and receiving money.
*I know how to use money for the greatest good.
*I only spend money on those things that truly benefit my life.
*Money constantly flows to me through multiple channels.

I love being riches,
Aisa 9 months ago

aisa_basiaEmergency fund check in: Mar 4, 2014

I can’t believe it’s already March of 2014. Time just flew by so fast. It is time for me to do a self check-in with my goal of saving $5,000 toward emergency fund.

February was the shortest month with expenses comparable with the Xmas season as the lunar New Year took place in February. A lot of money were spent on getting traditional gifts and passing out lucky money. Besides Lunar’s New Year related purchases, there were also annual bills that were due (ie. auto registration, home insurance, auto insurance, car maintenance, etc…)

I didn’t really work on my side hustle at all so incoming revenue/cash flow were definitely less in comparing to the Xmas month. Overall, it was a comfortable month even when I maximize the contribution into my 401(k) plan and kept myself discipline with the saving.

Besides the “cash” saving and stock account, today is also very special to me. I received my first “dividend payment” for my Intel stocks purchased back on Dec 2013 via the stock account. Although $4.50 is a humble amount, I’m pretty excited about the long term possibility this investment model will help me toward my wealth building and financial independence’s goals.

YTD Cash Saving: $2,640.
YTD Stock Account: $1,305.
YTD Dividend income: $4.50

YTD TOTAL: $3,949.50

I am affirming:
*My wealth increases daily.
*New channels for making wealth are presented to me daily.
*Wealth and prosperity continuously flow into my life.
*I am very excited about earning more money.
*I have more money coming in than going out.
*I make more money than I require to accomplish my dreams.
*I make wise investments that earn great dividends.
*Money comes to me abundantly, rapidly and with great ease.
*My earnings increase with amazing speed.
*I have a detailed financial plan for the future.
*All that I give to others comes back to me multifold.
*Charity is a habit that I nurture every day.
*Everything I give to others is a gift to myself. As I give, I receive.
Helping those less fortunate gives my life greater meaning.

I love being rich!
Aisa 9 months ago

aisa_basiaEmergency fund check in: Jan 31, 2014

The last 2 months seems like a whirlwind of activities ranging from year end volunteer events, multiple holiday celebrations to tending my side business/hustle.

Today marks the completion of one month into the new year as well as my first month resuming work after the winter shut down. But it seems like a very long time since my last deposit into the Emergency Fund account.

Although baby steps, I’ve made some progress toward re-building my emergency fund.

YTD Cash Saving: $2,000.
YTD Stock Account: $975
YTD TOTAL: $2,975

I am affirming:
*An abundance of money is flowing swiftly towards me.
*I always save at-least 30% of my income.
*Every month, without fail, I put money into savings.
*I am completely debt free.
*I am very excited about earning more money.
*I am grateful for the opportunity to draw money into my life.
*I give thanks for all the money in my life.

I love being rich!
Aisa 10 months ago

Dreamdancer12Want to focus on this more

Time to take this a little more seriously again. Things are going to come up, and I need to be in a position to deal. So buckle down and save dollar by little dollar… 11 months ago

arts_student 11 months ago

aisa_basiaPick an amount - instead of a 3 months blanket; goal = ($5,000)

I always knew what the equivalent saving amount for a minimum 3 months expenses would be – but I opted out of citing an exact amount in my initial entry because it is something I wanted to keep to myself.

HOWEVER: I need to be held accountable for this. And so I think it is easier to achieve it by having a specific goal amount. THEREFORE, I am going to pick an arbitrary amount of $5,000 USD to keep it simple. Once I reach the saving goal of $5,000; then I can always bump up my goal to $10,000 and so on.

In my last post on this topic, I haven’t decided where to park the Emergency Fund saving – instead of a normal saving account. Since then, I had decided to use a combination of both stock and saving account to maximize growth/return and liquidity in case of a true emergency.

I had a dormant stock account through Share Builder (now Capital One) that had under 25 shares of Sirus radio left. I left the account as it is since the stock/dotcome crash. It’s worth almost nothing nowadays.

Instead of opening a new account. I decided to re-activate that account.

YTD Cash Saving: $1,300
YTD Stock Account: $798
YTD TOTAL: $2,098

I am affirming:
*Every month, without fail, I put money into savings.
*I regularly put some of my earnings into savings
*My Emergency Fund increases exponentially every week.
*I faithfully put a portion of the money I earn each month into savings.
*It is my greatest desire to live each and every day with unlimited prosperity
*I now take immediate action to consistently increase my personal wealth and my emergency fund account.

I love being rich!
Aisa 12 months ago

Dreamdancer12Got approved to be part time at both new venues

It is going to be an on call back up therapist status for each. Still excited to have these new income streams though!

Seeing clients at FS this weekend (covering for a sick primary) saves my ass cause now I will actually have the funds I need to travel comfortably later this week.

So far to go, but at least now I’m headed te right direction! 12 months ago

Dreamdancer12Sick of coming up short

I’m more strapped for cash than I’ve ever been. Seriously. So, I’ve decided to bump my finances back up on the priority list. I’ve made some ovetures about part time work for other clinics/wellness centers. And I’m scheming about some promotional opportunities for my own business. I make a good hourly income, so it is just about seeing more clients – which means hands on for billable hours with more new clients. 12 months ago

aisa_basiaRe-build my Emergency Fund

Followers of Dave Ramsey all knew and practice funding and save at-least 3 months worth of living expenses in case of an emergency.

I had an emergency fund before, but I liquidated all that fund when I returned from my recent 2 RTW trips some 1/2 year ago due to lack of employment. I’ve been working for 2 months so it’s natural to replenish my Emergency Fund.

My past Emergency Fund has been in the most liquidable form = cash. This time, I think I’m going to opt for the semi-liquidable route that would maximize my saving through either individual stock/mutual fund account as the current saving rate is too little to park the current humble amount.

11-26-2013, starting balance: $1,200 (currently in cash form)

I am affirming:
*I set and achieve my financial goals with ease.
*My Emergency Fund increases exponentially every week.
*Through my thoughts, I now produce tangible avenues of wealth for myself.
*It is my greatest desire to live each and every day with unlimited prosperity
*I now take immediate action to consistently increase my personal wealth and my emergency fund account.

I love being rich!
Aisa 12 months ago

Dreamdancer12Eep! Car needs work

My car needs a new coolant line, and the light in the glove box wasn’t turning off. So I will owe a cool $425 to be road ready for my trip to BC. Also let me know that I need new tires and an alignment before too long. Damn, the expenses just keep coming…. 13 months ago

Dreamdancer12Change is such a constant - how do we adapt?

Read an interesting accounting of how much he price of things has gone up in te last ten years…. Yet average income hasn’t. Suddenly clarifies a lot of my challenges in an unarguable way.

Now I am intellectually/philosophically pondering… 15 months ago

Dreamdancer12Feeling more optimistic

Just woke up from an awesome dream in which somebody completely unexpectedly gifted me four thousand dollars to continue building my healing practice. It was awesome. Woke with a smile, and came upstairs to light my wealth altar and write in my journal. Really feeling in flow… Not too long now :) 16 months ago

Dreamdancer12Depressing topic

was talking with my little sister this evening. She is hunting for a new job, and saving a buffer in case she is out of work for a few months in between gigs. I admitted to my financial reality, and suddenly the day doesn’t look so bright. I always feel like crap seeing myself through her eyes. Gotta cut that out! 16 months ago

Dreamdancer12Really hopeful!

Crossing my fingers about receiving a significant amount of inheritance… Not greedy, but whatever comes our way will be deeply appreciated and really help us out! 16 months ago


Feeling a lot of stress about our financial state right now. We are ok, and i trust we will have our most central needs met … really working on doing what I can to get more flow and less ebb going on though, as it will be such a relief to have good funds in our coffers and be able to get caught up with responsibilities that I’ve been having to waitlist til another day. 18 months ago


Feeling a touch dismal about this goal. My fiancé is struggling with his health and well being since he was hit by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel back in April. He has been powering through the last couple of months… Now though, it is catching up with him, and he is prioritizing his health practitioners advice of slowing down and not pushing himself so that his body can actually heal. I am all for this! Challenge being when he decides this means missing whole days of work, or going in late etc… Resulting in serious pay cut to our already snug budget. Guess I need to take a deep breath, let go of some of my dreams and expectations for this summer at least, and continue being frugal on the home front. *sigh. 18 months ago


While my personal accounts are all still sadly tight, my fiance and I have been doing well with starting to create a significant surplus in our joint checking/savings account set up. Glad to have a system that seems to be working, and that will lead us to a good place. Hoping to check this goal off in a matter of months now instead of years ;) 18 months ago

ashawaBecause apparently I never wrote an entry on this goal...

To be honest, I have given this goal much thought and am currently very much in the process of saving the funds for said emergency fund. In fact, in my goal “learn how to successfully invest”, I have claimed a goal amount and date: $2,000 by July 4th 2013. This is roughly the amount to pay 3 months of my only current/long-term expense, student loans. Figured each goal deserves at least one status update entry.

Current savings: $1,400

I’d say I’m right on schedule :) 19 months ago

Dreamdancer12Something always comes up...

Car stuff again… sigh20 months ago

Dreamdancer12Will establish a fresh embergency fund for sure!

Received a totally unexpected and completely welcome check in the mail as a once in a life time birthday present… need to sit down and decide how best to invest it tomorrow. I can tell you right now though, that part of it will be going towards a solid emergency fund! 20 months ago

Dreamdancer12Will need $$ to move

M and I were talking last night, and realized we better start saving $$ if we want to be able to afford to move next winter when our lease on the apartment is up. I really want to get into a house that gives me less exposures by being a single unit free of smoking neighbors and diesel based landscaping crew. Moving is expensive, what with deposites, truck and potential movers, etc. would like to have at least $3,000 set aside for this process in an ideal world. That would mean saving $500/month. Better start the fund, and continue to focus on saving. 20 months ago

Dreamdancer12Pep talking myself

Tonight I’ve been feeling angsty about finances. So sick of things being tight, and the resulting stress. Time to turn this around, and look at the positive!

My successes:
- I’ve paid for all of my own basis necessities for the last 3+ years
- I’ve paid my mortgage and HOAs religiously since I bought my own home 2.5 years ago
- I live in a beautiful place with a man I love and who adores me
- I’ve helped my sweetie pay over $3,000 worth of car repairs in the last six months
- I bought my own car, and am making the regular payments
- I cover my own insurance
- I’ve paid my own treatment room rental for the last 3.5 years, and even managed to hold it together when my business partner left me in the lurch
- I’m up to date with all my licensing
- I consistently meet my payments on all money owing
- I invest in my health

And I’ve done this all while starting my own successful business from scratch :)

sure, I’m actively welcoming in prosperity, and really look forward to when there is a little more wiggle in our monthly cash flow budget, and yes there are some big things I’m really looking forward to being able to afford… but over all, I’m doing pretty well. phew!

In terms of this goal “having a 3 month security fund” though, I definitely need to tighten the belt down the last remaining bit and prioritize this if it is going to happen. 21 months ago

Dreamdancer12Playing catch up...

Chose to buy new clothes for work at the beginning I this month since I’d been making do for quite a while. And now my honey’s car is finally giving out on the breaks eat that have needed replacing for a while. Thankfully because we’ve been having a good month I think we will be able to make ends meet. Going to be so great to step out into getting ahead and moving forward with our goals rather than continuing to play catch up like this. 21 months ago

Dreamdancer12Another good month :)

This month’s income projections are looking really strong. Looking forward to catching up and being able to set at least a few hundred aside as a cash flow buffer and security fund :)

P.S. Transferred $50 to my freedom/security fund this morning :) Yippee! 21 months ago

Dreamdancer12Feeling rather stressed...

I’m meeting my most pressing needs that are non negotiable and have the money to pay my monthly bills, but some days it feels like a frightfully close call! I’m not spending spontaneously on stuff either, well, not beyond the very occasional $5 treat during my weekly food shop or something like that. Mostly I’m toeing the line exactly, and it just has to do with my overarching life style being high quality and a little expensive to maintain and having taken a large hit on my earnings last fall with moving my practice. Thank God last month was better. Here is to manifesting prosperity from here on out! 22 months ago

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