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Housetrain my rabbit so she can run free and not chew cords

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Erin Tranfailures in bunny training

Gonzo is driving my husband crazy, and we’re running out of ideas. It seems like every day we uncover new things he’s chewed to shreds, including: baskets, areas of our carpet, telephone cords, laptop power cords, the cord on our paper shredder, etc. The most dramatic moment occurred a few days ago, when Sondi discovered that Gonzo had snacked on his cellphone charger, chewing it into about 20 pieces, some of them less than an inch long.

So here’s a status report:

1. rabaldar/cord wrap—seems to work, but areas of cord remain exposed/vulnerable. It’s also hard to cover all the cords, all the time, especially for things that move around (vacuum cleaner, phone chargers, laptop cords, etc.)

2. tabasco—complete failure.

3. bitter yuck no chew spray—no impact on Gonzo, he chews right through it

Our latest strategy—buying him lots of things he’s allowed to chew on: twiggs (colored rabbit treats), wooden toys, carpet scraps, grass mats, etc. Everytime we catch him chewing something he shouldn’t be chewing, we try to redirect him to an alternative.

We weren’t having this problem with him a month ago—does anyone know if this is just a phase? We’re really hoping he’ll stop on his own in a few days/weeks/months. 7 years ago

Erin TranI feel your pain....

I’m having the same problems with my two year old neutered bunny, Gonzo. We’ve accepted that he will probably always chew up any boxes or baskets we leave around, but we draw the line at our electrical cords. He’s driving my husband crazy, as he keeps having to repair or replace the cords for his computers, as well as our phones, lamps, and just about everything else. We have found a couple things that seem to help, just thought I’d pass them along:

1. We wrap all of our cords in child-proofing stuff. The kind we buy comes from Ikea, and it’s called something like rabaldar (I don’t think the first three letters are coincidental). It’s much cheaper than anything we could find at Radio Shack or Home Depot, and it seems to work pretty well. It has taken a few weeks, but I think we’ve managed to wrap most of the cords by now—of course, he always manages to find the one we’ve forgotten.

2. Tobasco sauce. I can’t really verify this works yet, as it’s the newest trick in our arsenal, but I read about it on another site. We soaked a papertowel in it and have run it over the exposed bits of cords and anything else we’re determined to protect. 7 years ago

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