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Lose 70 pounds

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CassieMy goal is 75...

But somehow 43things marked that as done when it isn’t so I’m marking my progress here. My heaviest point was 211 and I want to go from there to get Down to 136. Current weight is 183 13 months ago

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macabrebabydollExploring why I gained 70 lbs in the first place. aka things I can change

I ignored the scale, didn’t step on it for a year. (I will now be weighing myself every week on Sundays.)
I overate every day and didn’t care. (I will now have a calorie limit of 1200 calories per day.)
I never tracked my calories. (I will now track my calories in a diary on my computer every single day, no matter what.)
I made excuses for not exercising. (No more excuses!)
When I did exercise it was very light. (Work out a little harder in the future.)
I only wore yoga pants so I never noticed my clothes getting tighter. (Wear jeans so I realize how they fit.)
I never really looked at my body. (Look at my body every day in the shower.)
I didn’t respect my body. (Remember that my body is my temple, and that I’m not allowed to trash it with crap food and poor habits.)
I started smoking to relieve stress. You’d think this would make you want to eat less, but if I didn’t have cigarettes I would replace smoking with eating. (I have another goal on here to quit smoking, which I started this week. :D )
I’ve gotten in the habit of just being generally lazy about everything including weight. (I gotta get off my ass and do stuff. I got a job, I’m cleaning my room, I’m starting a garden, so I should have plenty of opportunities to do things besides sitting.)
I ate when I was bored. (I’m going to do FUN stuff now when I’m bored. Like reading or playing video games or knitting, etc.)
When I was in college I would resort to the vending machine and caf food a lot. (Now that I’m out of school, I won’t be tempted any more yay!)
I give up on my diet when my mum brings junk food and fast food home. (I’m just going to say no now. No excuses now that I know what I’m doing to myself.) 2 years ago

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