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develop a daily morning routine

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I have ALWAYS wanted to wake up at 5am. I have only ever woken up early if something completely unavoidable (job, school, Z’s birth) was forcing me to do so. BUT, since I plan to start working as a teacher in the near future I thought it’d be in my best interest to make early rising a choice rather than a chore.
It’s occurs to me that early rising begins on the night before so I have been preparing myself by going to bed as soon as the first signs of sleepiness begin to manifest—no extra episodes or long movies on weeknights. I should probably also institute a caffeine curfew of like 6-7pm. 2 months ago

johnest 2 months ago

mia shirazi 3 months ago

alchemii 13 months ago

Noreen Black 2 years ago

DayDreamer37 9 months ago

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Georgie 19 months ago

nicoleayres 12 months ago


I’ve been failing at this for a very long time.
Issue 1: I leave everything until the morning to sort out and never have enough time for it all.

Issue 2: I keep going back to sleep or lazing around instead of getting ready.

Action: * Pack my things before I go to sleep.
  • Stick to waking up consistently
  • Wake up with energy to get up and go. 15 months ago

sammeeeI don't generally do New Year Resolutions...

But one thing I really do want to focus on this year is eating breakfast in the morning. This morning I had cereal, and it only took about five minutes in total… It doesn’t need to take long at all, but it did seriously help me to wake up and get through the day!

Also, I think I was a lot less cranky! Bonus! 15 months ago

CaresseIsCurious 3 years ago

GeorgieSlowly but surely...

Waking up at 6am is getting easier with time and I’m falling back to sleep less and less. I think now it’s time to get out the checklist to make sure I get everything done in the morning – and getting things organised the night before might be good too! 17 months ago

Aikido 7 years ago

GeorgieStruggling with early mornings.

I’ve been terrible with the early mornings so far. I tend to wake up at 6am, go downstairs and fall asleep on my sofa again until I have to go to work.

We’ll see how it goes next week. 18 months ago

GeorgieBase plan of action.

I’ll try this out on Monday and see how it goes.

06:00 – WAKE UP (No Snoozing of the alarm)
– Put my phone on charge
– Turn on my TV

06:15 – Have breakfast (Take it to my desk and eat)
– Take pill
– Plan my day

06:30 – Shower (exfoliate & moisturise)
– Put on makeup
– Straighten hair

06:50 – Get dressed
– Brush my teeth

07:00 – Make my lunch and coffee for the day
07:15 – Leave for work 19 months ago

ChelssHerself 21 months ago

Mr TaurusHow I developed a morning routine

Firstly I recognised I am not a natural morning person. Then I promised to kill the SNOOZE aka torture button. Working backwards from the time I need to be out of the door – I broke my morning into 15 minute chunks. Chosing what Then I decided what I want to do most in a morning for now. Then I put them in the order that made sense.

15 minutes to just wake up
15 minutes to meditate
15 minutes to get dressed & groomed
15 minutes to make breakfast & coffee

1 Hour to write or work out!

I threw myself in at the deep end and found the early nights sorted themselves out. 21 months ago

Mr Taurus 3 years ago

Zoe Starr 22 months ago

TWolf2016 2 years ago

Karen Quinn FungGoing towards instead of away from things

Been reading a fantastic book recommended to me by a friend called “Your Brain at Work” by David Rock (http://www.your-brain-at-work.com/). There’s a section of the book that talks about emotions, the limbic system and the idea of “towards” and “away” (fight or flight, basically). I’m realizing that the habits I don’t like tend to have to me going into “away” modes and going “towards” things that are not aligned with my actual goals.

So right now I’m just in observing: what makes me feel good and moving towards things? what makes me feel bad and moves me away from them? How can I take what I learn from each of these situations and, you know, switch ‘em around so that I move away from the things that are counterproductive and towards the things that I want to do? 2 years ago

Karen Quinn Fung 2 years ago

Jaime<3 2 years ago

fandm 2 years ago

Lacy Wallace 2 years ago

aforementionedWhy... Develop a Morning Routine

I have no idea what I want my morning routine to be. I find it hard to stick to anything on a regular basis, especially in the AM hours. However, I know enough to know that I’m usually too tired to accomplish much when I get home from work so if I want things to get done, maybe the best option is before work.

Things I would definitely like to incorporate:
Exercise 30 minutes at least 2x a week (eventually would like this to be every day)
Shower and use my Clinque moisturizer on my face
Get dressed and ready for work (Total shower and ready time: 30 mintues)

Hobby for 30 minutes (crochet, knitting or cooking)
30 minutes of house blessing (Flylady style)
Puppy cuddling (he’s most cuddly in the AM, could possibly be done with knitting or crocheting) 2 years ago

aforementioned 2 years ago


1) Wake up & shower
2) Mouthwash
3) Moisturise face & body
4) Put phone on charge
5) Do make up quickly!
6) Dry hair & do it
7) Get dressed
8) Put jewellery on
9) Take vitamin & allergy tablets
10) Pick up bag, phone, water bottle and GO!

NOW STICK TO IT MAISIE! :) 2 years ago

Julie Hart 2 years ago

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