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pam39 14 months ago

pam39New Orleans Mission

My spiritual sister and I are going to do mission work in New Orleans this weekend thanks to Sherry Shriner we are God’s warriors. Sherry Shriner has provided us with the supplies. 14 months ago

pam39Forgetting about Josh

I going to leave that wannabe player alone. He wants sex and that’s it. I have to much going on in my life to even want to deal with him. I’m ok alone. I’d rather be alone than played. 14 months ago

pam39the wall is up and it's not coming down

I have someone in my life at first I thought it was going to form into a relationship but it turns out to be a booty call or that what it seems to be I guess. I tried to talk to him about different things my quest about spirituality and reminding him I am not fake but I think he really doesn’t care or have any insight about knowledge or wanting that knowledge.

I thought today I was spying on him online. I didn’t everyone around me wants something from me but who really cares what I really want. I don’t think anyone cares it’s about them and their needs and wants. I’m drinking again and I enjoy it. It’s one of the few things I ponder on myself am or am I not an alcoholic. I battled this addiction that I love so much on an off and on basis.

I sit at my desk and wonder what I am doing here? What is the reason I’m here? The one place I would like to feels so far away but it’s not unreachable. 14 months ago

pam39Sunday January 27,2017

I was sitting in my red leather chair thinking about the upcoming sex with Josh, he’s a cook on a rig. We met on Zoask. Well I was using my friend Donna’s account because I wasn’t subscribed and left him my phone number. We’ve texting for the last 3 weeks. We’ve already met up and had sex in a hotel. We are friends with benefits. Until one of us decides to change the rules or stop altogether. I have kept a wall up about feelings. I don’t text him unless he starts and I don’t answer for awhile so it doesn’t become to personal for now. I don’t know if he gets me I’m not like any one he’s met before. I don’t think. I have so many shades to me.

I went into the bathroom just getting off the thought of him stayed in there for a good 25 minutes. Giving myself an orgasm. It’s beautiful when your the one pleasing your own self. 14 months ago

pam39Saturday January 26,2013 10:19 pm

The one thing that made me happy today was Rebecca (daughter} we did not have an argument today it was effortless. I have a light shining from the inside out. I just want everyone on this to know Thank you, for inspiring me to really dig deep in my soul and letting everyone be who they are and not conform to this plastic world. Here’s to everyone let’s keep inspiring each other. 14 months ago

Elizabeth YongYumcha sessions :)

2 years ago

Elizabeth YongYumcha sessions :)

2 years ago

Elizabeth YongUntitled

Flourescent pink pen!’ 2 years ago

Elizabeth YongColleagues

who care to take turns to send me home when I work late. I’m touched 2 years ago

Elizabeth YongNew friend

Nuff said :) 2 years ago

Elizabeth YongToday...

A little bird perched on a railing in front of me and chirped :) 2 years ago

Elizabeth YongPeople

...who care 2 years ago

Elizabeth Yong 2 years ago

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