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read all the Sherlock Holmes stories

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alchemiiover halfway there!

5 books down, 4 to go! 14 months ago

alchemii 14 months ago

malit 16 months ago

energy 2 years ago

verilyvexed 19 months ago

brickhorse 19 months ago

Collectorofcats 20 months ago


MicroWhisper 2 years ago


56. The Lion’s Mane
57. The Veiled Lodger
58. Shoscombe Old Place
59. The Retired Colourman 20 months ago


43. The Bruce-Partington Plans
44. The Dying Detective
45. The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax
46. The Devil’s Foot
47. His Last Bow
48. The Illustrious Client
49. The Blanched Soldier
50. The Mazarin Stone
51. The Three Gables
52. The Sussex Vampire
53. Thor Bridge
54. The Three Garridebs
55. The Creeping Man 20 months ago


39. The Valley of Fear
40. The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge
41. The Adventure of the Cardboard Box
42. The Adventure of the Red Circle 20 months ago


37. The Abbey Grange
38. The Second Stain 21 months ago


32. Charles Augustus Milverton
33. The Six Napoleons
34. The Three Students
35. The Golden Pince-Nez
36. The Missing Three-Quarter 21 months ago

Spatz 21 months ago


28. The Dancing Men
29. The Solitary Cyclist
30. The Priory School
31. Black Peter 22 months ago


26. The Empty House
27. The Norwood Builder 22 months ago


23. The Greek Interpreter
24. The Naval Treaty
25. The Final Problem 23 months ago


19. The Musgrave Ritual
20. The Reigate Puzzle
21. The Crooked Man
22. The Resident Patient 23 months ago


...I used to remember stories I’d read in great detail. I’ve decided to pick this goal back up, and I know I finished all the way through “The Greek Interpreter,” so that’s where I decided to pick things up.

Looking back over the previous stories, however, I remember very little of them. I guess one day down the road, I’ll need to read them all again. Ah well… 23 months ago


13. The Beryl Coronet
14. The Copper Beeches
15. Silver Blaze
16. The Yellow Face
17. The Stock-broker’s Clerk
18. The “Gloria Scott” 23 months ago


11. The Engineer’s Thumb
12. The Noble Bachelor 23 months ago


7. The Man with the Twisted Lip
8. The Blue Carbuncle
9. The Speckled Band
10. The Hound of the Baskervilles 23 months ago


6. The Five Orange Pips 23 months ago

gingeetaGonna resurrect...

...this goal. I haven’t read much lately, and I’m feeling another good foray into Sherlock’s adventures coming on.

Just finished up series 1 of Sherlock, and can’t wait for series 2 to become avaiable on netflix. Love, love,love that show! 2 years ago

energy4 down

I’ve listened to 4 books on CD in the car. I need a break. 2 years ago

AidanMonica 2 years ago


4. A Case of Identity
5. The Boscombe Valley Mystery 2 years ago

MicroWhisperSo far...

1. A Study in Scarlet
2. The Sign of Four
3. A Scandal in Bohemia 2 years ago

gingeeta"The Greek Interpreter"

Creepy… Creepy, but good.

After fininshing Memoirs, probably going to take a break from Sherlock and finish some of my other reading. I’m feeling maybe an Austen novel next… We shall see. 2 years ago

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