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learn to ride a motorcycle

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MyImaginaryWorldDay 5-6

8 hours practical, both days
Day 5WAS HORRIBLE. Okay, that’s probably a bit over dramatic. But it was super rainy and cold and we were all so miserable by the end. That being said, I did some pretty cool things!

I was riding around on streets at this point. Got to have a tour of half my city, all the great riding road…even if the weather was miserable. I operated in traffic. Well. At one point my visor kept fogging up and I had 2 choices: feel pain or not see. I chose pain. Rain at 60 hurts…I can only imagine what concrete at 60 feels like. Went on the highway twice! In awful conditions I consider this a great feat =P

Day 6

So, my courses have taken place over 3 consecutive weekends. The weeks have been nice and the weekends miserable. Finally, we received our break. It was a nice day out. We did mock tests for the first hour or so with additional lessons on particular things. Like starting on a steep hill. We spent the rest of the afternoon riding around the city limits on all the cool back roads. I got pretty comfortable doing twisty roads at 60km/hr! So much fun.

Safety courses conclusion: SO WORTH IT. Don’t you even think about not doing it. =) Also, it’s exhausting. Eat and sleep well. 4 weeks ago

MyImaginaryWorldSafety Course - Day 2-4

Day 2

4 hours of practical: It was freezing. Yucky snow. And hail. Still, learned how to shift gears up and down properly, got better at manuvering, push steering, emergency stops, etc.

Day 2.5
I decided to ask for a 2 hour practice outside of my course for extra ride time. Very worth it. I completed my first two very tight U-turns without going wide or putting my foot down to balance the turn. Yay!

Day 3
4 hours classroom, 4 hours practical

Didn’t learn a thing in the classroom. Took the written test. A+
Riding was still miserable weather, just heavy rain this time, but better. Learned a bunch of emergency manuvers, more stuff on braking, and worked on our reaction times.

Day 4
We rode around for a bit. Practiced everything we had learned throughout the course and started our practical testing. I failed the first time. He let me do it again and I passed. Oh boy…

In BC, getting your full class 6 (motorcycle license) is a 3 step process.

1) written test (I took in December)
2) motor skills assesment (what I just passed)
3) road test (on the 18th…) 1 month ago

A Filbrun 1 month ago

MyImaginaryWorldSafety Course - Day 1

4 hours theory – eh, don’t know if I learned anything knew. Always good to review though. And saw a couple good videos.

4 hours practical – not too bad.

My initial problem was clutch work. I’ve never had to operate a clutch before as I drive an automatic car (I’m working on that. One thing at a time!). So I stalled a lot. By the end of the day it was much better and I was getting a pretty good hang of it.

My balance was alright. Speed okay. Basic controls was no problem.

They set up a slalom course with a bunch of cones on a huge parking lot at the local college. I was good at driving in a straight narrow path, wide weaving, wide and small circles, and sharp turns. I was awful at U-turns, continuous U-turns, and tight weaving.

All in all it wasn’t bad. 4 hours of riding is a lot though and the last 40 minutes for me was just too much. I was mentally burned out and couldn’t get anything right after that =P

My instructors feedback matched pretty much what I thought. Though he was kinder. He said my number one problem of the day is that I’m a very timid rider and my confidence is what I need.

So far: entirely worth it. 1 month ago

MyImaginaryWorldAre you ready?

I’ve always thought bikes were beautiful. I imagined as a kid that the only motorcycle I would ever get on would be a dirtbike…which I did recently and LOVED!

I’ve also been on a old powerful hog of a bike way in the back country in the middle of nowhere. First bike I ever road. And it was awesome. It pretty much reignited the love I have for them.

So for my 20th birthday I bought myself a bike with the help of R. Honda CBR125. It’s ME sized! Haha

I’m taking a safety course (which I started yesterday) which I’ll write about else where. I’m geared up head to toe. Great waterproof and warm gear which I put to the cold and wet test yesterday. It passed spectacularly.

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