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Treat my husband like he is the best husband in the world (cause he is)


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diana19hello everyone

im bearly 19 years old. i got married on august of this year.. my marriage is like hell, my boyfriend is not into me anymore i feel like his in love with someone else he swars he dont cheat on me but i still doubt by the way he acts. 4 years ago

FALEANA16Dear Jason Love~!

Baby I just want you to know that I value you from the bottom of my heart! All that you do for me and mine without a second thought… You are always there to make sure all the last pieces are taken care of. You always reassure me when I’m stressed to the max, and always seem to make me feel okay and safe no matter how stressful your days are going. Even when things are so rough in your own world of work and issue you still look at me and say “it’s all good baby!” To keep me protected from any negative worries. I love you Jason for all that you are and all that you bring out in me!All that I’m after is a life full of laughter As long as I’m laughing with you4 years ago

JenniferDugganFlDennis James Duggan Orlando Fl. My husband!

Dennis I want you to know how much I love you and appreciate everything you do for me, Erica and our family. Im so sorry me and Erica have been so sick for the last year and 1/2, but if I could make it up to you I will. You are my Rock and I didnt let you know how much you really mean to me and Im sorry but I promise to never let a day go by without telling how much you mean to this family and just how much we love you. I appreciate dinner and the fun in the truck (keep it clean) December 2, 2009 and I pray you come home to your family safe sound and soon. Jennifer Duggan Orlando Fl. 5 years ago

KC_CookerThe Trash Can Debate / Non-Debate

My husband and I have a unspoken debate going on in our house. It’s the “Which way do you think the trash can should face” debate. We’ve lived in this house since February and purchased this trash can then. For some reason, every time I face the trash can the way I think it looks best and should be faced, I walk by and it will be faced in a different direction… the direction my husband thinks that is should face.

Funny thing is… neither one of us has ever said anything to the other about it. We just go about our days, moving the trashcan back and forth. The reason I have never said anything is because it doesn’t seem like something that’s worth debating or arguing about… however if we are still moving the trash can after all this time, maybe one of us should finally bring it up.

The right thing to do would be to let him have the trash can face the way he wants it to, but it honestly really bugs me for some reason… isn’t that stupid? It’s a stinkin’ trash can for goodness sakes.

What is the one thing that you and your spouse non-debate about? What does he do that really gets on your nerves, however you just live with?

Do you think I should bring up the trash can thing? Do you think we should just go about moving the trash can whenever we feel the need? Do you think herein lies a deeper issue? :) 8 years ago

fugalera life long effort

This is a life long goal, but I feel like I’m doing well, I can always do better, but can’t we all. I don’t want to have this staring at me making me feel guilty for the times I’m not so nice, I’d rather count it done and just keep trying to be nice more often than not, which I am. It’s a mutual respect thing 8 years ago


Last night I got home from visiting my sister for the weekend and there were TWO bouquets of flowers waiting for me and a book (autographed!) that I’ve been wanting to read. I really DO have the best husband in the world! 8 years ago


I love being on vacation with my husband. What is it about vacations that make the spark in our relationship alive again? I’m affectionate, I’m fun, I’m loving… things that I know I probably am not at home with him.

How can I bring that vacation spark back into my marriage? We are happy and are in love, but I need to be more affectionate. I’m going to try and recreate that “vacation” feeling more often. He needs it, I know. 8 years ago

KC_CookerComing Home

Nick just called and he got his flight changed so he’s coming home really late tonight after midnight instead of tomorrow night.
I’ve missed him and am excited to see him! 8 years ago


Nick is in NYC for the entire week. When he left yesterday morning I was so sad. I’m used to him traveling, but maybe since it was 9/11 I just had it on my mind of all the people who said bye to their loved ones that morning and then never had them come home again. 8 years ago

KC_CookerTime away

We went to Louisville, KY on Monday and Tuesday for a business trip. Ella was with us, so we weren’t alone, but it is amazing how just getting away for a day or two really sparks up the marriage. We were able to eat out at a nice restaurant, and since Ella slept, we actually were able to have a conversation. Amazing… that never happens at home.

I have a great husband… I’m very fortunate. During my meeting some of the ladies were bashing on their husbands and I spoke up for mine, saying that I had a “gem” of a guy and how lucky I was. When hubby came to bring me the baby to feed her, several of them came out and told him what I had said, that I had been bragging about him and how lucky I was. Hopefully through second hand conversations, he knows how much I love and appreciate him. It’s always nice to hear it from someone else! 8 years ago

KC_CookerOne Week to Save Your Marriage

Is anyone else watching this show on TLC? My husband and I have been watching it every week, and each week it brings up some subject that we can relate to on some level. It’s a great show to watch together because it makes it really easy to start dialog about different things with each other.

Anyway, we watched it last night and one of the topics was affection. My husband is really affectionate… I’m not, but know I need to be. I’m verbally affectionate, if that makes sense, but I have never been a big hugger/ touchy feely kind of person.
I made the promise to him last night that I will work on being more affectionate… giving more hugs/kisses, etc. Our kids need to see this, my husband needs to feel this, and I just need to do it! 8 years ago

looking4balancelittle notes

I put the little notes next to his toothbrush, his wallet, his computer, his truck and his bowling bag! Marked it off as something Ive done and worth doing! He gave me an extra soft kiss, I’ll hear from him latersigh I love to hear his voice. 8 years ago

looking4balanceUnbounded passion

My love for my DH has no limits, I dont show him enough. He is and always has been kind, gentle, supportive, loving, thoughtful, fun to be around, motivated, a terrific father, a good role model, smart, educated, moral, hard working, creative, and most of all- beautiful! My heart soars….... 8 years ago

KC_CookerWe're having...

a good week. One of those warm and fuzzy, I love this man kind of weeks.
Isn’t it funny how marriage really has its ups and downs? I’m glad that we have more ups than downs and really love it when we have those weeks that we are in sync with each other! 8 years ago

KC_CookerLetting him sleep in!

I let my husband sleep in today. I got up with the kids and closed the door to the room so he could have undisturbed peace and quiet. He deserves a day or two like that for all the hard work he does!

Granted, he was still up before 8am, but in our world, that’s sleeping in! I miss those college days where sleeping in meant until noon. sigh8 years ago

KC_Cooker7 Days to Save Your Marriage on TLC

I gave my husband lots of compliments yesterday, told him how proud I was of him and how much I appreciate his hard work each and every day. I told him how lucky I was to have a husband that helps!

We watched the show 7 Days to Save Your Marriage on TLC the night before. Our marriage isn’t even close to the point where it needs saved…we’re really pretty happy. However, the show really makes you open your eyes to things and makes you feel lucky to have the kind of relationship we do. 8 years ago

KC_CookerAm I horrible or what?

Sometimes I feel like the biggest Bit** when it comes to my husband. Last night I got into bed after taking care of all three kids the entire day, having a 2 month old who doesn’t sleep through the night and seems to constantly want to nurse. I saw for the first time in months the opportunity to read my book for a little bit before going to bed. Some time to myself that I haven’t had in ages. Well, my husband said “I know… why don’t I turn over and you can give me a nice backrub?”
I thought “Are you SERIOUS?????” And I said “I know… how about if I enjoy the first early to bed time I’ve had in months and take a little time to myself to read my book”. He sighed, turned over and went to sleep.

I felt horrible afterwards. It would have taken me 5 minutes to give him a backrub, but instead I was selfish and took the time for me. I feel like I have kids hanging on my all day. I get tired of people touching me and I get tired of being in constant demand. I really just wanted to veg for a bit and not do anything.

Why do I feel so horrible? 8 years ago

KC_CookerLast night...

Kids make this so hard, don’t they? Last night I had all these grand plans to give my husband a nice massage. Something he would have enjoyed and deserves. Well, I put the baby in her crib asleep at 8:40. 8:45, she’s crying. This whole put her in her bed asleep and her waking up 5 minutes later happened until 12:30. I am so tired now, and of course my husband was sawing logs by the time I actually got to bed. 8 years ago


I mostly need to work on being more affectionate with my husband. I found this info on Marriage and thought it was highly appropriate for me (except it’s geared towards husbands being more affectionate, not wives)

Hug and kiss your wife and tell her you love her every morning while you’re still in bed. Rub her back for a few minutes before you get up.

Tell her that you love her while you are having breakfast together.

Kiss her and tell her you love her before you leave for work.

Call her during the day to ask how she is doing and that you love her.

After work, call her before you leave to tell her when you will be home, and tell her you love her.

Buy her flowers on the way home at least once a week, with a card that tells her you love her.

When you arrive home from work, give her a big hug and kiss and spend a few minutes talking to her about how her day went. Don’t do anything else before you have given her your undivided attention.

Tell her that you love her as you are having dinner together.

Help her clear off the table and wash and dry the dishes with her, giving her a hug and kiss at least once, and tell her that you love her.

Hug and kiss her and tell her you love her in bed before you both go to sleep. 8 years ago


I am a huge jerk. 8 years ago

moonjibRelationships are rewarding work.

Out of all the things we “invest” in, our relationships with our spouses should be the top priority. It’s like a garden…the more you tend it, the more it grows and produces beautiful fruit (and if you ignore it, 99 percent of the time it dies, although sometimes you get lucky in the right climate). I have been so blessed to start out with a intelligent, honest, God-fearing, sweet and I’ll go ahead and say super-handsome, husband who loves me above and beyond the call of duty. He doesn’t make it hard to want to be a good wife (although he has his faults, like everyone). It just makes sense. If I am spiritually right, then the result is usually that I treat everyone around me with more care and love, especially the person who tends to fall to the end of the list because he has to love me no matter how I act. I want to be more generous with my time and energy when it comes to him. Therefore, I will work harder at being spiritually right (more reading my Bible, more prayer, more time with God). 8 years ago

moonjibAn epiphany

I’m starting to realize that I give all my positive energy away during the day to perfect strangers, and when I get home I’m tired and cranky and I’m all used up! It’s not right! I’m practicing being conscious about being a friend to my husband, being more patient and honest, and yet gentle and loving and considerate. It’s working. I’ve had a hard week this week work-wise, not enough sleep, etc., but making the effort in my marriage has made all the difference. Love is a choice! I will choose it every time, so help me. 8 years ago

moonjibTough day.

It seems like since I wrote this goal that I’ve been MORE impatient, MORE snappy with my husband. We have not communicated well the past few days and things have been really busy (which doesn’t help). We need to learn how to manage stress better and be able to handle days when we don’t really have quality time together. We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! 8 years ago


It seems like when you go from the mystery of dating to the comfort and security of marriage and living together, you forget to be patient! We are best buddies, so happy, but I sometimes snap and act like a spoiled brat. I want my husband to know that he can depend on me to be spiritually right every day (even when I didn’t get enough sleep or I’m on my period or something). I need to focus less on stupid stuff like undone dishes and unmowed grass and focus more on his awesome qualities from day to day. I sweat him too much on the small stuff and that’s not really fair. 8 years ago

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