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Pato_Velasco 8 months ago

sankeya13 21 months ago

madeline111 23 months ago

tuliproxWent too fast

I think me and my boyfriend were going too fast. I had only known him and really liked him for a few days before he asked me out. We are both 14 btw. We have been going out for about 2.5 weeks now. Ever since we started going out I don’t really like him anymore. I also discovered he can be really immature and embarrassing. These past few days I have been seriously contemplating breaking up with him. I’m not happy in this relationship at all. But I really like him as a friend and I’d hate to break his heart cause he really likes me and girls never like him. Also I had a dream I met a cute guy and started hanging out with him and cuddling him and stuff and thinking I’d totally leave my boyfriend for this guy. Plus I started liking someone else. The thing with before I started dating my boyfriend I thought he was perfect and couldn’t find anything wrong with him. Now I dread holding his hand. With the new guy I like I know lots of things wrong with him yet I still like him. And my friend told me she knew he would start liking me because he asked her for my number after the first time we hung out (me, my boyfriend, my girl friend, and the guy I now like). And we’ve been texting nonstop the past 2 days. But I learned my lesson and will wait to get to know him before I even consider dating him. Plus, I see myself having more of a casual relationship with this guy. So on Monday I plan to break up with my boyfriend. I’m really shy and socially awkward though so it probably won’t happen :/. Wish me luck… 2 years ago

tuliprox 2 years ago

Mimi Gilbert

BonnieBabe 2 years ago

Cindy3cv9 4 years ago

lilnono 8 years ago

MySecondChance 5 years ago

MarlowsapienHe was horrifically clingy.

And a bit of a jerk in the end.
If you don’t want your boyfriend to be your boyfriend, stop him being your boyfriend. It’s rather simple really.
Or you would think, the first time I tried to break up with mine he just kept saying we could make it work and just plain refusing to accept it.
Me:”I don’t think this is working”
Him:”We can make it work”
M:”No, we can’t.”
H:”Yeah we can, it’ll be fine.”
M:”I don’t want to make it work.”
H:”It’ll work”
M:”No no, I don’t want it to and it won’t anyway.”
H:”It will work”
He leaves
M:”...What just happened?”
I later found out that he was cheating and broke up with him over the phone. I haven’t seen him since. 3 years ago

Marlowsapien 3 years ago

Olivia 3 years ago

OliviaHe controls my life and lies to me

I’ve been with this guy for nearly a year (we are both 18, our anniversary is the 4th of July, today is the 29th of June), and for most of our relationship… we have just been fighting. He is highly controlling and manipulative. He has many personal issues and insecurities, many bad thing have happened to him in his life. This would be fine, if he didn’t put them on me. Sure, he is a great guy, we are madly inlove, we have an amazing connection, we do awesome and fun things together, the sex is just insane, and he does alot of great things for me. We used to go to the same highschool, and last year we graduated and I’ve moved onto university, 3 hours away from him and my family. During this time, he has made alot of effort to make it work by continuing to drive up and see me,call me every day etc. But we always fight, and he is so controlling. For the last 6 months I have not been “allowed” to go to parties at uni, or drink, or even talk to my bestfriend (who is my ex, but that should be up to me, not him). He dosen’t trust me to do anything becuase of his past and the way others have treated him like shit. He has huge issues with his parents. And recently I found out that two months into our relationship he was talking to other girls and trying to hook up with them, behind my back. We broke up soon after that time for a reason that turns out to be a lie, I found out the real reason was becuase an ex of his facebooked messaged him, telling him she wanted him back and she loved him. So he left me and has sex with her, and then came back to me when it didn’t work out with her.


But I cna’t bring myself to do it, it hurts so much, I still love the idiot boy, my mind and my heart are battling. My mind knows, I should deffinatly leave him, sure he makes me happy sometimes and we have had amazing times together, but on a daily basis, he only drags me down. But my heart screams out for him, begging me not to leave it becuase I will be so hurt and lonely and regret it.

We have talked about it, and he says he will try to change, that he will “let” me out to parties and let me drink etc, but he still wont let me talk to my bestfriend, who is someone I feel I will ALWAYS be friends with, but nothing more, he is a brother to me. And now that he has broken my trust by lying to me, I really need him to prove to me how dedicated he is, how he trusts me. But he won’t, he won’t let me be friends with my ex.

I don’t know what to do….. or how to do it. I need to let go, but I can’t. How do I break up with him? He is so persuasive, he always convinces me to stay, he always says it will get better, but it doesn’t, or it changes. 3 years ago

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