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Zach WargoUntitled

Stop blowing money on dumbass shit jkafadl 4 years ago

SpuddyGetting better...

I’m taking better control of my money. I’m using savings accounts where I can’t touch the money for a year (and have to pay in to each month) and then at the end of the year I’m using the money saved to pay off debts. I’m also saving other money too in the hopes to go travelling next year… getting better, but not quite there yet! 4 years ago

turbomajaI will have $5000 in savings

I am a self proclaimed shopaholic. I also work an almost minimum wage job, which means that my income is by no means large. In the 2 years that I’ve been working, I’ve made it almost to $2000. Unfortunately it goes back down each semester with school and books. arg. 5 years ago


I’ve set up a savings account that I can only access through the bank teller. I put money in there every pay cheque, and if i have to take money out of it i have to go during buisness hours. it makes saving money easier; and planning big trips, that i need to save for. 5 years ago

Purpurea AemiliaStill no savings

As always, I spent everything I ever got. But, now I have a summer job, maybe it will help! 5 years ago

Purpurea AemiliaFinally

I was acting very childish and non-responsible. I was wasting money on bars, outings, make-up, with no limits… Now I’m in very bad situation, I must money find fast, and if I had savings, I could solve this problem. But, I haven’t saved a dinar in three years! Even my parents went crazy for asking for money all the time and spending it on unimportant stuff. I finally realized I must change. List of things to do immediately:
1. pay school trip
2. buy new flash before my brother notices the old one is lost
3. think of a way to not pay for the bus, cause I lost monthly ticket 5 years ago

bbylove24My FiRST J0B


manavGetting there

Well Have just paid off my $500 credit card balance and my $350 Hire Purchase and it feels great. Funny how that gives you more freedom am also saving to pay off my loan of $2350 at the moment it used to be $4000 and have gotten it down. The only dilemma now is I am now used to having my $1350(current) savings in the bank in case something happens but should I use that to pay off my loan and then save on the %10 intrest rate or keep it in case something happens???? Am also saving to go to the gold coast in australia(friend won ticket and I get to be a lucky friend- can’t say no). Have also made some wise financial decisions for next year have managed to get a job at a college of residence which will cut my living costs by at least $9000 so am definately on my way to financial freedom and South America here I come. 8 years ago


up to 1,250 and paying off the credit cards – so far so good. Has been a real big learning curve and hard to distiguish old habits but the rewards have been well worth it and make it easier – now I want to save every penny I get the most bizarre feeling. 8 years ago


so I found this ouija board on ebay I really wanted but I stopped myself and asked: “Is this the only one in the world?” “will I ever have another chance to buy it?” “do I really want to spend the money right now?” and I decided there will be many more chances to buy the same thing when I have more money. 8 years ago

manavalmost at my first milestone

Well this is by no means a quick and easy goal but I feel I am getting alot better I find myself now stopping and really thinking about it, no more impulse buying, sometime if I give it enough time and I completely forget about it and that thing that I so desperately needed I find myself not even noticing I don’t have it. I also remove myself from those type of situations, go home for lunch and dinner, leave my wallet at home but the biggest difference I have made is putting money in my savings as soon as the paycheck comes in and not leaving alot left over for “stuff”. I can’t really go out and buy new stuff but I survive and don’t feel like I am missing out. So since the beginning of march I have managed to save 900 dollars and am closing in on 1000 so I am v. impressed with myself 8 years ago

Irene Jogive me solution

how can i save my money if i always want to travel out of town at least once a month and go clubbing once in two weeks ?? omg… soon i’ll be bankrupt hehehehe…. 8 years ago


Had a goal setting workshop last nite – not completely finished but in the process – three financial goals I made that I am committed to achieving within a year are to get a $10,000 savings in my bank, get a part time job at school that I enjoy and get paid well for- no more mediocre stupid jobs had my fair share of them and they suck and to be financially free for my next three years of school (meaning- not struggling, no paycheck to paycheck living). 8 years ago

manavEbay is causing a slow and painful death

Am going to stop placing bids on ebay – its a killer. As of today no more ebay. 8 years ago


At the beginning of this semester, I received a check for approximately $1600. $400 went to books, $150 went to securing an apartment, and a bunch more went to I don’t know where. Okay, I do, it went to, for iPod speakers and clothes I didn’t need, and a digital camera. I am in college and I live in the dorms, and my car is four hours away. I really have no real expenses to speak of (minus those books and the apartment). I went to the bank today. Guess how much I have left?


I need to stop sucking. At least I get paid next week and can put that check away. 8 years ago


Well trying to cut back from lots of angles – going to eat all the food in my house before I buy any – this should stop me from doing the usual buying of too much stuff and all the fresh good getting wasted. As I am the lowly student am finding it quite hard to pay for school and save let alone live but I am committed to saving and paying off my immediate debt (not student loans) asap. I think when you don’t have money on hand you realize how much you waste it on dumb stuff. So as well as the new food idea I am also going to get more experimentive with my clothes so at least I feel like I have a new outfit even if the clothes that make it up are old ones. 8 years ago


I just got to stop buying atari jaguars and gold plated saturns and start saving, but you know i’ve never had a white saturn or a neo geo….................. 8 years ago


Well have decided that after payday I am going to take the money I need out for the week and just pay things by cash and put my card in the freezer(heard someone did this and I need a place to put it away so sounds as good as any) as I am a chronic swiper – if you can swipe it you can’t buy it. We will see how this logic works for the week. I am also trying to pay off my laptop and travel loan that I have at the moment and have decided that when these payments have ceased I am going to set up a AP for the same amount into my savings. Have also heard put away for yourself first and you will find a way to pay the bills so with this in mind the plan is in action. 8 years ago


it seems all my money goes to food and tips, im not a fan of these tips, were already paying outrageous prices for the drinks and food, why are we paying for the waiters/waitresses kid’s college fund too, should the restaraunts owners be paying their waiters/waitresses not the customers 9 years ago

firebird2110It will always be ongoing but ...

I’m going to say I’ve done it.

My watch died and instead of buying a new one I unpacked my fancy Harry Potter Fossil watch and got a battery put in it. I’m still making the flask of coffee every morning and packing lunch. Really cut down on wasted food. Changed my electricity supplier which will save $10+ per month.

On the spending side I’m decorating the apartment but you know what, I don’t think that’s wasteful.

So yeah, I think I’m doing this. 9 years ago


ahhh this is my downfall. i used to be good at saving money until credit cards, car payments, bills ect. i spend alot of money on clothes and going out with friends. as hard as i try to save i always seem to find something i want or need. this also causes stress because i know if i had saved money like i should have i might not have such a big problem finding an apartment or worrying how i’m going to afford it. 9 years ago

firebird2110The last two weeks

I took $100 less out of the bank for general expenses. Made sandwiches for work most days and the flask of coffee has helped too.

On the other hand I just ordered a new color printer (old one is dead after over 3 months in storage) and Halloween, birthday and christmas presents for my daughter, but I figure I had to do that anyway so the general day to day saving is still looking good. 9 years ago


Didn’t have a whole lot of it when I was growing up, so I’d save it up for a long time. This habit has carried over into my adult life…I don’t like spending money just on a whim. My husband tells me I’m cheap! lol:) I usually buy things on sale, and I’m good at finding amazing bargains. My latest purchase was a new bathing suit for $3.25:) No, I don’t like spending my time looking through everything in the bargain bins in junk shops…can’t stand doing that, really. But I find really nice stuff at nice stores for nice prices;) 9 years ago


At my first job, at which I was earning barely above minimum wage, I was able to save enough in a couple of years to have a CD, and then a small money market account; that savings, though, was wiped out by expenses when I moved out of state. Finally, I’ve started saving again. It’s only about $50 a month at the moment, but it has already started adding up, and is getting addictive. My goal is to have about three to six months’ living expenses saved, in addition to maxing out my 401k contributions (up to the maximum amount my employer will match). It’ll be quite a while before I get there, but at least I’m making progress.

Most important for me: any extra money-refunds, rebates, etc.-goes straight into savings. If it lingers in my checking account, I’ll fritter it away on incidentals without even realizing it. 9 years ago

firebird2110Steps taken already

DSL instead of cable – $70 a month saved.
I’m kicking my Starbuck habit (see my other things for details) and now I’m packing lunch and eating breakfast at home. I figure I was spending something like $20 a day for breakfast, lunch and coffee (Manhattan prices for you). OK, the ingredients for lunch and the flask of coffee and stuff cost something, but let’s say $5 a day tops, that still saves something like $3,750 per year.
So with the cable that’s $4,590 per year already! 9 years ago

jaffariiniyou never know...

I just would love to be able to save money instead of wasting it… Pubs might be the worst… After all, what if something awful happens?
--—- 9 years ago

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