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go to Nepal

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Katie FabulousTraining begins! Reservations are made!

I’m now officially in training. My Midwestern suburb is about 20 feet above sea level, not exactly Mt. Everest, but I still strapped on my back pack, loaded with 15 pounds of stuff and hiked around town for a couple of hours. I’m sure everyone who passed me thoughtI was some sorta vagrant. I also made my hotel reservation for my first night. I decided to splurge on the Radisson. I felt more comfortable leaving my credit card info with them. Also, travel insurance is purchased. 14 months ago

Katie Fabulouswired the trek money today

I just sent 200 euros for my trek guides. Another $150 for room and board, ravel insurance, one night in a nice hotel, and I am all paid up. A 16-day adventure for less than $2700 US, airfare included! Cheapest 2-week overseas vacation ever! 14 months ago

Katie FabulousGot 2 tickets to--paradise--Akron Canton!

I am flying my mom out to Ohio to be with my sister while I’m gone. I fly back the following morning, leaving me three days of no mom before I leave the country. Two of those days, I have to work. I am not going to be able to concentrate! 14 months ago

Katie FabulousPicking up some Nepali phrases

My sister had this tape series of Nepali for Trekkers (yes, audiotapes) fromn 1984. So, I’m listening to it last night, and all I can think of is “Meka Leka Hi, Meka Hiney Ho!” from Pee Wee’s Playhouse! To the untrained ear, that’s what Nepali sounds like. I’m going to be giggling everytime somebody talks in Kathmandu! 14 months ago

Katie FabulousOne shot down . . .

I went to the doctor today to get updated on my tetanus. I don’t think I need anything else for this trip except maybe hepatitis A. We are going to be around a lot of sick people, as I’m going with a medical team, so I want to be a bit cautious about vaccinations. I can hardly believe that I’ll be walking around Kathmandu two months from today! 14 months ago

Katie FabulousGoing to get my money order for my visa!

Two months from tomorrow, I’ll be boarding a plane for Nepal! I can’t believe it. Now I go through the nerve-wracking experience of trusting FED EX to deliver my passport to the Nepalese embassy in Washington and to get it back to me. I’m not sure how to go about the “get it back to me” part, but thousands have done it before me, so, here goes. TWO MONTHS FROM TOMORROW I’M GOINTO KATHMANDU!!!! WHOOO HOOOO! 15 months ago

Katie FabulousI'm actually going. Soon!

I’ll be in Nepal at the end of March, beginning of April. I’m truly looking forward to the trip, which I’ll be taking with a group of Italian clowns. We’ll be in Kathmandu, and then trekking for a few days in the LangTang Valley. Still need to get my visa, and do a few other things before I’m really ready. But I’ve got my airline ticket! I’m going! 15 months ago

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