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Compliment From A Stranger

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alisa_vilniuje 21 months ago

funkyChicken 7 years ago

joie de vivre 11 months ago

joie de vivreStopping here

I will declare this goal done, rather than continue as I had originally planned. The reason is: if someone is a stranger, by definition, I know nothing about the person. Therefore, the only thing I can really compliment him/her on is his/her appearance. I guess I might be able to complement someone on their actions, but it’s much harder to “catch” someone doing something good enough to call out as a complement. Complementing someone’s appearance by definition is superficial.

Doesn’t mean I can’t say something nice to a stranger. But I’m not going to make a point of it, any more. 10 months ago

joie de vivre#3 & #4

Last week, I was in a retirement facility. I complemented different two old women on their clothing. 10 months ago

joie de vivre#2 little girl

I told her she was beautiful in her cerise dress. 11 months ago

joie de vivre#1 purple platform heels

I would never wear shoes like that, but she carried them off just fine. 11 months ago

joie de vivreQQT for this goal

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Stretch goal: 6 months 11 months ago

HippieChick2 12 months ago

HippieChick2Doing this almost evertime I go out

It is getting easier and coming to me more naturally every time. Not hard at all 12 months ago

littlemaxine93 12 months ago

Alaska Girl

Alaska Girl 12 months ago

seeking~serenity 12 months ago


this is sooo worth it, and I need to do it a lot more. I remembered how happy I was when someone did this to me. I loved doing it even more. 15 months ago

borntoresist 15 months ago

jennameowion 15 months ago

blu3bird 15 months ago

calmncare 19 months ago

Vicky 2 years ago


Seems so easy to do, yet I rarely (if ever) see strangers complementing each other. I just think one compliment (which is basically one sentence to say) might make the receiving person happy for the entire day. Appears to be a good deal. Let’s give it a shot. 18 months ago

MichaW 18 months ago

♥loverr girrl♥

♥loverr girrl♥ 19 months ago

skyPRINCE 19 months ago

foreverandalwaysx 19 months ago

Daniel 20 months ago

koalakat 2 years ago


Well, I’ve figured out how I’m most comfortable complimenting a stranger…and that is by not over-fixating on it. I don’t compliment strangers on a regular basis, but it does happen naturally, when I’m not striving for it in a “must cross it off my list” kind of way! =P I must say I’m happy enough with this, and feel that I can now cross it off my list!

It often starts out with an urge to simply talk to a stranger, for example, when I want to ask them about something (like the book they’re reading, something they’re wearing, etc.) and then that naturally leads to a compliment. When I first embarked on this goal of complimenting a stranger, I spent many a commute trying to work up the courage to say something, fighting with myself about whether saying something would be weird/creepy, when might be the best moment to do it, and then not saying anything at all. (Honestly, there are much better things to be thinking about!)

In the end, not actively thinking about it at all, and instead, just going about my daily life keeping my eyes open for what catches my interest and curiosity was the secret. This method may not lead to lots and lots of compliments to strangers, but it works for me and feels a lot less contrived and forced. =) Yay! 21 months ago

Renee 22 months ago

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