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Protect myself against "bad energy" sent by people

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Marq2009bad energy and not being uplifted

i want people in my life that uplift me and there’s no bad energy. 5 years ago


I hired a very toxic person to work in my store. She recently quit. She has a huge network of friends who are not speaking to me as well. I am very afraid that all this bad energy will hurt my business. I will try the protection spell. Any other suggestions? 6 years ago

JamGrrlProtection Spell Against Bad Vibes

Avoiding people who do this is a good start. Also, here is a “spell” that helped me. Whether it’s “real magic”, or just a good psychological gimmick, doesn’t matter.

1. Find a quiet time you can be by yourself. If you normally practice a tradition of magic, open your spell space however you normally do (i.e. make a circle if you’re Wiccan, etc.)

2. Focus on concepts like safety, protection. Believe you are protected.

3. Take a bath or a shower. I took a cold bath, since someone told me to do it that way, but I don’t think it was necessary. While you are bathing, imagine the water is washing away all impurities, all residual negative energies.

4. After drying off, etc., sit on the floor in a comfortable position.

5. Imagine yourself surrounded by white light—a bubble of safety.

6. “Attach” that presence of safety to yourself, by repeatedly drawing the rune of protection on your forehead. It’s called Algiz, and looks like this:


You can chant or rock your body during this part if you want, or not. Sometimes repetitive chanting or motions help you focus better. You could make up a rhyme about how safe you are, if that helps, and chant with that.

The point is to focus all your attention on that rune you are drawing. This will seal the ward to yourself.

7. Once you feel you’ve done a good enough job, end the ritual according to your tradition. If you don’t normally do spells, then be thankful, and say something like, “An’ it harm none, so mote it be”.

I like this spell because I can renew it any time I want. If I’m feeling afraid for ANY reason, all I do is take 20 seconds, focus my mind, and re-draw the rune on my forehead three times (with my finger of course). As I do this, I imagine myself being surrounded by white light. By the time I get the third rune drawn, I’m usually feeling quite safe again.

Warning: This spell does not protect against bullets or high-speed cars. 6 years ago

WendyI learned to do this years ago

I learned to do this years ago out of necessity. It is true that others can’t harm us unless we let them take our power away. And sometimes, we need to be more proactive in holding onto our power. I’ve used various techniques, depending on the circumstances, but in a pinch, surrounding yourself with white light is always a good way to start. :) 7 years ago

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