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i want to get over my feelings for my ex husband. the good ones and the bad ones.


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xmbishopxHow can i forget him...

I been divorced for 2 years, we have 2 babies.. a boy and a girl that we love to death. I still love him very much. I havent been with anybody else.. i dont go out.. i have friends..but theyre more like coworkers..i turned my whole life into taking care of my kids, work. This is the first summer he gets to takes the kids for the i been home since about a month ago..and im lost..i stay at work as long as i can, theres nothing to come home to..i go to bed around 8pm.. and the horror here is that i have no ambition of finding anybody else, even thou im alone. But i do realize its not healthy for me..When im with my kids im happy..and i do think of him a lot, he moved on even before we were divorced. He had, that i know of, like 6 girlfriends.. and he lives in Alabama and i live in Texas. Im a nurse, hes a supervisor for a oil rig company which means he travels a lot.. and this girlfriends he meets in different towns he works..i know this because my kids tell me.
So, where do i start??? if you read all that, please help me with some advice.. im 34 yrs.. and i dont wanna be alone and thinking of him forever.. 4 years ago

iamnobodyjusaobjectweird but true

i nd my boyfrnd..oneday after 7 months of relation got married over phone….yes it sounds weird,dramatic,insane….but however i blvd in this mariage…but after 4 months my so called husband left me only coz i slapped him(he did punched me even).....neways now i feel cheated,hate myself,well nd hate myself again dat i acted lyk fool…..:(hell i remember him…yes nd love him a lot…he calls me hell evry nyt…but shows so much atitude nd tells me dat how he remebers me….(only to craete a false hope)i jus want to move on…nd forget him…i want to forget dat i was wid a man lyk him sumday:(...i jus wish…. 4 years ago

Potatocakesmissing him everyday

I am still going through the devorce, we have to go to court in March. I have to see him every weekend so he can spend time with our son. He wanted the devorce so bad I gave up all my pride and begged and begged, theres nothing I can do I cant make him stay if he doesnt want me. Everything reminds me of him I miss him constantly. When we talk and I bring up getting back together he just says there was to much bad in our relationship and he doesnt see us ever getting back together. I hear ad’s for counseling, he wouldnt even consider it. Now he has a new girlfriend that he “loves so much”. I just want my husband back, my life, our house, our family. 4 years ago

vision70I just want to move on as he has

I have been sepparated for 2 and a half years after a 17year relationship with my ex husband. He has a way of making me feel so much love (for him) whilst Im left feeling inadequate about myself. Ive mooved interstate in a desperate attempt to get on with my life as he had mad it clear on many occasion that he did not want me. He has many beautiful women that he sleeps with but is not in a relationship.At christmas we met to exchange our son for the holidays and when I saw him so many sad feelings of loss came to the surface for me….. I miss him so much, I ach for him… I cried and he held me but it was obvious he had some where else to be his phone is always texting or ringing (many girls want to be with him and they a fair younger and prettier than I am… he has a greatly respected poision in his work and women seem to be attracted to this and they throw themselves at him) and I know that he would never come back as this EGO feeder is making him feel so good about himself which is great to see but it hurts as I know we will never be together again. We talked the next day for 7 hours and he made it clear that he would always love me but he didnt love me enough to make us work. In my heart I know that he wouldnt want to give up all the women but I try not to think about that as it does my head in. My goal is to concentrate on becoming fulfilled within myself and continuing to be the best mother and role model to my son as I can be and to develope a STRENGTH within myself to know that I am an amasing human being that has so much to offer the world. To feel complete within me on my own, to love myself and stop looking for reasorance from others to make myself feel adequate. Welcome 2010 my time for healing and letting go so I to can find what it is that truly makes me HAPPY and complete. 4 years ago

somewhereisnowhereI want to get over my ex.

I wanted to get over my ex husband. We have been divorced now since jan 16th and each day that I don’t talk to him I ask myself did I make him mad???? The same old thing I did when we were married. I’m worried about making him happy and he has told alot of friends that he is happier without me. He has become a drunk, is dating a underage girl he had been flirting with during our seperation. The last time I did talk to him he was drunk and I think I said something to make him mad, he hung up on me and we have not talked yet and that was less then a whole day ago.

Why can’t I get over my feels and just let him go? Why do I miss him so much even though I know he didnt care about me the way he said he did. Will I ever be able to forget my feeling and move on completly? Will the anxiety in my chest end…will I be able to get through one day and not think about him?

I really hope I can find all of those things. I really need that change because I cannot continue on like this…. It’s not healthy! 7 years ago


he called me for the first time in about 8 weeks, we had a pretty shitty chat. he called back later. that conversation went much better, until he started to try to tell me something about his little wifey. so, i asked him why the fuck he would think that i wanted to hear anything about her? he replied, ” oh, i don’t know.” yeah dumb ass. think. unless they get divorced or she spontaniously combusts, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!!
ugh. 8 years ago


am going to go ahead and take this off of my list. for now. 9 years ago


has not called me in almost 2 weeks, and it really doesn’t bother me too much, a big part of me hopes that he doesn’t call again at all, but that other part of me that is left hopes that he does. i have made progress on this though, because i know that if he doesn’t call me, and we never speak again, that i will be ok. i don’t know that these feelings will ever be gone, because he was such a huge part of my life for so long, but i do know that no matter what happens, i’m gonna be all right. 9 years ago

mandabelli think

that alot of my problem with this is that i don’t understand why i feel the way i do about this whole sorry situation, why i can’t just move on, and i am the kind of person who has to understand everything, i have been thinking about looking for a therapist, which is something i joke about all the time, because people are always telling me i need therapy for some reason or another, but i am seriously considering it. 9 years ago

mandabellhe called again

he called Saturday afternoon, and of course i answered. i didn’t get to talk long, and i was left feeling very unsatisfied. i think that i still have some hope that one day we will get back together, which doesn’t make alot of sense to me. i’ve had the chance like 1000 times in the past 2 and a half years, but just couldn’t take it, so if i know that i’m not ever going to go back to him, then why do i keep doing this to myself? normally, in every other thing through out my life, i just move right on, and i get over it, but i seem to have let this bring me to a stand still. 9 years ago


he seems to be happy, and he has been clean for about 7 months straight, which is great, but some other woman gets to share this with him. that is crap. how dare he get clean and then give the “good” eddie to someone else? crap. he has some kind of reasoning as to why he got married, but i think its CRAP. i loved him so much and i put up with his bullshit, cleaned up the messes he made, like selling his car for 200 dollars, i had to deal with getting it back, got him out of jail a few times, those kind of messes, and now someone else is getting what i wanted. this is life i guess. but it is still crap. i am glad that he seems to be happy, but if he is so damned happy, why does he still call me? he should just leave me alone, be with his new wife, and let me get on with my life. actually, that isn’t true, i should suck it up, deal with the pain it will cause, and CUT HIM OFF. this is what i am working towards. he deserves to be happy, and i love him, and am sorry that i got scared and wouldn’t give him that last chance, but he does not deserve to be happy with me. screw him. i wish my emotions were not so conflicted on this. i wish i could take emotions totally out of it, because in my head, i know exactly what i should do, ugh!! what is wrong with me? 9 years ago

mandabellhow did i forget

the “he is such an ass” phase? because thats what he is. an ass. i went through so much crap with him and his addiction, i stayed with him for five years. 3 1/2 of which he was always doing something. he wasn’t picky. meth, pills, crack. it didn’t matter. he was NOT a functional addict. he’d get paid on friday and be home by 6 or 7 with no money. how do you spend 3 or 400 dollars in about 3 hours on drugs? how? how? i need to know. he would have a few months at a time that he would stay clean, and then he’d get around somebody or see something on tv and there was his exuse. but when he was clean, i couldn’t ask for a better husband, and i always wanted to believe that it would last every time. he used to teach children’s church. i mean come on. he was so perfect for me except for this fatal flaw. well, maybe he wasn’t perfect for me because of this flaw. anyways, i finally left, 2 and a half years ago, and a few months ago we were talking about getting back together, and i got scared, and couldn’t do it (oh, i wanted to with everything in me) so he moved backed to his hometown a couple of hours from me, and he still calls me, he called me a few weeks ago and the ass got married. married to someone else. another “recovering” addict. 9 years ago


haven’t talked to him in a week, and so now i’m going through that “keep the cell phone with me so i don’t miss the call” phase, then in a few days i’ll be like, “yeah, he hasn’t called, thank God.” then a few days after that i’ll be able to breathe, then a few days after that, i’ll be feeling good about life, and not talking to him, and then a few days after that he’ll call, and i’ll answer, and we will be back to square one.
i have to break this cycle somehow. not answering is not an option. knowing he called, and i didn’t talk to him is as bad as talking to him for me. 9 years ago

jiemingwell, for me it was an ex-wife

I spent a year alone on the side of a mountain. Of course, I went to work. But I came home and was alone.

I read a lot of Tolstoy, Kierkegaard, Vonnegut, and the Bible. I wrote about three hundred pages in my journal.

One of the hardest things was handling my thoughts and desires about dating again. Also, my emotions were out of control.

One thing that helped was to make a resolution that I would not even think about dating for a year. Of course, I broke this resolution. But having that resolution and trying to stick to it helped a lot.

After that year, I felt completely free. It’s like I was a different person. My thoughts about my ex-wife were like vague memories of a dream. I saw so much in myself: my problems and my finer qualities. Since then, relationships have been much better for me.

I’m now very happily married.

Good luck. 9 years ago


i am remarried, he just got remarried, we have no kids. we should just let it go, stop talking, but we don’t. i am scared to. i haven’t figured out exactly why i am scared to yet though. i asked him to stop calling me all together one time, and he did. that lasted about 5 weeks, and then he called me. i was relieved. 9 years ago


this is my number one priority for now. i left him for a reason, so you’d think i’d get over it, especially after 2 years. i guess still talking to him doesn’t help. maybe i need to start there. 9 years ago

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