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stick to my budget

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Mina Lilybeing unemployed helped me re discover a passion

Don’t get me wrong, being unemployed is tough.
Trust me too, when I say : growing up in a small town on Hawaii makes it even more harder! (Highest cost of living winner)

I’m not lazy, I’ve worked a solid list of jobs since / and in highschool. My last and final job impacted my life in a shitty way.
My self esteem was at the lowest level. The boss I once considered a mentor ,almost family, turned into an asshole after losing his grip on his alcohol habit. ( starting work with a beer and then ending with at least 12 beers & maybe a few glasses of wine..)
It really sucked. I tried my best & hardest . Always had a smile on even when he would put me down .. I just had to quit after a busy night then being ripped apart for asking what time I could go home (actually trying to find out so I could schedule a ride home) .

This post isn’t about that crappy experience.
In fact, I value and took information away I can use in life.

The first week I lofted around.
Second week , finished my move to a new home.
Third, cleaned the new abode.
Forth, awesome life discovery.

My passion for “budget fashion”.
I enjoyed digging through thrift store bins.
Carefully locating labels, holding for a fancy brand name.
Destaining articles of clothing.
Ahhhhhhhhhh just so relaxing , comforting, JUST the best feeling arose when I’d be able to be around clothes.
Soon I opened a Pose.com account and posting style collections.
Very soon I got noticed and my boards got tons of likes !
Its always nice to be reassured 1 week ago

Caitlin 3 months ago

christaknits 3 months ago

jkhashabFinally following Dave Ramsey

and have set up a budget and debt snowball plan in place. Debt free 2017!! 4 months ago

jkhashab 4 months ago

Mina LilyCreative (and almost free!) Date Sunday .

Twenty Dollar Dates w/ my Boyfriend

-Pick fruit and make juice. (which we usually drink with our pic-nic)

- Left Over Pic-Nic : Create a delicious pic-nic with last night’s left overs or from what you can find in the kitchen . Pack a comfy durable blanket to sit on, small cooler; drinks,food, and music speakers :)
&That’s all that’s really needed :)

-Sofa Sunday : Redbox movie(s) + Popcorn

-Beach Sunset’s : Lucky to live in Hawaii

-Create outfits from the thrift store for each other and then have dinner someplace.

-Make &Fly a kite

-Go flower picking.

-Fishing off the pier.

-Discount movie theater night : Thursday night + student ID’s = $5 savings 5 months ago

meganchurch 7 months ago

MelanieBrighton 7 months ago

Rascal 9 months ago

George AmeyawStay within range

A budget tells us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it. 11 months ago

George Ameyaw 12 months ago

Mina LilyBetter

Slowly improving on the goal.

Finding different ways to spend less but still enjoy my lifestyle.
Cutting down habits too .. 12 months ago

Js_Girl 15 months ago

Mina Lily 17 months ago


well… i stuffed it up a bit… electricity is turning out to cost 3 times more than budgeted. and i am panicking.. also my tax return was far less than it should have been.. and money is unaccounted for.. i don’t know what i am doing wrong :( 19 months ago


i hate to play to the stereotype of poor college student, but i am. in the past i have spent money very carelessly and it’s gotten me into a rough situation. so, i’ve planned where my money is going to go! i made an excel spreadsheet that i can fill in whenever i spend, and this will immensely help me keep track of my funds.

i made the spreadsheet to keep track of my money until december. 20 months ago

chuuchie 20 months ago


doing really well… in the plus and its almost half way through the month. lets hold thumbs. 21 months ago

kittenfish 21 months ago

Evie Gendron 2 years ago

edybelly86 2 years ago

Chickiboots 2 years ago

leneihs 2 years ago

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