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pay off my home loan

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Money in the bank/etc is not doing as much good as paying off your Mortgage! I remember when I signed that Truth and Lending Law about how much the house would cost after I paid all my payments…Ouch! What a horrible number! I also listened to all the hype of how writing off Interest was Saving me money…dawwwww not in my case. Savings money makes nothing right now in interest, but you can save by not causing yourself to have to pay all that interest on your payments. I worked 2-3 jobs. I found it FUN to scrap up all I could in every way to pay down the Principle. Get that part time job; even if you think you can’t do it. You can and then make a Goal of saying you will work at least 3 months at that Job. Then maybe 6 months. Don’t feel yourself too good to do any job. I have a good job, but I worked straightening up Dollar stores for a few hours a night. I got exercise and paid to move around! Sell the things you don’t need, and Don’t Buy ANYTHING!!! You can usually wait to get what you need and when you do you will care more for it then. Can you get a roommate? Keep thinking how to save and then do it and PLUNK it down on that Principle. Once you start doing extra it can snowball and you will be surprised at all you can do. Once it is all paid off, just think ALL that Interest you would have been paying will be money in the bank for you! Own your home free and clear! 5 years ago


Got my tax return. Put a small portion into my savings to pay bills and the rest straight into my fixed rate homeloan where I can not touch it till the end of the fixed term. 6 years ago

Zeal4LivingInterest rate up by .5%

The interest rate was raised once again by the reserve bank…making this goals more difficult to reach. Since June last year we had a 4.5% increase in interests rate and my monthly payments increased by 33% 6 years ago

Zeal4LivingAdditional payment

Even though it is a holidaty season, I made an additional payment into my home loan. It is a small amount but every bit helps towards achieving this goal. It is maybe a bit less here and a bit less there …but in the end I figure in the long run it will be the best investment. 6 years ago

Zeal4LivingAn additional payment

I made an additional payment into my homeloan today. I am aiming to pay off my home loan within the next three years. 6 years ago

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