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sabryn 5 years ago


Just realized why the big CC is so hard to pay down…interest, baby. (It’s got the highest interest rate of all my credit cards.) But I will not be deterred. I’ve set up a reminder to kick an extra $50 towards it each month. I know some months I may not be able to afford to do so, but I’m going to try to as many months as I am able. Time to get out from under this mess. AGAIN.

Still, I should be able to manage this now. Especially with the extra freelancing work I’ve had lately. 9 months ago

sabrynTax refund came in

and I threw it at the big CC. While I did not eliminate the balance, I did cut it nearly in half. So that’s good.

I toyed with paying less and keeping a buffer; I’ve yet to open A’s savings account, and I may end up cutting into her Christmas money. But next month’s freelancing check will be a big one; I’ll pay her back then. And the drop in debt should allow me to start saving more for both of us from here on out.

So, next goal: Open a savings account for A, and set up automatic withdrawals for both her account and mine. 9 months ago

sabrynLoan payment's in

I’ve scheduled payoffs of all but one of my credit cards. Which leaves me with

  • Big credit card
  • Car
  • Loan

Plus about a grand, which I’m hanging on to for a month on the off chance that I made a math error somewhere; then it’s going to Big CC.

As soon as my W-2s are in, R and I will file; when the return comes in, I’ll put the whole thing to Big CC. That should reduce my monthly outgo considerably, and hasten the payoff of said CC. Which will allow me to start saving meager amounts, unless I get preggers in the interim (not bloody likely), in which case the excess will go towards childbirth costs.

Still…at least I’ll be able to afford to give birth now.

Added bonus: There’s no early payoff penalty on the loan, so I can start doubling up on payments once everything else is stable. 11 months ago


My grandparents sent Anya and I belated Christmas presents: $1000 each. Hers, of course, is going towards her future fund (with maybe a little taken out for new clothes – kid’s growing like a weed). Mine’s going towards my debt (with maybe a little taken out for new clothes – the last time I updated my wardrobe and wasn’t pregnant or in a walking cast was close to a decade ago).

I know they’re getting old. (About a decade from triple digits.) And I know our whole family situation is kind of weird. And I know that if I allow these generous gifts to soften me toward them, I’ll regret it. But…somewhere, deep down, they must love me, right? I mean, we’re not wealthy people. They had a farm. She was a nurse. He worked for the dairy board. $1K may not set them back like it does me, but it’s not chump change. You don’t just throw around that kind of money on people you don’t give a rat’s about.

I know. I’m The Black Sheep. The sinner. With the master’s degree and the live-in (younger!) baby daddy, the divorce, the troubled emotional past. I’m the grandchild they don’t brag about. The inconvenient one. And my kid…well, I’m trying to stay grateful here, so let’s not get into what they think of her. But somewhere deep down, they must care to send us such generous gifts. At least a little bit. Right?

I should just take the money and not worry about the motivation. But it sure would make me feel better about it if there were some love behind it. So I’m telling myself there is. 11 months ago

sabrynHello, mid-month hyperventilation

I’m in one of those fun catch-22s: I have my freelancing check, but it’s less than the amount I’m overdrawn. I get paid tomorrow, and then will deposit this check…but then POOF! Over half of my deposits is gone instantly.

And stuff bounced this month. Though not rent, so it could be worse.

I’ve applied for a loan that, if I get it, will literally fix all these problems. It’ll allow me to pay off 2/3 of my debt in one fell swoop; I may go under again at the beginning of next month, but after that all should be well. Plus, my insurance and trash collection bills went down this year, so I’ll have more income to go with the reduced outgo.

If I get the loan. If not…well, I’m still screwed. So cross your fingers for me. 11 months ago

NordicSpirit 13 months ago

NordicSpiritAnd soon

My aim for this goal is to be able to hide how much money I spent and also to get my current spending under control. 13 months ago


as I always do at the beginning of the month.

I get paid around the 15th and 30/31st of each month. I also get my freelance checks around the 15th of the month. R gets paid every other Friday. However, all of my big bills hit in the last week of the month, plus rent. I usually go into each month in the hole, with a stack of bills to boot.

I’ve got to figure out how to lower our expenses. Whether I take out a loan or just start cutting (more) corners (the greeny goal should help with that a little). I don’t want to take on another job, because I’m tired as it is. And R’s job is simply too convenient for me to push him towards anything less than a JOB – something that pays at least what I make – because the flexibility and proximity of his current job can’t be beat.

I know…it won’t be like this forever. Next year’s tax refund will help a lot. (If I get back what I did when I was at my old job, I could take down several small cards, or put one huge dent in my big one. Even a smaller refund would help.) And my car is halfway paid for; if I can just keep scraping together that payment, in a couple of years I’ll have an extra $400+ to work with. In the meantime, my smaller balances will be burned off, and I’ll just be looking at the big boys. Who won’t be so big by then.

I give myself this pep talk every month. And it works. Because things really aren’t as bad as they seem. It’s just getting really old, this pep talk. I think I need a new goal: Help R find a career. This part-time minimum wage crap is not cutting it. 13 months ago

sabrynSmall bites

I’ve come up with a payment plan that will slowly dig me out of this hole. I’m starting small – an extra $10/month thrown at the smaller balances. I can then roll those payments into the payments for the bigger balances once the small ones are paid off.

My tax return will go a long way toward paying off these balances. I’m thinking I will throw it in its entirety at the largest one, to bring it back down to a manageable level. Also, my car will be paid off in 2016, so there will be more money then. My extra $10 now will lead to extra $100s later, which will certainly speed up my payoff dates. (I honestly don’t have much debt; less than $10k, sans the car. It’s just more than I can handle right now.)

I shall not hyperventilate about my debt. I will focus on the small steps that will lead to larger steps down the road. I’ve done it before – I can do it again. 16 months ago

Greekanese 21 months ago

sabrynnew plan

My mortgage pre-approval was rejected because of my debt. We’ve had to lean on the credit cards more than I care to, so…yeah. So my new goal is to reduce my debt by 30% – that should fix the problem. As I was just hired FT by my telecommuting job, it should be doable. It just might take some time. 21 months ago

sabrynone small step

I got money back on my taxes. I was expecting to have to pay in. Happy happy joy joy! 22 months ago

kmullican 2 years ago

sabrynmoney can't buy me time

Got smart…am typing this in Gmail, to be copied into 43t. I’m bored out of my mind at work this week, and boredom often begets innovation.

This goal is about to get much harder. Or maybe easier. Big changes going on here.

First off, I have a new job starting January 3. Same company, different department. More money for less work…it was a no-brainer. Well, it was once I asked for and was denied permission to work from home. Still pissed about that. After all this time, and all I’ve done for them. But anyway. (Which is why I’m bored at work…I’m between jobs, and have no PTO. I have to be here, but have nothing to do.)

Then last week, I applied for an editing job – local, but allows telecommuting. No word yet, because of the holidays, but I think the interview went well…and I never think that. The catch is it’s part time. No idea what it pays, or what (if any) benefits are included. Right now, I’m thinking if it pays half or less of what I make now, I’ll do both jobs for a while until I get my debt paid off, then transition to straight telecommuting. If it pays more, particularly if it includes affordable insurance, I’ll branch out on my own and see if I can’t make this freelance biz more viable. Either way, the months ahead look stressful and scary. But as I was sobbing my way to work a few weeks ago, I realized that nothing is as stressful and scary as the thought of missing A’s childhood.

I’ve also applied for an assortment of other jobs, of course. My first choice is to work from home, but if that’s not an option, I’m going to sell my time away from A to the highest bidder.

So…more updates to come! (In the meantime, someone really needs to get an Android 43t app together. Pretty please. :) 2 years ago

sabryninsert hysterical laughter


I will need a plan. But first I have to have income. (More on that later.) 3 years ago

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