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not spend ANY money for one week

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Not Spending Money

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Kimber~ 2 years ago

Dawn Matthews

Dawn Matthews 2 years ago

Dawn MatthewsHad to go get some food today.

Yeah, frozen pizza and cereal are great but the boyfriend and I have both been feeling a little under the weather, so I had to cave and go buy some fresh oranges, lemons, and bananas.

Still.. my grand total for a week of spending “no money” has been somewhere in the ball park of $30. The past six months or so I would say I’ve been spending about $200-$250 a week unnecessarily so I’m still doing pretty good. :) This goal has made me question everything and for example, today, at the store I really wanted to buy some raw organic honey to put in my hot tea. I even picked it up and put it in my cart. Then I realized that I could live until Sunday without a $6 bottle of honey, and I put it back. It’s been a huge exercise in self-restraint and I think I needed to prove to myself I can do this. 2 years ago

Dawn MatthewsMade it through this goal today! :)

Mostly because I slept all day, but that’s okay! :)
Tomorrow is payday and it’s going to feel really nice to just put that money in the bank instead of feeling the urge to go out and spend it. 2 years ago

Dawn MatthewsFailed (a little bit) at this goal today.

Went into work expecting to only work lunch, but I only made $14 during my first lunch shift. :( So I picked up a dinner shift to make some extra money, but then realized I was starving and there was no way I could make it from 11 AM to 10 PM without eating so I bought myself a meal.

I’m going to plan for contingencies like this for the rest of the week by bringing a protein bar/piece of fruit so that just in case I do end up working a double again, I don’t have to buy a $6-7 plate of Mexican food.

Better for me. Better for my money. :) 2 years ago

Dawn MatthewsJust to prove to myself I can.

Starting tomorrow, Sunday, October 2 and ending Sunday, October 9 I want to spend zero unnecessary money.

Obviously I’ll pay my phone bill that’s due on the sixth and I think I’ve got to buy cat litter and food, but I’ve got plenty of groceries and a full tank of gas in my car so other than that, I want to spend ZERO money.

This is going to be a tough goal for me but if I can prove to myself I can do it just for a week, I think it’ll put me closer to where I want to be financially. 2 years ago

latentlexI think today is my second day spending no money...

But not sure, it may be longer. I am broke right now so it’s not like I have money to spend, but I could borrow money, etc.. which I haven’t done. It sure makes you realize how even “small” purchases like a can of pepsi or junk food or newspapers starts to really add up. If I get good at this I might be able to go a week every month without spending money (for the people who are wondering about bills, groceries, etc- of course you still buy those- you buy your groceries and pay off your bills before your week- the idea is not to spend any money on stuff you don’t need and to use up the food you have instead of splurging on restaurants, etc…) It’s a good practice and imagine how much money we could all save if we went just one DAY a week without spending money and saved that money away? 2 years ago

latentlex 2 years ago

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