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make ginger beer

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This was really easy. It needs to ferment for two days, then I can refrigerate it and then try it once it is cold. 3 years ago


The boy is going to pick me up some champagne yeast this weekend. So I am hoping to start this on Sunday. Plenty of time to find some bottles to brew this in. 3 years ago

wynkSO easy and delicious


There. It really is much easier with the juicer. And forget about the “24 granules” – he says later that’s something someone told him for a specific brand of yeast. Just use 1/8 tsp of yeast for every 16-oz. batch. It’s goorgeous. 3 years ago

iemsabihow to make ginger beer

email me at tropicalmegan@gmail.com and i will give you a recource for how to make ginger beer 6 years ago

effcomMade a start

I’ve got the plant started, it will be ready to make into ginger beer on Wednesday, unfortunately I won’t be able to drink it for 3 or 4 weeks though! 6 years ago

treblidTastes Great

I have done this several times. After a morning of yard work coming in and pouring yourself a tall glass of ginger beer makes it all worth while. 6 years ago

Anthony SantoroThe second time worked better then the first

But both attempts, the ginger beer had a curious taste that I’ve always assciated with food that has gone bad. This “natural” form of carbonation is perhaps not for me.

The taste was really good though. And doing something despite being told to “please not” by loved ones was pretty empowering.

There is is gratification of doing things with ones own hands, something which appears simple yet impossible.
Like growing vegetables. Or fixing a car. Or walking 20 miles.
Simple and amazing.
Never really have had the proper words to convey how awesome it is to do things with ones own hands:) 6 years ago

Anthony SantoroFirst attempt success!

Here is the link to the instruction site we used:

I put a little extra yeast thinking that the recipe did not have enough.

It took only 6 hours to finish, but also had a little yeastie taste to it.

Also, though it seems like alot of sugar, do not skimp.
The yeast eats alot of the sugar, and it makes 8 or so glasses of ginger beer.
Which ends up being a little over a tablespoon per glass.
about the same as, or a little less than is in an apple.

We are going to try again today. Will post again with the news. 7 years ago


it was fun. i guess it wasn’t beer. more like soda 7 years ago


its very differnet to bought ginger beer mind 8 years ago

BloodyCactusGreat Stuff

I just love ginger beer, now I get to refine my process and taste accordingly. 8 years ago

BloodyCactusExploding Ginger Beer Bottles!

Well, my bottles became violently unstable and explosive. Pushing the bottoms of the plastic soda bottles out, and arching the lids… So this afternoon we are going to carefully take them out to the lawn and throw stones at them to make them explode.

(One exploded the other day…)...

Note to self : Degass them every other day…. 8 years ago

BloodyCactusBottling Day

Today was bottling day… So how did it go??

Well, I had a big stainless steel bowl which could only hold the 24 of 28 cups of water, so we were a little down in number to start with… Then I couldnt find any muslin in the house so I used a bandana (hey, bandanas are multipurpose), but that turned out to be my fiancee’s instead of mine.. And the difference being I had de-dyed mine and she hadnt, but I didnt see any pinkish/red colouring go through as I didnt squeeze out the plant…

But, now I have 12 soda bottles full of ginger beer mk I cooling in the basement for two weeks…

I will report back with the taste test… 8 years ago

BloodyCactusBrewing started

Well, its going well. Its been 4 or 5 days now, and I have my ginger beer plant sitting on the windowsill, slowly starting the fermentation process. Tomorow I start to add the daily dose of sugar + ginger…

In a week I will have it ready to start bottling!!

Its so cool :) 8 years ago

BloodyCactusMmmm sweet sweet tangy Ginger Beer

Ive got an old recipie from my Nan for making a ginger beer plant, so now all I need to do is collect enough bottles to store it all in later on.

I am going to try and collect as many water/7-up plastic bottles as I can get… Once I have that I can start work on the plant.. No point in having a plant all set to bottle and nothing to store it all in so… 9 years ago

BloodyCactusGinger Beer

I looove ginger beer, old style ginger beer. Cloudy white, lots of bite and tang, pieces floating in it.

The stuff you have to brew carefully because of explosion.

Mmmm old-style ginger beer. My Nan has an old-old family recipie I need to get from her. 9 years ago

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