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take 43 self portrait photographs where you cannot see my face


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aaeeeiiii24. Scar

Scar between eye and eyebrows as a result from eleven stitches of laceration from a vehicular accident.

Edit: changed the pic 2/15/13 2 months ago

aaeeeiiii25. Handwriting

Journal entry dated July 13, 1999. 2 months ago

aaeeeiiii26. Eyelashes

. 2 months ago

aaeeeiiii27. Back

No Sexy back.

I wish!2 months ago

aaeeeiiii28. K

K for my potassium.:) 2 months ago

aaeeeiiii29. Small finger

My small finger is crooked since birth 2 months ago

aaeeeiiii30. Lazy legs

This is what lazy looks like.. 2 months ago

aaeeeiiii31. Sweatshirt

Winnie The Pooh 2 months ago


Mah legs may not be sexy but at least they are pretty well-scrubbed!:D3 months ago

aaeeeiiii33. Forehead

It’s obvious that I am now running out of creative ideas for this goal!:)3 months ago

aaeeeiiii34. Invisible

Picture of me in the dark.
Can’t you tell I’m wearing nothing?:)3 months ago

aaeeeiiii35. Hair

The color of my hair up close + white hair.

Age is a sign of maturity. :) 4 months ago


at the community chalkboard 5 months ago

aaeeeiiii36. Left foot

Something’s afoot… 5 months ago

aaeeeiiii37. Shoe

” You can’t judge me until you walk a mile in my shoe.” : 5 months ago

aaeeeiiii38. Reflection

“The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face.” :)

-Unknown 5 months ago

writing to reach you#16

kissing the Princess5 months ago

writing to reach you#15

gardening is dirty work5 months ago

aaeeeiiii39. Eyes

“Look into my eyes and hear what I’m not saying, for my eyes speak louder than my voice ever will” :) 6 months ago

aaeeeiiii40. Point of View:

I am not really fat. I’m just a little overweight. 6 months ago

aaeeeiiii41. KISS

KISS= Keep It Super Simple.

I am a simple person. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.
I rarely wear make up. 6 months ago

aaeeeiiii42. Reflection

I argue with my reflection most of the time. 6 months ago

aaeeeiiii43. Peace ❗

Normally, I’m a peace-loving person. I am onky argumentative when I’m stressed and depressed. 6 months ago

Shelby Koning 2 years ago

~Beautifuldwarf~ 7 months ago

aaeeeiiii 8 months ago

butohdancer 2 years ago

gilloulalalLotus in a lake

20 year ago 10 months ago

gilloulalal 5 years ago

BeautifulGarbage91 19 months ago

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