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Recent activity

asteriskFound a great way to do this

using JotSpot Tracker ( and my FlyLady control journal. To further sweeten the pot, I assigned points to the items in my daily routines based on how much trouble I have with them. I’m going to create some reward system – still working out the details – based on the points I earn. 8 years ago


Checked off one goal today; here’s the progress on the rest.
talk to someone at work: My boss came in to see if I’d done something I (gulp) hadn’t. It still counts.
say no to the coffee: Bravely abstained.
Proust: moved ahead a few pages
Inboxes: they’re all empty!
Shower and dressed: Not exactly…I ate first. It always sounds like a good idea (“I won’t ruin my work clothes if I spill coffee!”), but I move slower all morning.
100 things that piss me off: Listed 10 more; now up to 70
Give 500 cheers: gave some
Babble: Another 2200 points in the bank. 8 years ago


Checked off 2 goals today! Here’s the progress on the rest:
Publish a paper: We punted on a looming deadline and decided to split the paper we were working on into 2 papers. We’re going to wrap them up before the end of ‘05 and send them out in the new year. Works for me, and it means I’m not going to be up all night tonight.
100,000 total points at Babble: At this time tomorrow, this one will be done! I’m trying to decide whether to create a new Babble-related goal or let it slide.
Talk to someone at work: Lots of meetings and such today, so that was easy.
Say no to the nasty office coffee: I said yes. I’m so ashamed.
Proust: a few pages!
FLYLady: I suck at routines. I’m contemplating starting over with Day 1. After all, the FlyLady herself said it took her a month to establish the routine of just shining her sink.
Email inboxes: 2 of the 3 are empty; didn’t have time to drain the 3rd.
Shower and get dressed right away: yep!
Find something positive about annoying people: I’m really mellowing about the dude in the office, but I was nearly homicidal at dinner tonight, overhearing the conversation of 2 loud dudes who thought they were very bright indeed. 8 years ago

asteriskprogress 11/26/2005

babble – 2300 points
proust – 10-15 pages
flylady – pretty faithful to routines
inboxes – empty!
showered & dressed – yep
cheers – yep 8 years ago

asteriskprogress 11/25/2005

babble: played today’s game, 1000 points
proust: ~10 pages
inboxes: emptied gmail & yahoo
finances: confirmed one transfer, getting ready to pay a big ol’ bill
spanish: read some articles in El Universal
cheers: gave some :)
progress tracking: ok, let’s not get too meta :) 8 years ago

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