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meet a real vampire


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moraavampireintrsted at real vampire

i realllyyyy wanna meet a realll vampire plzzzz meet me at any case plllzzz i wannaaaaa mee you. 3 weeks ago

moraavampire 3 weeks ago

user46989 9 months ago

mermaidsplash426 14 months ago


Tatsunootoshigo 19 months ago

user13081turn me into a vampire

ever sence i was 8 years old i have wanted to be a vampire 2 years ago

user13081 2 years ago

Tiffany Strachan 2 years ago

Duygu Erkilic 2 years ago

sweetsugarblood 2 years ago

XNightShadeX 2 years ago

prayasbh 2 years ago

NeferSedjetTo Lord Bearclaw

Then why do you go around crushing people’s beliefs if you have your own life? You don’t have the right to do that, and claiming you are just presenting the “scientific truth” is nothing more than making an excuse for hurting others hopes and aspirations. It’s also quite clear you’re obsessed with this, from your goals that simply say “Mermaids do not exist”, “Vampires do you exist”, etc., which further adds to a strong possibility you have no life.

From looking at your page, more than half of your so called goals are just composed of harassing messages to others, some of them are probably self-started. I’m not going to argue with you anymore, because it’s obvious you’re trying to start drama, especially with the detail in your second paragraph.

This isn’t a threat, but someday, you are going to get all this crap you give to people back ten fold, not because of karma, but because you mess with the wrong people. Deny it all you like, but that’s simply common sense. I’m not saying it’s me, I’m not saying it’s anyone on 43things, but it will happen if you don’t lay off. How do I know? I’ve seen it happen many times with many people.

I sincerely hope when this happens, you learn your lesson and move on. Goodbye. 2 years ago

NeferSedjet 2 years ago

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