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Caren Kate Cuout of it..

”..today, i promise to do my best to get out of my comfort zone.. i promise to let go of the one person that matters most to me because that person is not happy with me anymore.. i have to admit that the one i love is not mine anymore and that that person has found a new person to make ‘em happy.. i am afraid to be alone but i realized that if i continue to stay within the comforts of my past, i won’t be able to move on and push forward.. i was almost on the verge of throwing away everything.. my dreams.. my goals.. my happiness.. my friends.. my family.. the things that i could do.. my life.. just because i lost this one person.. out of all these things, i know that i want this person to be happy, even if it means that person is not by my side.. i had to choose between a miserable life and a life of hope that someday i’ll also find my own match that could make me happy.. it’s just that ten years is really hard to let go.. among others, we have become great friends.. bestfriends, in fact.. so i chose to let that person go because i want our friendship to stay.. friendship or nothing, i knew keeping the friendship was the better choice.. i had to be better than myself.. to move past what i am capable of doing and learn to love selfishly.. it’s been a memorable ten years.. i’ve learned a lot.. but i know i still have room to grow.. i love that person still.. i don’t think i’ll ever outgrew that.. but i know that i’d rather see that person happy and fulfilled than to see both of us suffer.. besides, i don’t want that person to see me hurting.. it occured to me how much i really love ‘em, because i know i can’t give this person the things that this other person can give.. perhaps i can love that person more but that is what i can only give.. the things that this person wants and need is beyond me.. so, it’s okay now.. i’ll hold your hand for one last time and i’m letting you go now.. i’ll forever be your friend.. love you babe, may you have a great life!”4 years ago

Caren Kate Cumy network..

”..they say that your network is equivalent to your net worth.. wherever that came from or whoever said that does have a point.. i want to include expanding my network in this goal.. to push myself out of my comfort zone and meet new people.. get to know them and maybe gain more friends.. i have a couple of friends that i cherish the most.. i love hanging out with them and i’d like it as well if they would also enjoy my company.. but then i realized that although it is good to keep old friends, it would also be nice to meet new ones.. learning comes from doing new things.. i have to learn how to build my network.. to meet the friend of the friend.. or meet a stranger.. it is also one way of expanding my horizon.. so i’m doing this.. because i know it would help me become a better person..”5 years ago

Caren Kate Cugo beyond..

”..i need to burst out from my bubble and fend for myself.. look beyond what’s on the other side and take the risk to actually get there.. life is meant to be explored.. life is meant to be lived!”5 years ago

Caren Kate Cubeyond limitation..

“i often find myself on crossroads.. times when you want to move on but cannot leave what is behind you.. when choosing means following your heart’s desire and giving up something you love the most.. many times i tried to listen to the silence of my soul, hoping to come around with an answer.. sometimes though, the answer given is not what i was looking for.. or maybe, its because i ask the wrong answers.. we look at life the way we see them.. i ask yet again, can we trust just our eyes? what if that what is beyond is the one we are waiting for all our lives.. we decide on things according to our understanding of reality but then, our reality is just within our sight’s reach.. what is beyond the limitations of our vision might be something even more grand than we imagine it would be.. for some, its a funny thought.. or maybe a little scary.. for me, it is hopeful.. and honestly, more than anything, im looking forward to what is behind that beautiful horizon..”6 years ago

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