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try a cigarette

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TyBerkeley99 3 months ago

TheDarlingDameIts just a cigarette

I was drunk and my friend said girls who smoke look sexy and my nails looked good that night. I smoked pot by the bay with friend and then my friend lit up a cigarette for me. I liked it only because it made my trip more heightened but I wouldn’t smoke sober. 9 months ago

TheDarlingDame 9 months ago

boocupid 2 years ago

cuddlyrigormortis 2 years ago

Elven PathI did it!

A friend of mine let me have one of hers and boy do I NOT regret it! It actually was pretty good. I’m not hooked, but I might have one every so often (: 2 years ago

Elven Path 2 years ago

Elven PathAhaha!

I tried a cigar (bought the box thinking it was cigarettes lol. Don’t judge.)
It was one of the nastiest things I’ve ever tried. Tasted like shit and left a god-awful taste in my mouth. Later that night it made me sick.
Now I’m gonna get my younger bro and sis to smoke another with me.
Haha, hey I bought a pack and I ain’t throwing those expensive motherfuckers away! 2 years ago

rouasRARAA couple of times

I still have the pack hidden in my drawers. I wont say I’m addicted now, because I’m not. Not willing to give up my running to smoke. Sorry. No friggin’ way. But I will say that they smell really good. If I walk by someone smoking I’m tempted jut to linger around them to get more of the aroma. 2 years ago

Elven PathI've always wondered...

Why people liked to smoke them. They smell so nasty. But it’s one of the things on my giant to-do list and darn it if I’m not going to try!!

I’m pretty sure one cigarette isn’t going to give me lung cancer so I think I’ll give it a go someday :) 2 years ago

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