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1. not being allowed to text during school
2. stupid people
3. parents “rules for your safety”
4. bitchy girls
5. backstabbers
6. useless classes
7. sharing
8. football and football players
9. paying for people who can’t pull their own wait (medicare/obamacare)
10. druggees
11. overly strict boyfriend parents
12. english class (I SPEAK ENGLISH FOR GODS SAKE)
13. people who are too slow when texting
14. girls who say they hate snobby girls but ARE the snobby girl
15. People who Facebook chat you too much
16. people who complain about their karma after being asses.
17. therapists
18. america’s school system, public AND private
19. summer reading
20. slow drivers
21. slow walkers/ people who get in the way when your walking in the hall
22. loud people/people who cant shut up for ten seconds
23. having your plans cancelled last minute after looking forward to them all week.
24. being angry but not having a way to take out your anger
25. leaving food for other people 19 months ago

user36851 19 months ago

IgkitkatI hate:

1.) Gangsters, especially the ones who aren’t in gangs and the ones who commit crimes and all of them
2.) Bigots, specifically homophobes
3.) Religions that say you HAVE to convert or go to hell
4.) Hunting and meat
5.) Republicans
6.) People against abortion (it’s a right to decide what happens with your body)
7.) Rednecks
8.) Preppy, popular girls who think they’re somehow better than me
9.) Sports
10.) little kids
11.) pop music
12.) people that tell me I’m doing something wrong
13.) snow
14.) the cold
15.) being sick
16.) perverts
17.) gun toters
18.) bad grammar/bad spelling
19.) acne
20.) the color yellow
21.) hypocrites
22.) liars
23.) small towns
24.) having other people shove their beliefs down my throat
25.) Stupidity, most of all 2 years ago

Igkitkat 2 years ago

female_user 2 years ago

female_user25 things I Hate:

1. Drug dealers
2. Corrupt Officials
3. Terrorists and Suicide Bombers
4. Traffic
5. Dust/Pollens
6. Global Warming
7. Smokers
8. Murderers/Criminals
9. Diseases
10. Bullies
11. Prostitution
12. Big-headed people
13. Devil Worshipers
14. Vandalism
15. War and Violence
16. Abortion
17. Dirty Politics
18. Animal Abusers
19. Compulsive liars
20. Hypocrites
21. Factories
22. Backstabbers
23. Unfaithful husbands and wives
24. Bossy people
25. Economic Crises 2 years ago

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