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mhawkinsI wore blue jeans to church

On Easter morning, I took a risk. (ok it was a pretty small risk, but still a risk) While my husband had on dress pants, and my son had on khakis, I wore blue jeans to our Easter Sunday sunrise service. I did dress them up a bit with sandals and a pretty pink sweater, though. While I wear them quite often, it was probably more noticeable yesterday with so many people dressed in their Easter Sunday finest. I feel strongly that casual (though neat) dress is just as appropriate as dress clothing. Not to mention, the service was outside at 7 a.m., so it was really chilly! Anyway, I took a little risk, and it didn’t kill me. ;) 3 days ago

mhawkinsI'm retiring!

Ok, this is a goal, but it’s also a bit of a risk. I’m retiring from teaching in May and will draw a nice retirement, but in order to maintain the lifestyle we enjoy, I’m going to have to be sure to keep my income up. So, I’ll have two other work-from-home jobs that should thankfully supplement my finances. So, a bit of a risk, but definitely one that’s worth it ~ woo hoo!! 3 days ago

peritarosada 2 months ago

sara 3 months ago

hi_im_amanda 3 months ago

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jcancio80 3 months ago

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Timidtraveler 7 months ago

Vanagandr 9 months ago

viobioWanting to not feel fear

Sometimes, things just flow. And I don’t even notice that there are risks to what I’m doing. That’s what I want.

To Fear:

“Hello, Mr. Fear! There you are! You and I are one. I embrace and comfort you. There, there. It will be ok, shhhhh. [Swaddling.] OK, I am dropping you off at the pool. Fly away, little guy. What brought about this fear? Past misunderstandings. Well, I can avoid the fear sneaking in by keeping myself busy with the habit of getting on a roll at work before surfing.” 9 months ago

jesschateauneuf 11 months ago

jewrecksweat 11 months ago

ohdahling 5 years ago

breannalynnn 12 months ago

viobiorisk for authenticity

I was ready to give up on this goal. Hang-gliding etc. is not a priority right now. But then I realized that doing work is a risk. Getting in touch with my feelings is a risk. This pink shirt is a risk. I need this kind of risk to feel alive, progressing and free to be authentic. 13 months ago

MissElizabethMoulton 15 months ago

Daniel 15 months ago

Ashleykyra 15 months ago

mhawkinsa good feeling!

I made a video for my real estate site and posted it just now—it’s really hard to put yourself out there and risk negativity or criticism… but I did it! Taking a risk feels really good… now on to the next one! 15 months ago

mhawkins 16 months ago

RainbowDashCrash97 17 months ago

xoxobella 17 months ago


Ive been thinking about this recently and I think I actually do take more risks that I thought, as in most situations I would rather follow things through to see what happens, than not do then and end up wondering ‘what if’ forever.

So I am making headway, I just need to apply this to more aspects of my life. 17 months ago

43thingsguruchick 18 months ago

user40169 18 months ago

krystlejuice 6 years ago

midnightwind 2 years ago

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