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I like this race 4 years ago


please choose me because I like this race 4 years ago

Bill WHere's the deal

I printed out form and went over every question on each of its eleven pages with Carmen. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/amazing_race_application/TAR_12_Application_Form.pdf Some of the questions were difficult to answer, like “Would you rather compete to win $1 million or share it equally with nine other teams? Why?” It seemed designed emphasize the show’s competitive premise. This is reality tv, after all. In the first “cycle”, it seemed like the premise of the show was a little more dignified than it is now. The emphasis was on travel, its difficulties and its rewards, and the cameras were there simply to record the humiliation and jubilation that comes with all adventures. Maybe the logistics of the show didn’t work, I don’t know, but now, it seems like there’s a lot more emphasis on the competition, the personalities, the conflict.

Then there’s the language in the waiver. The show owns and asserts control over everything you say.

I have no idea why reality tv is so often so bad. Watching people struggle to accomplish a worthwhile goals is fun, but watching people bicker and connive in pursuit of money (and not that much money) isn’t.

So, I guess there’s watching a reality tv show with a travel angle, and then there’s adventure travel, and then there’s being on a reality tv show. I want more adventures, but being a contestant on reality tv has no appeal at all. I can watch the show, but I don’t know if I can be on it. 5 years ago


My dad and i can win this show…. Without sweating. 7 years ago


Best show on television 8 years ago

booman7797done that

i have done alot of the thing on the show . i have been watching the show for about 3 mounths and i know that me a friend can do all of this + more we r very out going and love a challange . I dont think there is very mush to the show . My friend and i relly like to show how out going west virginia people really are. The two that u had on there wore not true redneck . 8 years ago

Bill WI really like the first "season"

Where they dropped the contestants, blindfolded, in the middle of a featureless Mongolian plain. I think we (my wife and I) would be good contestants. 9 years ago

bobinabananaMy best friend and I need to be on this show!!!

The Amazing Race, hold on….we’re coming! ;) 9 years ago

Rod BegbieApplication form

CBS are looking for folks for season 8. Season 8 will be for families—4 people to a team! Season 9 will reportedly be back to normal.


Sadly, I’m denied due to US Citizenry requirements. 9 years ago

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