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identify 43 things I don't like about myself and change them


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misueno 23 months ago

anthrme 2 years ago


i’m tuning 13 & i’m on bc because of a disease i have. itp- i bleed alot & the pill helps for that time of month. unfortunately, i’ve had to switch from a high dosage- which gave me serious headaches- to the patch- making me so weird i saw demons in the clouds- to a low dosage which has been better for me. i’m a lil weird, but way better. i think i may be going through a phase. i’ve done research & i found that some girls go thru a phase where they like 1 girl for a little while. my sister did, and so did her friend. so i dont feel alone… i wish that feeling would change. it sucks liking some1 while you have a bf, especially if its the same gender as you. i guess you could say we’re close. we cuddle but not as in a couple’s way.. jus friendly. & we talk about the stupidest things too. shes awesome, in so many ways, and shes gorgeous- to me.(: i think this phase will pass soon, bc i got that out of my chest.
things i wish i could change:
•my itp
•taking the pill
•being antisocial
•looking at myself in the mirror and jus thinking ‘ew’
•thinking im fat when everyone tells me i have a perfect body
•the way i feel about my father.
•getting mad about the smallest things
•not seeing my bf enough
•having more confidence
•my feelings for my 1 friend.
•and the 1 im checking off now- keeping all of my thoughts to myself. :D 2 years ago

teenagehormones13 2 years ago

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