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floss regularly

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Will start flossing at night just before bed. Would like to Listerine afterwards as well. 4 days ago

CharlesW89 4 days ago

julianalynnBack on the horse

I really didn’t floss at all for two weeks or more. Trying to get back into the habit.

Starting today. 2 months ago

julianalynnJanuary 12

Flossed today 3 months ago

julianalynnflossed today

January 7 3 months ago

julianalynnFlossed today

I haven’t been consistent about daily flossing but I’m going to try to shoot for every day. 3 months ago

julianalynn 3 months ago

kaizennAlmost 34 Months

Looks like this is going to stick. It’s been almost 3 years, and I haven’t missed a single night- even camping/traveling/etc.

Technically I have passed out a couple times, but I always do it the second I wake up in the morning. And then I’m back on track to do it again that night. (Less than 10 times in 3 years, but it’s nice to be able to save myself like that, and not have to count ever missing a night.)

My plan is to come back on July 17 (2 months and five days from now) because it’ll be my 3 year anniversary. Then I’ll consider this an official win, and close it out. 11 months ago

KimnxenaSet an intention

I made flossing a New Years resolution and flossed both last night and tonight. My gums look better. It makes my smile better. I am using two apps. Healthy habits and bloom. Plus, I listen to a song from my childhood when I floss. And, I made up a bingo card to reward myself for taking healthy actions, flossing being one if them. 15 months ago

deeloouise 3 years ago

mlj43So far so good

I’ve been sticking with doing this twice a week. It is actually not too hard given that I can just do it pretty quickly after brushing my teeth. It also helps that now that I’ve been flossing more regularly it has stopped being like the Battle of Gettysburg is occurring in my mouth. I’ve been tackling this goal along with washing my face every night, so that I’m starting to have an evening hygiene routine. I’ve been keeping up washing my face most nights, usually five or six times a week. Given that I’ve been doing well with twice a week flossing I think it’s time to bump it up to three times a week. 16 months ago

plunderingdesire 16 months ago

skr5ekeeping it up

been managing this quite well for the past 3 weeks with no skips. It helps to set a “trigger” to floss whenever you see it. It’s almost automatic now!

I’ve got this one in the bag. 17 months ago

larry 7 years ago

mlj43I really should...

I’ve tried to make this a habit many times before and failed. So I think for now my goal will be to floss at least twice a week, with the plan to revise that goal upward once I can be more regular about flossing. 17 months ago

mlj43 17 months ago


They say it takes 28 days to make or break a habit so I’ll mark this goal done once I’ve flossed every day for a month.

I never really made flossing a habit growing up but its never too late to start right?! 17 months ago

goodbyegravity 17 months ago

Canuckhuman 18 months ago

morestylelesswaste 18 months ago


Yesterday I flossed and it felt good. I got a tingly feeling and know that my teeth will look better and my gums will be less puffy. Yay step 1! 18 months ago

skr5eOctober - December goal

My goal for October to December is to floss at least 3 times per week until the end of December. This is probably a very difficult goal for me to stay on-top of, so to make it “worth it”, I will treat myself to a laser tooth whitening if I’m successful. If not I’ll start over.

edit: damnit, I failed. I’ve decided to devise a habit-trigger to make sure I don’t neglect this goal. Looks like I’m starting the clock over on the laser-whitening reward. 18 months ago

skr5e 18 months ago

itsasecret 19 months ago

CincyPhoenix 19 months ago


Forgot to floss lately, so today I decided that since I have not flossed in awhile and had an upcoming dental appointment, I would give myself a deep cleaning floss treatment with the Glide deep protection floss . . . I was spitting up blood and when I woke up later, I could not finish my sandwich at lunch because one side of my mouth was really sensitive. Several hours later, I’m still in a bit of pain. But on the bright side my teeth look much nicer. Tomorrow, though, I’ll go a bit easier on my gums. 20 months ago


Need to get back on track with flossing. A dental appointment for cleaning is also approaching. Thank goodness that dental insurance, though changed, is still be offered as a benefit at work. Also happy my dentist is on the new plan. 20 months ago


August 1st.

Dental appointment on the 28th this month. I have not been as diligent with flossing. Hopefully I can get them in tip top shape before the appointment and continue after the appointment is over. 21 months ago

larryFeels good.

I’ve been flossing regularly for a few months now. Every once in a while I’ll miss a night, but these nights are so infrequent I don’t count it as a failure. Once I’ve stuck with it for another three months I’ll count is as done. Just need to stick with it for a little longer… 22 months ago

callbell 23 months ago

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