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JackEverymanGym not working out

Have found it impossible to get to the gym regularly. There are just not enough hours in the day and I have better things to do with me time. I just tried the 7 minute HIIT workout. It lives up to its billing. I’m going to try that for a few weeks. Adding new goal of doing that 7 minutes workout 4 days a week (alternating with the 100 pushup program). 2 days ago

carl158 2 days ago

bovandenberg 4 days ago

Girl Lifting 5 days ago

Jennifur1994 1 week ago

user1397607360 1 week ago

Fishnchipz18 1 week ago

user1397390615 1 week ago

guitarplayer123 1 week ago

anikakwan 1 week ago

akalashnikov47 2 weeks ago

Hayootah 2 weeks ago

JackEverymanAll about the squats

Nuff said. 3 weeks ago


It’s all gone a bit wrong. I’m letting myself go, getting uncomfortable, unfit, tired and not liking myself. So that’s it!!!

Alternate days strength and high intensity cardio, daily yoga and one day off a week starts today.

Measurements -

Waist 32 (eek)
Arms 15
Thighs 22
Bust (under) 34
Stomach at belly button 36

Exercise -

20 minutes yoga
20 minutes high intensity cardio

Whoo! Feeling good :) Sweaty and endorphin-y :) 3 weeks ago

Elizalib 3 weeks ago

user1396347499 3 weeks ago

Uriel Boland 3 weeks ago


I lost more weight! My biggest win is learning to keep my mouth shut and eat tiny portions because those are enough to satisfy true hunger. Down ten pounds and I haven’t wanted to binge-eat as often. 3 weeks ago

Photogeek91The diet that never was...

My problem with getting fit was never the exercise part of Venn diagram. It was always that I’d botch up a perfectly healthy intention with an awful diet. I’m a huge foodie, and giving up any particular food group is a challenge.

Grains were one such food group – namely in the form of wheat, that I’d eat as part of a packed lunch (a.k.a. the sammich!) But I managed to cut that out completely.

Which still leaves me with another handful of vices, mind you – one of which is chocolate.

Now, for anyone like me, who’s a massive chocoholic, removing the little pieces of heaven from your life is just not a feasible option. Sorry, I mean, it is a feasible option, but I’ve tried it, and I can’t and won’t have it.

Sometimes, you just need chocolate.

Sometimes, you have people over to dinner and they need chocolate.

Regardless, somehow or another, chocolate comes into the equation.

Good news for all chocoholics (or a lot), anyway, I have come up with a rather impressive (even if I do say so m’self) solution. Two words – liqueur chocolates.

They can lie in your cupboard, and you don’t have to binge on them (because if you do, you may well be sick!) and you should only really have a couple at a time (portion control).

I’m not saying this is the be all and end all of chocolate addiction for people like myself. I’m just saying it’s a good starting point. And everyone needs to start somewhere. 4 weeks ago

Ozgg 4 weeks ago

JackEverymanNo access to gym

I started 200 squats program because I’m not getting to the gym this week because my wife is out of town. I’m still going to bust ut some bodyweight leg exercises. 4 weeks ago

JackEverymanFit means being able to do the weight lifting standards for untrained.

Press: 85 lbs.
Bench Press: 135 lbs.
Squat: 125 lbs.
Deadlift: 156 lbs. 4 weeks ago

Savannah Phillips 1 month ago

soloi 1 month ago

adlasg 1 month ago

Simonkrol 1 month ago

thehippiedippieMy butt might fall off

I went on my first bike ride today through a city.

19 miles through San Diego in rush hour: NOT recommended

I flipped off
I got flipped off
I blew kisses at road ragers
I feel like I’m going to die.

I freaking made it.
This is going to get easier, I am going to continue to celebrate my tiny wins. 1 month ago

thehippiedippieSpring Renewal

Start a new exercise regimen. Not sure what to do about this one, obviously I want to move more, really wish I had a pole or a dance instructor. I love to dance but “exercise regimen” sounds…regimented—yuck! Oh well, I will also focus on moving today. I’ll climb the stairs more, drink more water, and only eat slowly when I am truly hungry. I’m doing better mentally than I have been. 1 month ago

thehippiedippieI'm learning

Eat when you’re hungry.
Stop when you’re full.
Don’t beat myself up for bingeing.
Plan on bingeing sometimes, because trying to just stop years of bad habits is really setting myself up for failure.

Celebrate the small wins.
-I binge less
-I weigh less
-I can stop binges sometimes
-I can go longer in between binges
-I can feel hunger and know that it’s ok to eat

Yay! 1 month ago

thehippiedippie 1 month ago

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