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List 100 Qualities I look for in a Guy

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Qualities In A Man

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AgentSpiffy100 Things I Look For in a Guy

1) Intelligent
2) Kind
3) Respectful
4) Big heart
5) Hilarious
6) Loves kids
7) Friendly
8) Generous
9) Courteous
10) Chivalrous
11) Talented
12) Creative
13) Paternal
14) Protective
15) Tall
16) Polite
17) Honest
18) Trustworthy
19) Patient
20) Affectionate
21) Passionate
22) Responsible
23) Positive
24) Supportive
25) A source of inspiration
26) Can sing
27) Fun
28) Open minded
29) Sentimental
30) Laid back
31) Tender
32) Down to earth
33) Practical
34) Cuddly
35) Brave
36) Stubborn
37) Strong
38) Mature
39) Ambitious
40) Doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty
41) Dark features
42) Cute
43) Compassionate
44) Loves dogs
45) Selfless
46) Modest
47) Witty
48) Keeps me on my toes
49) Financially stable
50) Handy around the house
51) Helpful
52) Good listener
53) Genuine
54) Playful
55) Silly
56) Not easily offended
57) Sociable
58) Interesting
59) Adventurous
60) Deep rooted values
61) Good kisser
62) Good in bed
63) Loves to read
64) Loves to cook
65) Appreciative
66) Attentive
67) Loyal
68) Open
69) Understanding
70) Wants a family
71) Brings joy to my day
72) Teaches me to be a better person
73) Loves his job
74) Works hard
75) Philosophical
76) Intuitive
77) Trustworthy
78) Not needy
79) Confident
80) Stable
81) Charitable
82) Motivated
83) Complimentary
84) Has hobbies
85) Takes an interest in my hobbies
86) Makes me feel needed
87) Makes me feel loved
88) Opinionated
89) Spiritual
90) Knows when to relax
91) Romantic
92) Committed
93) Believes in marriage
94) Solid
95) Patient
96) Tolerant
97) Stylish
98) Can’t dance
99) Outstanding personality
100) My best friend 6 months ago

AgentSpiffy 6 months ago

AmmoculusThings I want in a spouse (hopefully)-- 81 things

*Loves God with all his heart, mind, soul, strength and everything he is
-Loves Church
*studies bible
*treats me like Jesus/God would – with unconditional love and understanding
*goes to church
*respects me and my choices, opinions, etc
*respects my family and friends
*respects others
-loves music
-loves animals
*great personality
-good sense of humor
*HONEST 100%
-can be completely himself
-loves hugs/gives good hugs
*lives by the spirit
-likes Disney
-likes nature
-likes sports (bonus for the braves!)
-won’t flirt with my friends
-sings and/or dances randomly/ just random
-likes oldies
*likes me for who I am, not what I look like
-likes theme parks
-open minded
-can cook
-is my best friend
*mature in how he handles things
*listens to me
-doesn’t hold grudges
-makes me a better person
*doesn’t make me constantly worry
*emotionally stable
-says what he means, means what he says
-doesn’t smoke/drink/etc
-proud to be with me and proud of me/who I am
*willing to talk things over, not run away
*sex isn’t everything
*waiting until AFTER marriage to have sex
-likes to joke around
*easy to talk to
*will put God FIRST in EVERYTHING
*spiritual leader
-likes to stargaze
-defends me/has my back
-is there for me
-likes starbucks 7 months ago

Ammoculus 7 months ago

Withsmile88MY IDEAL MAN!!!

1) PATEL/gujju
2)Tall as in 6’0-6’2
3)very open-minded person
4) very non-judgemental
5) caring
6) supportive
7) adventures
8) spontaneous
9) talkative
11)Knows how to cook
12)Helps around the house
13)Dont have indian mentality
17) Affectionate
19)3 years older than me
21) 9 months ago

Withsmile88 9 months ago

Fonkeh 9 months ago

Anarkali Starr 10 months ago

Bonnie SmithI want the Happy Ever After . . . Someone who

1.loves me unconditionally
2.thinks I am all that (in their eyes)
7.Accepts me as I am
10.has Morals
11. Family oriented (my family / his family)
12.Doesn’t do drugs
13. has good health
14. has excellent hiegyne (fresh Breathe : )
15. Isn’t a slop
16. willing to help around house
17. knows how to cook
18. financially secure
19. is not a follower
20. makes me feel secure and loved
21. if ever were to marry beleives marriage is forever
22. likes animals (or at least tolerates them LOL )
23. intelligent
24. sex is not a priority
25. respects me
26. is there for me (emotionally)
27.is my best friend
28. good at handling finances
29. Godly man (Willing to attend services with me)
30. Makes me smile / laugh
31. Is patient with me
32. Stands up for me
33. Encourages Me
34. Surprises me every once in awhile (Just Because)
35. Makes me a prioty in his life
36. Handles Conflict with maturity
37. Fun
38. Has Self respect
39. Nice Looking
40. Likes to just hold me
41. Doesn’t hold grudges
42. Builds me up and helps me to be a better woman
43. Doesn’t make me worry or fearful
44. Emotionally stable
45. Does not play video games obessively
46. Doesn’t care too much for drama shows like (Soap Operas, Maury,Cheaters, etc)
47. Knows a little about cars
48. is a positive person and outlook most of the time
49. Doesn’t complain about everything
50. Romantic
51. Says what he means
52 Means what he says
53. Not Lazy
54. Someone I can talk to
55. Helpful
56. Adventurous in bed and out
57. Kind
58. Stability
59. Understanding
60. Compassionate
61. Allows me my own space
62. Likes to just sit on the porch and chill
63. Not an alcoholic
64. Supports me emotionally
65. take initative in planning dates, get togethers etc
66. Has ambition
67. Has a positive outlook on life
68. Likes to cook on the grill (and knows how too : )
69. has patience
70. amazes me
71. not always groping me
72 is my hero
73 hold my hand just because
74.likes to hold me just because
75. not too clingy
76. secure in the relationship
77. mild jealously ; )
78 someone I can confide in
79. my best friend
80. like to go out and have a drink and chill (no wild partying)
81. willing to do yard work
82. willing to help me plant flowers or hang baskets etc
83. Has a sense of humor
84. makes me smile
85. is sincerly proud of me
86. proud to be with me
87. proud of who I am.
88. compliments me to his friends and family with or without me around.
89. willing to talk things over. Not Run away.
90. willing to lose past relationships phone numbers. 3 years ago

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harsh singh 2 years ago

bandic100 qualities I look for in a guy

1 sexy eyes
2 sexy body
3 great ass
4 great sense of humour prefer a sarcastic one
5 great kisser
6 loves to cuddle
7 understanding
8 has morals
9 likes to laugh
10 can cook
11 likes music
12 likes movies
13 likes dancing
14 likes reading
15 interesting to talk to
16 sensitive
17 not too possessive but I don’t mind the jealous types within reason
18 sexually stimulating
19 loyal
20 faithful
21 not afraid of committment
22 tough
23 strong minded not a follower
24 not religious
25 not racist but can understand racist jokes without getting offended easily
26 not a gossip
27 will make me his number 1 always 2 years ago

bandic 2 years ago

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