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write a real email every day for a month

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I started this a long time ago, and then gave it. I think I’m going to try it again and see if i can’t spark a little enthusiasm for it. 5 years ago

popsie#3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

This is a long weekend so I can play catchup, as I haven’t been doing this daily. Five written so far. 8 years ago


Replied to a friends email from a few days ago – that I would otherwise have left for too long or sent an all-to-short answer too.

Have followed up email #1 with a dinner arrangement which is cool. 8 years ago


Emailed someone I used to study/work with. They had emailed my early February and I hadn’t replied yet, which was v. bad of me. Hopefully we can now organise to go out to dinner. 8 years ago


I’ve already emailed Dan today, and I’m more than likely to email G at somepoint. 8 years ago


Apparently I didn’t email anyone on the 17th and 18th of December. Whoops! I sent a lot of text messages and chatted on the phone to people tho, so there was still communication of sorts.

Today I’ve emailed my friend Julia, and I’ll email Alex later on. 8 years ago


Today I emailed my friend Loddy, who I haven’t heard from in a little while. We used to be quite close, so I guess I’m just catching up, making sure he’s okay. I need to do that with all my friends that have drifted along the way. 8 years ago


Today I have emailed Daniel, William and my boyfriend. And it’s only 11:15am, ha. 8 years ago


Today I emailed my friend Emilie, who is living in France at the moment, just to catch up :) and I’ve been back in touch with a friend that I haven’t spoken to for about a year, maybe more. Lovely. 8 years ago


Yesterday, just so I can attempt to catch up. Last night someone emailed me about postcards on 43things (hi!) and I emailed back. One real email, signed and sent :) 8 years ago


I’m pretty sure I didn’t write any emails on these days, mostly because I was travelling and not near a computer. I did send a lot of text messages tho, to compensate. Heh. 8 years ago


Yesterday the only email I sent to was www.innocentdrinks.co.uk, but it was a little lengthly and friendly, so.. well. Yeah, okay, it doesn’t count but I wasn’t very well.

Today I found a great way to combine two goals, this one and complimenting somebody different every day. Do it by email! I mailed Amy this morning, and I think the warm glow will set me up for the rest of the day. Lovely. 8 years ago


In the last three days I’ve written emails to Steve, Step and Thom. So this goal will start from day four. :) 8 years ago

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