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stop drinking for 30 days

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StacieJungDay 1

Okay, I’m not hung over today so not needed a drink tonight should be a tiny bit easier. Still a little tired and needing more coffee. I want my brain back. I have things I want to accomplish and being down or tired isn’t helping. I’m hoping the clearer head and cheerier outlook will make what seems like a sacrifice worth it. So on to my next 30 day goal of writing 3 hours a day. Looking forward to productivity, better health, better appearance and a happier life. 4 days ago

StacieJung 4 days ago

fitatfifty 7 months ago

fitatfifty4 days dry

Not craving as much today. Only craving sweets 7 months ago

scrotorActually did around 40

Forgot to post when I did this.. At the time I was drinking almost daily… not getting drunk all the time, but there was that as well. I am glad I did it because it kinda reset my need for it.. I found other ways to deal with boredom and stress and other senseless reasons I found to drink.. I mean, I still drink.. but I can take it or leave it and most times prefer to leave it now. 13 months ago

scrotor 18 months ago

Paul Grainge 15 months ago


I’m already a week in. Doing well, and feeling good. Its really hard when you have an alcoholic GF and there isn’t much to do with her that does not involve drinking. I may want to continue this not drinking thing indefinitely but we’ll see how it goes… 18 months ago

brokenglasstheoryA weekend of bad decisions

So this weekend has been fairly crappy. I have made a plethora of bad decisions.
Episode 1: Started out innocently enough with a few drinks and dinner….then I ended up hooking up with this girl who was very gross and I didn’t realize it until the next morning. She is as sweet as the day as long but….lets just say I was very very drunk. I know that is a piss poor excuse but every time I think about it my stomach turns.
Episode 2: After kickball today I was riding my bike home and there was this chick trying to parallel park behind my car. I was a little buzzed and I called her out on rubbing my car…she proceded to call me a cock sucker and then pulled a gun out of her purse. Nothing happened. I just rode away.
Episode 3: There better not be a 3rd episode. I am cleaning out all the booze, beer, and liquor I have in my house. Starting tomorrow I am going to go 30 days without drinking.

I am tired of having to drink to be fun or have a good time. If I dont stop now or at least get it under control, things could get very bad.

Wish me luck, I really need some inspiring words. 21 months ago

brokenglasstheoryWell hell

I wonder if I am ever going to do this…. 23 months ago

brokenglasstheoryDay 1 part 2

So I really wanted to quit my job today…I want a drink so friggin badly. My boss was an amazing cunt to me today and then when I get home I hear two gay guys having some huge argument. I tried to drown them out with loud music, but they just talked louder…. this is the first time I have ever wished I had some angry thrash metal music. Fuck I need a drink. Im not going to, but fuck I need one. A nice tall pint glass full of mostly gin and some tonic. 23 months ago

brokenglasstheoryDay 1

So far so good…although I remembered this morning I signed up for a Pub Crawl on 6/2….I am still going to do it, but I havent decided if I am going to drink or not…seems silly to go on a pub crawl and not drink…right? 23 months ago


I have been on a bit of a drinking bender the past few weeks….I haven’t gotten drunk everyday, but I have drank every single day. Time for a detox period. 23 months ago

jimmyb1 2 years ago

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