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So I tried most of the things on the list at that site to get my game to run like it was supposed to. I think it was the second suggestion that said something about making it so you can read the error messages, well I couldn’t get that part to work. So the one that was all complicated, and I could probably screw up my computer with I was just like forget that. And the site even says this might not work for all DOS games. And it would figure that seeing as the game is called “Dragon Lore The Legend Begins” that it is a two-part game. I don’t even have the second part. So I’m not sure if this goal should include beating Dragon Lore in its entirety (if not what’s the point?) or just the game I have. I thought maybe I could set up my old computer again finally, but I’m pretty sure I upgraded that operating system to 2000 which I don’t think has DOS either. Nothing can be easy. 8 years ago

AndiNo DOS!?!

This is going to be harder than I thought. Dragon Lore is an old game. The copyright on it is dated 1994. I believe my sister and I got it for Christmas one year as bundled software when we got a new sound card for our Stone Age even by those standards computer, so we could play games on it. And it turns out, if I recall correctly, that we didn’t even have enough memory for this particular game. It is two whole disks after all.

So we brought it over to my aunt’s and played it there instead. Her computer was nicer, and it gave us something else to do while we were there. I remember parts of the game. Particularly the part I couldn’t get past. You are supposed to put a cog on something so that you can open a door, or a passageway. But the cog isn’t the only thing you have to retrieve, there’s something else that you need.

Maybe two years or so ago, after I’d gotten into the habit of looking up walkthroughs for games online for the PS2 and such, I remembered Dragon Lore. Would they have a walkthrough for that old game? Sure enough I found one. I knew I needed to talk to the sprites, but I couldn’t figure out how. Turns out those flowers that make you pass out when you smell them, also make you shrink like Alice in Wonderland if you sniff them in the toadstool field where the sprites live. Or something like that. Which as a biologist makes me wonder if there is some agent in the pollens or whatever it is that fungi give off that when combined make you shrink, where as alone the one makes you pass out and the other has no effect.

So maybe a month or two ago, now that I’m back in Ohio, it occurred to me that maybe this game is still lying around somewhere. I asked my aunt about it, but she couldn’t find it, said she’d actually already gone through all of that stuff. I said something to Jenny about it, she remembered the game, and that we couldn’t get past that part. But she had no idea where it was.

Then lo and behold (Or is it low and behold? And if it is lo what does lo mean? Like “lo a magical quill!” Is it just a flavoring word like they use in German? Da, I believe, but can also some times actually mean something. But I digress.) This weekend Jenny was cleaning out an old box of stuff, and what should she find but both Dragon Lore disks and the manual.

Today I finally decided I was going to load it on my computer and start playing it. I couldn’t remember how to bring up the DOS prompt. So I called my aunt, who I some times ask my computer related questions. She had to get on her computer and call me back. She looked around but couldn’t get her windows to stay open. I found the command prompt screen, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

So then I asked Jeeves. Jeeves gave me an answer. There is no DOS on XP. What? How am I supposed to avenge my father’s murder? Become a Dragon Knight? Free the valley from the onset of the Orcish armies? No DOS. Ah, start, run, command.exe. It worked! F:/ all good. F: install. Nothing. Nooooooo. I switched CD-Rom drives. For some reason my regular drive is very picky and won’t run much of anything anymore. Have to rely on the drive that does everything, DVD-R, CD-R, plays my mp3’s even though they should be regular drive readable on their disk, everything. Success.

All the while my aunt is still on the phone. I decide to go with the 16 MB install mode. It all runs just fine. Then I’m looking at a window that pops up. Blah blah graphics, blah blah this, no sound. No sound?! People talk to me in this game. No subtitles, as far as I recall, how the heck am I supposed to know what I need to do. I clicked on it. SoundBlaster or compatible I hope this works. Start a new game. No sound on the Mindscape logo screen. I was worried. But then the intro starts. There’s music! I’m freaking out, doing my little happy dance in my chair. My aunt is laughing at me, and decides maybe it’s best to leave me to it.

I watch the intro. I remember this, my father isn’t my father, he took me away from the castle when von Diakonov came to kill my real father. Then the credits start to roll. I click cause I don’t want to watch those never ending things. Zap. The screen closes and I’m back to Windows. What? The game is mouse based. How am I going to play it if using my mouse makes me exit to windows? I load the intro again. This time no sound. Great. I changed the settings during the install, how am I going to change them now. Click with the mouse. Again with the window closing.

Jeeves, I need more help. http://www.dosgames.com/xphints.php Has the answer. At least I hope. I will try his methods and report back later. 8 years ago

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