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LetsmakelifegreatI need to do this

Because of my upbringing, I have had to put aside a lot of my feelings, and desires. I have had to make myself small, passive, a people pleaser. As i’ve gotten older, and with the help of some great therapists, I realize that a lot of my anger and sadness comes from ending up in situations where i’m passive, and resentful about it.

For example, a group of girls in my class are making plans to do dinner. I am friendly with these girls yet none of them ask me to join them. I sit by passively, and run out of the room when class ends, feeling resentful and depressed. A more active approach would be to ask one of the girls i’m friendly with, could I join you?

Also, I have the most amazing husband, yet sometimes I feel resentful and angry thinking “Oh man, we don’t go on any exciting dates anymore!” Keep in mind, my husband is a very wonderful and loving man. If i asked him, “hey will you go to X with me? ” He would say yes in a heartbeat! But by being in a passive role i feel again, depressed and angry.

I am growing up, even though I feel like a little girl, I am a grown woman. I need to be more assertive over my own life. I need to find things to do, and do them. I need to make plans, I need to stop being the passive one. I think it will make for a more genuine and rich life. I think that whenever I do an “assertive” or “take control over my life” action, I will post about it 8 months ago

Letsmakelifegreat 8 months ago

readerwritergeek 8 months ago

crescentmoonlight 14 months ago

gofigurefitness 21 months ago

TheBattleOfLife 23 months ago

soonforgetNot Finished Yet

I had originally thought that I would conclude this goal after having run my marathon and completing my reading challenge. But now that my journey back home is just 4 months away, I don’t want to mark this goal as complete until I make real steps towards setting ourselves up for when we go home (i.e. job, insurance, car loan). 23 months ago


how can i do this?....How can i take control of my life?... 2 years ago

lallety 2 years ago

okaykayluhh 2 years ago

soonforgetGoing from the passenger seat to the driver's seat

I felt like I was on auto-pilot for most of last year. I was working my tail off and just coming home and lying on the sofa and watching tv, sometimes whatever was on. It took me going to the hospital to realize that something had to change.

I read more often now. I’m always looking for ways to improve my well-being (including my mind). I make notes on words I don’t know, and look them up later and I try to commit them to memory.

Instead of wasting so much time on Facebook, I still sit at the computer, but I’ve found websites that help improve my mind (memory tests, IQ tests, high-school exams (to re-learn that stuff I slept through), typing tests, crosswords. I’m learning more about my federal, state, and local governments and I’ve become more active (I’ve even written a few emails to my State Representative (which means I even know his name!)) in issues that directly and indirectly affect me, and I take action on them. I would still be considered a “clicktivist”, but once I get back home, I could easily see myself hosting a fundraiser or an awareness meeting.

I eat more healthily now, and the thing that I’m most proud of doing, is committing to a regular exercise program. I workout 6 days a week, waking up at 4:15 to go to the gym to workout. I’m concurrently training for a marathon (Nov. 18) and doing basketball conditioning drills. I’ve just now begun my 4th week of marathon training, but the basketball conditioning I’ve been doing more than 90 days now. I feel great! I even had to make a new hole in my belt! I’ve lost about 15 pounds, but I need to put some more muscle on now. As my workout program gets easier, I add new things to it.

I think I won’t mark this as completed until after I finish my marathon. My ultimate goal for basketball is to be able to dunk (I’m 5’10” – this could take a while). I will also be satisfied when I’ve read 24 books this year.

Overall, I’m glad I made the changes I did in my life. I’m going to be a more productive person because of them. = ) 2 years ago

firefly1818what I need to do

This is a comment from blurbomat blog. It reflects all MY thoughts in a much better English than mine.

“my husband has to deal with this, and during times of real stress (like when we separated for 6 months), he can easily slide into a constant state of perseveration. in addition to some of the great advice already given above (meditation, etc.) he finds he is most successful overcoming it when he maintains a strict sleep routine, daily exercise and healthy eating. slipping into vices when he is experiencing this only makes it worse. the exercise part is key with him. while he loves meditation practice, yoga is not his thing due to some prior injuries to his joints, so he lifts weights, runs, and now swims. he finds that the more he can physcially relieve stress, the more he can mentally do the exercises to relieve the constant cycling of thoughts. i don’t know if this is something you already do, but during times of high stress when he is vulnerable to the perseveration, he also makes a list of things he can do daily, weekly and monthly to stay busy, focused, productive and to take care of himself. chores, projects, to-do’s, the whole 9 yards, and he tapes it up in a place where he will see it first thing in the morning (i.e. beside the bathroom mirror) and uses it as a guide to keep him focused on activity and not persistent thoughts. ” 2 years ago

firefly1818"Compulsive hoarding and the meaning of things" by Randy Frost on Avoidance

Anxiety, sadness, grief, and guilt are all part of the human experience. When people go to great lengths to avoid them, the results can be devastating. Avoiding distress is a key feature in the development and maintenance of hoarding (and not only.) It reinforces the belief that the feelings being avoided are intolerably bad, and at the same time it weakens the person’s strength to cope with those feelings. Avoidance is a seductive coping strategy that works temporarily but ultimately undermines progress.
So True. 2 years ago

user4850 2 years ago

firefly1818the message(s) of the year

1. If you want to watch a movie A, which is only showed in a movie theater A, it is silly to go to a movie theater B, and sit there waiting for when movie A will be shown.

2. Yesterday just WAS, and everything was the way it was supposed to be. In other words – no regrets. Today IS a new day and the beginning of the rest of my life.

3. De-cluttering of the apartment will not solve all my problems (although it would help with a lot.) If I want to see a movie A (see item 1), I would still need to go to the movie theater (and not just clean my kitchen.)

4. Pay attention to the physical condition.

5. I want to find a new matrix. I did not like the life in an old one. So, my destination is a different life rather than just a different country.

6. I need to work on my problems – social anxiety, extra weight and broken English won’t disappear on their own.

7. if you want to belong to the tribe, act like that and look like that. 2 years ago

soonforget 2 years ago

lebomatsekeThe universe and control

You know when you wake up one morning and your house is a mess,you’re fat, you lose control and lose your keys and no matter how hard you try things don’t align? I’ve come to strongly believe that the universe is telling me something. I need to take control of my life and align myself towards my goals. Journaled about it and have decided on a few scary things. I’m logging off FB for a while. Walking for thirty minutes (nothing major) and stopping a dangerous and worthless flirtation with someone that doesn’t actually care. Also going to a lot of therapy. 3 years ago

lebomatseke 3 years ago

MollyMischief 9 years ago

matthew_in_chinaTaking control of my life - what does this entail?

Starting healthy new habits
Waking up early (6:00 AM for now)
Run/Walk at least 3 times a week for at least 20 mins (start slow and build up over time – the KEY is consistency, NOT breaking records on day on… Be the tortoise, not the hare, for a change).

Replacing bad habits
Replacing procrastination with plans, choices and taking actions
Replacing wasted time with productive time
Thinking about my CRUCIAL MOMENTS that get me in trouble, and having planned well thought and WRITTEN VITAL BEHAVIORS, choices that I will make in each circumstance. 3 years ago

matthew_in_chinaTaking control of my life.

I’ll be 50 in November and am tired of living a “less than” life. I had high hopes when I was young, but now look in the mirror and see a guy who is 50 pounds overweight and not living up to (what he thinks is) his full potential.

I want to change. I’ve recently read a great book (and bought the Audio book which i listen to while i run/walk) called “Change Anything,” and find it to be very solid in terms of creating a plan that works.

I’ve already lost 16 pounds in the last few months, have begun to run/walk on a regular basis, am getting up earlier and feel great about that, and am working to be a better man in my relationship. I’m making good progress, but want to take things to the next level.

I want to make changes in my job, talking to the guy i’m working with about what is working and what is not. I want to change what i do (want to focus on the highest and best use of my time and stop doing things that can be done by others), how i do it (want to delegate more and stay highly focused on what is really important) and where i do it (I want to start working from the Philippines too, and not just here in China).

Wish me well. I’m looking forward to this.

Matt 3 years ago

matthew_in_china 3 years ago

MaryFinally speaking up

Baby steps only. I am setting boundaries and speaking up now. Holding to my values and taking care of myself first. Just wish there was someone to share the future with but the more in control and confident I am the more I get my needs met the more available I will be. 3 years ago

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