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Go to bed before 11pm regularly


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RachaelAside from the weekends...

...I think I’ve got this down. And when I’m working there’s no way I could be up that late anyway. I’m usually in bed by half nine and asleep by ten on week days, I’m just that exhausted. 7 years ago

RachaelYes & Yes

Both last night and Monday night I was asleep before 11pm (which is what this goal means for me, I’m literally ‘in bed’ for half nine), and I’m judging that this’ll be the case for the next few days too, if not every weekday, due to the long hours. So I could have this goal ticked off soon. Yay! 7 years ago

RachaelA necessity...

From Sunday to Friday each week for the next four (but hopefully more) weeks, this will be needed, to stop me from yawning on the job, and work effectively. I’m thinking of getting into bed at about half nine, maybe take a sleeping tablet (no good being wide awake anyway), reading for a little while then sleeping. 7 years ago

RachaelDamn it

I really have to get on with this one, but it’s very difficult (as I guess is apparent from the many entries I have here). Everything seems to rest right now on me getting a job. When I have a job, I will need to be going to bed earlier, and that will give me a reason to do it. But at the moment I see little reason apart from it being a good routine to get into. 7 years ago

RachaelI am so pissed off

I took sleeping tablets at 8pm when I went to bed, and around half nine I felt sleepy. Then I woke up again at half eleven, and I’m wide awake, like it was a nap, and now I can’t get back to sleep, I’ve been trying for an hour.

Somebody somewhere just really doesn’t want me to sleep. I’m doing all I can and it’s not bloody working! I’m so frustrated I could cry. If this type of thing happens again tomorrow night, I’m staying up all night to see if that will fix it (I can’t tonight, I have to be up in the morning). 7 years ago

Big BIt's 12:27am.

I have to be up at 545am.
Probably time to go to bed. 8 years ago

RachaelI might just do this tonight

If I go now, who knows? :) Here’s hoping. 8 years ago

RachaelForget it

I’m just so sick of failing this. I need help. 8 years ago

RachaelThis is just no good

My bed is forgetting my name, Freddy Preddy (my teddy) is finding other people to cuddle (at more reasonable hours), and I miss them both – so why can’t I sleep already! The only good thing about being up is being able to talk to my friend, but even he has had the sense to go to bed. Sleep, damn you. 8 years ago


Perhaps I’m just not supposed to sleep before this time. Even when I’m in bed at half nine I can’t complete this goal. It’s rather irritating, as it seems like such a simple goal at first. 8 years ago

RachaelFailed again?

Oh, what a shame :) I am so annoyed, hehe. Yeah, I wouldn’t buy it either. There are plenty of better things to do be doing with my time than sleeping (never a statement I thought I would make). I don’t have any passion for this goal at the moment. 8 years ago

RachaelI get up relatively early

Do I get any points for that? No? Aww damn :) 8 years ago

tunkyStart/finish dates

I will do this for a year, starting from 30th of November, 2006, end 30th of November, 2007 8 years ago

tunkyI really need to do this!

I have awful insomnia, and really I should be going to bed MUCH earlier than 11pm! But 11pm would be far better than what time I’m currently getting to bed. I’ll aim to at least do this for a year, as a starting point. 8 years ago

RachaelI guess that...

this should be easier, since the person I most enjoy talking/typing to has to go to bed much earlier than me at the moment. I’m not very tired though. Maybe I’ll just get in bed and read, that used to work :) 8 years ago

RachaelI gave up on this tonight

I was feeling sleepy around 3pm, not a good sign for later sleep. Why is this all so erratic?


Needed that :)

Bed now. 8 years ago

RachaelAt this point...

I am considering soundproofing my bedroom. Perhaps the logical part of my brain is already asleep. 8 years ago

RachaelTears Before Bedtime

It was going so well, my shower only took 20 minutes (it was quite cold, so there was incentive to get out quickly), I took Nytol and was in bed for 9pm. I was on the laptop for a while, and came off at 10pm because I was beginning to feel sleepy.

And then just as I was dropping off, I was awoken by my mum and brother having an argument! I tried again to get to sleep, but that was it, now I’ll have to wait until the early hours. I am so pissed off though, especially since everything else seemed to be working. I am so tired, I just want to sleep. Sometimes it feels like everyone’s sleeping peacefully and I’m the only one here :*( 8 years ago

RachaelThe Plan Tonight

Revised and revisited due to the complete failure of last night’s sleeping plan.

First: Have a shower (8pm – 9ish. I have very long hair, it takes forever).

Second: Take Nytol, perhaps have hot chocolate (9:00pm)

Third: Get into bed early, as my PC has decided to die, that’ll be easy :) 8 years ago


This just isn’t fair. That’s all there is to say, now I’m going to turn the laptop off (still in bed, just not sleepy at all) and wait for sleep. 8 years ago

RachaelI was so bored...

I found the site for lists! How did I miss this before? Eikei had told me about a 1001 things to do before you die list, so I started looking through it and ticking off what I’d done. I was surprised to find I’ve done quite a few, some without even considering them important :) hehe.

The Nytol still hasn’t kicked in, I’m concerned. 8 years ago

RachaelI'm so damned mad!

I was in bed, lights off, settled down for 10pm almost. I tried to get to sleep for a long time, but nothing. When I flicked on my clock it told me the time was 11:03pm! So not fair. So I went downstairs and took some Nytol, but no drowsiness so far. I’m going to have to keep taking it until I’m used to falling asleep earlier. I shall take it around 9:30pm, give it some time to take effect.

This is not a good start though, and I was in such a relaxed mood for sleep. 8 years ago

RachaelOff I go :)

Good night everyone, hehe. 8 years ago

RachaelThe drawback...

Is that if I do this, I can’t be around to talk to the people I most enjoy talking to :) As they’re most often busy in the day and online later. I shall just have to email them and talk on the weekends where possible. 8 years ago

RachaelStarting this tonight

Going to try to do this every night this week, and maybe change the rules for the weekends, that’s only fair :) 8 years ago

RachaelThis just isn't happening

But it must, when I have a job, it’s going to be essential. Kids are hard work, and you need all the energy and patience you can get, not sleeping properly won’t help that. I’ve got to start doing this, and soon. 8 years ago

RachaelRe-adopting this goal

I gave up on it a while back, simply because it wasn’t happening, and I was sick of reporting that I’d failed, again. But now it will be important again, as I will soon (hopefully) have a job, which will probably mean waking around 6am (something I haven’t done on a regular basis in about 6 years). I’ll need all the sleep I can get to start with, probably going to bed at half nine or so initially, and see how things go from there.

On the upside I’ve been waking up earlier recently, usually around 8:30am, still not early enough, but while there’s nothing to be up for, is there much point? 8 years ago


I have flu, so I’ll probably be in bed before 11pm. I say probably, because my next door neighbors have kindly decided to turn up their music, to a volume where I can hear all the words to “Gettin’ Jiggy With It”. Great.

I hate my neighbors. The unfortunate thing is that the youngest child of the five is in the class I am working with in placement. I haven’t told her I’m her neighbor, and I don’t want her family to know, as they’ll probably get me to babysit and I won’t be able to shout through the walls at them to shut up. I would right now, but my voice isn’t strong enough, and I feel dead :*( 8 years ago


I think I am going to have to give this one up. It’s just not going to happen, is it? I know, I know, I’m a quitter, but I’ve tried my best, and most of the time I’m just not tired. I’m still going to go to bed as early as possible, but only when I’ve started to feel tired, not to the pattern of the clock. For me, it doesn’t seem to work. I’ll leave this goal active for a while, just in case I change my mind :) 8 years ago


Damned computers, last time I looked at the clock it was almost nine, and now, I have fifteen minutes to fall asleep (not even in bed yet!). I’m not doing so well with this goal. It’s much harder than I expected it to be. 8 years ago

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