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Today, I started reviewing some of the materials. I finished the first chapter of the CD-ROM I have to review the A+ material. However, this still lacks information compared to the book. I’ve not read a section of the book. But I also have a very long day tomorrow and the final exams are coming up. But I don’t want to use them as an excuse because they’re easily accomplished if I wanted to. 7 years ago

talkaboutlifeThis is just a very broad goal...

I’m going to read my A+ book everyday. I had set an unrealistic goal before by saying “I”m gonna complete the entire book in 3 days!” But this time, my goal is to read at least 1 section per day. If I can do more, that’s great. But I’m not going to push myself because this has discouraged me if I couldn’t do just as well as the night before. I also ordered some CDs online to help me entertain myself and have an interactive training instead of staring at the book. So it begins today. I’ll read 1 section tonight. Then I’ll come and update this when I finish reading 1 section.

My drive for this is pretty simple. I became very upset with my previous boss that he wouldn’t give me a chance to train on the IT related work. Instead, he made me do data entry all day. After weeks of begging and pleading, he hired someone who just graduated from highschool with no knowledge of what a computer is to do what I was trying to get a position in. Why? I have taken computer courses. I’ve taken somewhat related courses. I know more than this newbie. But he was also a post highschool graduate who just got admitted to a very prestigious college. Me? I’m still attending a college, but a college that pretty much anyone with a C average can attend. After quitting this job, I decided instead of being depressed, I could use this negative force into a positive force by saying, “look bastard, you gonna be sorry you didn’t give me a chance- cause now I’m the shit.” Of course, A+ is just the beginning towards my long journey. After this, I want to challenge in taking Network+, then Security+.. and the list goes on in no particular order. But I have to start somewhere. And I want to feel good about myself. Because I know I can do it, and I’m gonna show this jerk what I’m made of. 7 years ago

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