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Boxes of stuff gone.
One box waiting to go to plunket. Yay! 1 week ago

ElizaBen 1 week ago

CaseyGracie 2 weeks ago

Harmless Dilettante 4 months ago

Manleen CopemanGone

At least half of the stuff in my filing cabinet(dumping cabinet more like it.) I had to wade through piles of junk to find essential papers yesterday, and today, so I have shredded so much of the junk today, mostly comprising of old bank statements.

Got rid of this jacket which was a project I never completed. I was contemplating getting it finished, but when I tried it on, I realised I was never going to wear it anyway. So with a heavy heart, I bade it farewell. 3 weeks ago

Dawnkeyboard clearance

Have been somewhat hit and miss with this one; it is taking a bit of a back seat at the moment as I am busy trying to get my career back on track (busy looking for a PhD) and just generally keeping on top of normal chores.

However, today I have made sure that I set the example to clear the laundry off the keyboard and made sure that hubby did likewise.

It is amazing that no matter where we have lived (four different places now) the keyboard has always been a magnet for the dry but not ironed laundry. Somehow it always ends up in the same proximity as the drying tower.

Anyway, now to try and keep it clear, and to move on to the next thing! 3 weeks ago


a fair bit in my bedroom ..

my old clothes and other stuff managed to sort out..

next bit is my shoes.. and furniture which is getting to excess. 1 month ago

DoctorDeathUse what you love, purge what you don’t.

I saw this quote earlier today.

I just need to DO it, really do it. 1 month ago

Dawncoming along nicely

My kaizen challenge this week has been helping a little towards this … there aren’t masses and masses of unnecessary items in my household, it is just that a lot of them are not where they should be.

I am trying to develop new habits to deal with incoming stuff so that I can concentrate on sorting through the old stuff.

There are a couple of held over issues from the move, regular storage boxes, as opposed to packing boxes, that have not yet been dealt with. There are also issues around the new space in the house and how that works with our hobby stuff etc. Might have to get creative, getting there though.

I have begun to build some momentum towards working on this, but I am also looking to maybe set a deadline on this one …

I will be 40 in October, so I’m thinking that would be a great deadline to have my house in absolute order. By which I mean that it contains only things that I love and I know where everything is … is it possible to fix a lifetime of disorganisation in just 7 months?

I guess we’ll find out 1 month ago

pacemama 2 months ago

Manleen CopemanNext to go t o a charity shop:

This month’s Glamour magazine.
The hand of Ethelbertha. I don’t think I am going to read it ever.
World’s Greatest short stories. 2 months ago

Manleen CopemanUntitled

Yesterday and today sorted out my crafty hoard of papers. Made 2 collages and recycled a lot of paper and card I don’t love. 2 months ago

Manleen CopemanCleaned out the fridge Freezer

For the first time in three years!
chucked away everything as most stuff was past its shelf life.
Also emptied 4 jars of old chutney/marmalade/ jam etc, never ate, never was going to but kept out of sheer laziness. 2 months ago

Dollygot one box more to go

I need to Declutter warm clothes for donation and blankets 2 months ago

MsSoniaG_xHaving a slight clearout

again this time my bedroom ! I need to regain a atmosphere of calmness here and I am! I have realised i have way to much clothes ( that are either crap or I dont wear, want or need!). I’m going to have to do this one day so why not now! 2 months ago

hugo11436 2 months ago

Manleen CopemanUntitled

So much of stuff has gone out of the house now to the charity shops.
My sister in law helped us completely re arrange the furniture so the house looks great for viewing. Only one regret- should’ve done this sooner! I must ask for her help in the new place. 2 months ago


Two big baby items not needed anymore and have a box ready to go to the op shop. Can’t help but think there is so much other stuff to get rid of. 2 months ago

MsSoniaG_xlooks like today

i will have a clearout, sort some nonsense paperwork etc. Because the house is going to be quiet. 2 months ago

Dawntravel toiletries | clutter hotspot

Needed some travel sized toiletries for this week’s trip and found a few that will do. Also, while mocching through my boxes, it puts things into my mind that can be used up.

I also threw away two travel bottles that are actually useless because they can’t be filled – only a tiny squirty hole.

I’m also going to re-home a bath puff thing to a colleague, and I threw away the box that some of my Chrimbo toiletries came in. Little things, I know, but it helps to form the habit.

I also cleared the floor area at the side of my bed, which had collected three or four items – need to be on top of that as a clutter hotspot! 2 months ago

MsSoniaG_x 3 years ago

Dawnboxes into cupboards

Against my better judgement, but due to a mini move round in the house and our first inspection (rented house), I have put some of my boxes up into one of the overhead cupboards. Not everything fit, so I have emptied and/or combined some of the boxes as I have been going along.
I’ve also thrown away a load of music tapes, after taking time to make a list of the tunes I was keeping them for.
Its still a slow process picking off bits of organising, and I have realised that some things where I thought similar things were all grouped together aren’t actually all together at all. I seem to have two/three/more collections of similar things.
It would take getting absolutely everything out and putting it all together to fix that, and I just don’t have the space, or inclination to do that yet. Need to do some more whittling down first methinks! 2 months ago


I’ve been doing TheMinsGame, which consists of jettisoning things for a month, in sync with the date. First of the month-one thing. Second, two, and so on. 2 months ago

DollyThis week i filled 2 boxes

instead of my usual 1 box to donation this week was easier to bite the bullet and donate 2 boxes . every week is getting a bit easier.
I asked my husband to do the same with his belongings to part with some.

its hard. the little hoarder in me says noooo but I know I can let go. I watch a show is called hoarders and clean house , they inspire me. 2 months ago

Manleen CopemanUntitled

Removed lots of things from under the stairs. Decided to give up my rarely used ironing board till I have a space and need for it. Gave it to someone who really needed it, so I am happy!
The house looks better for the 4 hrs I put in cleaning it this morning. Unfortunately, it might look worse again when more stuff comes out, awaiting to be transported or given away. It literally feels like all the bits and bobs I have accumulated till now have all come out to attack me :). 2 months ago

SmilingRedhead 3 months ago

Tania Sayre 14 months ago

marmaladegirl 3 months ago

Alan WindowSorting out Electronics

Sorted out the VCRs, yes there was an “s”, down to one (the rest gone to other homes, including the tip)
Started clearing the old videos to Charity shops etc. 3 months ago

Butterfly 5 months ago

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