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user28698 2 months ago

joie de vivrein concert with packing things up

Not a horrific proposition, because I’ve done a good job of decluttering now for a while.

But I finally decided to part with several dresses that I bought at a craft fair years ago. I love them. They are unique. They are hand-made, and the fabric print is unusual, and the buttons are custom and they coordinate. At the craft fair I couldn’t decide on just one so I bought three. I’ve had them probably for around 18 years. I just rarely wear them any more. The cut is not that fashionable, and I find fewer reasons to put them on these days. I didn’t wear one of them once so far this summer, and that was a sign that I was through with them. There were a couple more summer dresses that I haven’t worn once so far, and I put those in the bag, too.

Then, I went through my underwear drawer. Anything with holes, stains, or pills – into the bag. Anything that I didn’t feel was either a. pretty or b. comfortable went into the bag. Then all my sexy lingerie – the merry widows, the leopard print bra and panties? It’s not that I am throwing away my sexuality. But these are items from what will be a previous relationship. If, far down the road, I want to dress up in something like that? I’ll buy new. I’m not sure what the thrift store will do with all of that stuff, but it’s all in good condition, and if someone wants to buy it, fine.

Scarves. I love scarves. Every woman over 50 should wear scarves. But I have far too many. I reviewed them and got rid of maybe half.

Next: another rummage through my nighties and pjs; another rummage through my yoga/bicycling/athletic wear; and, a rummage through coats and jackets. 4 months ago

Black 5 months ago


I finally went through my basement storage and hauled up a lot of things (old clothes, etc) and had a service come take many bags of clothes away and some old furniture.

This left room in the basement now to pack away things I actually use. So I moved my winter clothes/shoes to the basement.

But I brought up my summer stuff, and boy I still do have lots.
I have been trying to sort through my items, but I have a lot of nice things and just not enough days in the season to wear it all?
It seems a shame to give away stuff I have never worn.
I am not really a seller, so I do donate a lot..

I ironed and hung my dresses so it will be easy to find/get dressed in the morning.

Plus I have been losing weight so the larger clothing sizes I am slowly able to pack for donating. 5 months ago

MsSoniaG_xJust today I have

Decluttered some old documents, photos etc on my Laptop. By putting them on Facebook and off my Laptop I think that is counted as decluttering. 5 months ago

MsSoniaG_xSold my ..

Tomtom too ~ didn’t use so Sold it! Fantastic 5 months ago

MsSoniaG_xIve also

decluttered a chest of drawers, a tall standing mirror and its chair. Room looks much clearer without so much dark dingy furniture. Next is clothes etc 5 months ago

MsSoniaG_xDecluttered Furniture round 1

My dressing table – didn’t use didn’t need was a space clogging furniture woo hoo gone 5 months ago


I think I need to get rid of all but my favorite/most useful books As well as excess sports gear, shoes, and clothes. 5 months ago

Superdude57 5 months ago


When though 8 boxes of stuff that had not been unpacked from moving a couple of years ago. Better late than never. 5 months ago

Dollyone trash bag a week

Ok I have a corner where I place all the goodies to donate and apply one in, one out rule, so far is slow but working 5 months ago

Kristyfull8 boxes

Of clothing taken to the second had shop. $212 in my hand and the stuff they don’t won’t goes to charity. Win win :) 6 months ago

rye 6 months ago

bakshiabhay 6 months ago

joie de vivreTapes

My daughter says that the hipsters have abandoned vinyl and have moved on to cassette tapes. OK, whatever.

Without the opinions of hipsters, I went through the tape collection, and made four piles:

  1. Tapes I may listen to again. The only place where tapes are going to be listened to, in reality, is in our 1997 Subaru Legacy Station Wagon. So these are going into carrying cases and will be taken out to that vehicle.
  2. My husband’s tapes. He can go through these.
  3. All other tapes. To be thrown away
  4. Blank tapes, in their original plastic wrapping, unopened. I will see if these are donate-able. 6 months ago

joie de vivrethe "poison cabinet"

It’s just a little utility closet, but we started calling it the “poison cabinet” when the girls were toddlers. We still store the cleaning supplies on the top shelf. It’s been organized and decluttered now.

All the flashlights are stored there, and work, which is a major sore point for my husband, as he considers working flashlights emergency critical items. The only one that doesn’t, doesn’t have batteries in it (but there’s a set stored next to it), just because I’d like to have a working flashlight without the batteries stored inside, just in case.

The worst of it is all my dad’s shoe shining supplies, which I got from them when they moved out of their condo into their retirement facility. I just put these into two smaller shoe-box-sized boxes, and put them on a shelf. I’ll deal with that another day. 6 months ago

Seannos 6 months ago

TheYogaNinja 7 months ago

MsSoniaG_xGot rid of my ....

Beautiful French Louis dressing table its mirrors and its stool purely because it was a costly piece of furniture that was so cute but I hardly used it, Infact ever since I had it I had more stuff in my room that should have been in there elsewhere rather than in it.

So glad to see that go, how its time for another lot of furniture no so cute or even necessarily used BUT I would really like to get rid of this (even if it means That I will call my local charity to collect it) because its so outdated and if I ever want to succeed in this goal I have to get rid of VERY Large space clogging stuff that I don’t need before proceeding with the smaller stuff.

Having said that I have also been throwing away, eBaying and generally been sorting small stuff, clothes, cosmetics, etc. 7 months ago

riders4c2Y2R Sorting

I am sorting every single item I own into six piles:
1. Keep for my retirement house/small acreage. (Pack Now)
2. Keep for now and retirement use. (Use Now)
3. Keep for archived records (Pack up and seal permanently)
4. Sell on Ebay or Craigslist (higher value items)
5. Give Away to Goodwill (clothes, household items, and anything that doesn’t sell); give to Kids (there old stuff or items they want in my give away piles), give to friends (things I know they would value)
6. Throw away (anything not of value in now, in retirement, or to others) 7 months ago

SmilingRedheadWorking on it!

My sister took her kids for the night (gasp!) so I have some time tonight before she brings them back and am using this as dedicated me-time. Not doing the dishes, not folding kids’ laundry, not sorting through broken toys. Just cleaning my room. Anything behind my door is fair game, that’s the rule. I can put stuff away in other rooms (coffee cups, mostly) but can’t get distracted with other parts of the house. It’s working relatively well. Got some stuff done I can’t do when the kids are home because I don’t want them accidentally breaking any of the items I inherited from my grandparents and even though everything’s a bigger mess than it was two hours ago, I’m definitely in a better frame of mind with actual sorting and finding homes for things getting done. :) 7 months ago

RagMamaRagAnd they're off...

Simply MUST unload this condo by the fall. Right now it’s a disaster, it’s on its way to becoming an episode of Hoarders. Yikes. The trouble came from two things: becoming diabetic which led to being exhausted all the time, too tired to keep it all up by myself and not having the means to hire cleaning services; and also from being all environmentally and feeling guilty about creating landfill, so I pile it all up in the corners of my house waiting to figure out how to recycle everything. Third factor, rescuing a cat that I couldn’t afford to spay. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!! How many times did my poor old Dad have to tell me??!?
She is spayed now, but not before she gave us four squirming litters. We re-homed all but three…still, with Mama plus the first two rescues that makes 6 bloody cats. Vacuum broke, can’t afford new one yet so that sure doesn’t help. I can’t believe life is this much of a struggle at my income; I should be leading a comfortable middle-class life. But my income simply doesn’t cut it! You can’t live decently at 40K anymore, you need closer to 65 to live the way I grew up. So, I’m banking on that “Nature Abhors a Vacuum” law. Getting rid of as much as I can, ruthlessly. So much paper, so much general crap. It must go go go go go. I can’t even get my head around cleaning this place because there is so much CRAP in here!! Gonna start with the Master Bedroom. I will keep up dishes, food and laundry, that’s all the housework I’m attending to until I’ve de-cluttered. So there. Well okay, keeping up with garbage and cat litter as well. But no more!!! Since my energy is limited, my expectations must be limited too. Chaaaaarge!!! 7 months ago

RagMamaRag 7 months ago

neonchalice 7 months ago

jj45uk 7 months ago

andromeda1234 8 months ago

snoonan136 8 months ago


Boxes of stuff gone.
One box waiting to go to plunket. Yay! 8 months ago

CaseyGracie 8 months ago

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