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graduate from college

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sullay77 4 years ago

napiern14 1 week ago

Irinagenijeftw 1 week ago

Richellehearts 1 week ago

Likikilalrula 1 week ago

zdechlinkaBachelor's Diploma

I’ve finished one of my bachelor’s diplomas!
It feels so exhilrating!

Now for the next step:
- finish my English diploma paper! 2 weeks ago

MaggieMagicWill start working on this in 2016

I need to save up first. I won’t care about whether my grades are high or not. Grades won’t matter anymore. The learning would matter most. And the completion of course. I won’t take no for an answer. I will graduate in 2018/2019 no matter what. 2 weeks ago

MaggieMagic 2 weeks ago

Helmut 9 months ago

ktbug0223 8 years ago

damonroy 2 weeks ago

flouridefree 2 weeks ago

ohshutup 6 months ago

kjlw0616 4 weeks ago

sbenzzz 4 weeks ago


It’s been quite hard lately.
I took a semester off and I’ve been struggling with coming back to the studying routine. And with work and all that… it’s a bit overwhelming.
But I do want to finish school this summer so a great deal of determination and motivation (and a shitload of precautions) is in order.

First thing is to get rid of all the distraction.
Like….tumblr. Oh god.
I downloaded Cold Turkey a while back – which is an amazing thing, it blocks all the websites that distract you for a period of time and it cannot be undone by anything – not by restarting the computer, not by uninstalling the application. It’s brilliant.
This is gonna be tough.
But I think it’s necessary.
I’m blocking tumblr for a week (cause the app only allows you to go a week into the future…I’ll do another week after this – although I’m pretty sure I won’t even remember tumblr a week from now). 4 weeks ago

user1395347711 4 weeks ago

Tyler K 17 months ago

Cadmium111 1 month ago

Aetern Limeade 7 years ago

animaaa 1 month ago

turkishmystery 2 months ago

adamglassner 2 months ago

Milkeshake_fury 3 years ago

MissScout 5 years ago


johnest 21 months ago


My mom got my degree in the mail (she’s my permanent address) the day before we left for Kauai, good feeling. I still haven’t seen it. 2 months ago

jellyfishes 2 months ago

jmorton 8 years ago

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