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Save $1000 for my emergency fund

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funniculeeTrying this again.

I hope to put at least $50 in the fund each month. It will take quite some time I’m sure, but that is a nice round figure, not too large, and an amount I can reasonably set aside each month. At that rate, I will meet this goal sometime around 12/1/15.

Sigh. That seems like a long way off. The hard part will not be setting aside the money – the difficult part will be not losing heart, and not withdrawing any money out of boredom or frivolity. 2 months ago


MovingAhead 2 years ago

Minna 19 months ago

Jill LaSalaAt this rate...

I’m almost at the halfway point and at this rate I should hit just over $1,000 by April. After which I can focus on getting three months income saved by the end of the year. 15 months ago

funniculeeTrying something...

I ran across this plan via a friend’s Facebook feed: The 52 Week Save Money Challenge

I’m trying it out. It’s not a fast way of saving $1000, but it’s SIMPLE and EASY. I’ve spent too much time thinking and over-thinking about how to save money properly; I need to stop thinking and JUST. SAVE. MONEY. This plan requires next-to-no thinking, and for the most part, amounts of money that are too small to affect my cash flow much.

The tiny amount in my special savings account is kind of depressing, but it’s going to keep growing. Very, very slowly. At this rate, it will be November until I reach my goal. That seems like a long time away…but it will be here before I know it. 15 months ago

chrisandniki 16 months ago

funniculeeGrr. Back to square one.

Spending too much money lately. Thankfully, my boyfriend and I both have agreed that we need to reign in our spending a bit, so I hope to begin working on this in earnest in the next month. 16 months ago

Jill LaSala 19 months ago

flamewarflipsides 2 years ago

rachtothesmyBeing Responsible

I struggled with this for over a year. Every time I got some money put away something else broke that cost more to fix than what I had. Finally, things have fallen into place. Due to a friend taking over paying his own bills and my boyfriend moving in and paying rent, I’ve been able to put a little away at a time and fix things as they break. Today I put the last bit of money in my savings from my tax refund. Now, it’s time to start a debt snowball! 2 years ago

rachtothesmy 2 years ago

funniculee$100 away!

I should be able to complete this goal a week from today, when my next paycheck comes in. Technically, I could complete it today, but I like having a cushion in my checking account in case of emergency. 2 years ago


Took me approximately six months but i did it. It was easy since my employer has the option of depositing an amount into your primary checking and another account of your choosing. I set it up so that 10% of my paycheck automatically went into my savings account before I had a chance to even see it and I reached my goal before I even knew it.

I’m still going to continue saving. 2 years ago

Kadeepoo 3 years ago

funniculee 2 years ago


now that i am back in jakarta, this goal is going to be a little bit challenging for me. due to inflation, it’ll take ages for me to reach to an equivalent of $1000. but if i ignored the currency, i could just save up to one million rupiah and that could be enough for my emergency fund… perhaps. hmm… 2 years ago

KadeepooCurrent Balance

$565 – more than halfway there. 2 years ago

Lou M.

Kadeepoocurrnet balance

my current balance as of today is $919.07. almost there. 2 years ago

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