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TheWanderingDaughter# 10 My Poor Physical Fitness

Since I’ve moved out with my boyfriend and took a full time job its an everyday challenge to eat right and get proper exercise. Its already difficult to fit in my jeans.

Ideas for change?
-Walk to the third floor instead of taking the elevator
- schedule to go to the gym with friends on day off
- look up cheap and filling lunch ideas for work.
- Stick to the food portions 3 years ago

TheWanderingDaughter#3 being more independant

1.)Sign up for a new bank account.
2.)Find a job and get hired.
3.)Save money.
4.)Dump the bad influences in my life.
5.)Try to find a hobby or interest that I enjoy and am good at, it builds self esteem and gives you stuff to talk about.
6.)Have a strong handshake
7.)Share my secrets with only wise people.
8.)Walk tall and straight
9.)Always smile.


*I droped the lame people in my life
*for a hobby i want to take pictures of abandond things
*I don’t talk to people about my probelms unless they’re close to me and know what they’re talking about.
*I try not to slouch anymore
*I always smile
Its 2011 and I have accomplished all of these things.
I work at a clothing store, Mardens and I talk to my friend, Rachel and my boyfriend, Storm about my problems and that is it.
For my next hobby I want to pick up drawing and attempt to do so once a day. 4 years ago

TheWanderingDaughter#4 I'm a PACK RAT

I keep everything!
Clean out my room from top to bottom
*Donate as much as i can of the stuff I no longer need

  • Its 201 and when I moved out of my mother’s house I got rid of all the stuff that I didn’t care for and my boyfriend gets on my case when my pack rat mode acts up * 4 years ago

TheWanderingDaughter#5 Be in a better relationship with my siblings

I have seven siblings and its either I never see them or I’m annoyed by them and tend to be snippy.

-Treat my siblings like a friend
instead of a relative that you have to be nice to.
Being genuine will get you a lot farther than being fake.

-Don’t be afraid of being nice first even if they ridicule me for it.
Continue being nice for as long as it takes for them to realize that you mean it.

-Do things together. Rent and watch movies together. Shop together. Include them in your outings with friends (if you are close in age). If you’re going to the movies, a club, or a party invite them to come (again if they are close in age).

-If you don’t like something that your sibling does communicate that to them. Tell them why it bothers you and ask them if they could stop. Be mature in communicating with them and don’t let the conversation into a petty argument detailing all the wrongs either of you have done in the past.

-Try to be the bigger person when your sibling does something spiteful to you. If you do something back to them as pay back you will just end up going back and forth in one big spiteful cycle that will become your relationship – and where will that get you?

  • its 2011 and this has improved greatly but its still a project * 4 years ago

TheWanderingDaughter#6 The habbit of biting my nails

I’ve just started to se the white tip of the nail.
This is really challenging for me because I’ve always bitten my nails, its a hard habit to break

  • its 2011 and this is still a problem for me * 4 years ago

TheWanderingDaughter#7 Sticking up to my parents

I’m eighteen and my parents wont let me
get a tattoo
dye my hair the way I want
I have to ask them if I can go to friends houses
They want me to stay close by for college
I can’t g on trips wth my boyfriend een though we’ve been dating for a year, hes a good guy and they know him well

  • Its 2011, I’m nineteen and I graduated and moved out with my boyfriend. Problem solved and I have two tatoos * 4 years ago

TheWanderingDaughter#8 Confidence

1.)think for myself
2.)Make a list of special talents I have, or things I do that are good
3.)Find my passion
4.)Choose a role model
5.)Try not to focus negatively
6.) speak loudly and clearly and make eye contact with people.Be myself
7.)Work out.

  • its 2011 and I’ve accomplished all except for exercising * 4 years ago

LuisNoel69 3 years ago


It is June 2011 and since these other notes I’ve managed to accomplish quit a bit of them.
I don’t have a role model, because I still believe I don’t need one. I make clear eye contact with people and I feel that for the most part that I am a positive thinker. My passion has always been to help others, I just didn’t view it as a career before. My plan after I graduate is to join Americorps in Oregon and I’m considering Art therapy as a career and to be a foster pet owner on the side.
I have gotten two tattoos since my last post on the subject and my mom doesn’t like it and says I made a big mistake but I took a year for each to think about if they were what I really want and there was never a doubt in my mind for either of them. For the most part I dye my hair the way I like. It’s black but I have this one streak in my hair that I put other colors in like green, blue and purple so far. Now I just leave whenever I want to go to friends houses and they got over that this also goes for going out with my boyfriend to destinations. I want it to be clear that I’m not rude to my parents. I don’t talk back, I’m respectful and we all have a good relationship. It just took them a while to trust me on things.
My relationship with my siblings has improved, but its not perfect.
I’ve gotten rid of a lot of shitty friends and even told them off J
I also have gotten a job at subway!
My grades are C+ and higher except for one class.
I read a lot more

I don’t work out as much as I’d like to and I still bite my nails, but not nearly as often as I use to. 3 years ago


I’m socially anxious

My social anxiety has gotten remarkably better during the last year, but it is still a problem for me and if I have the choice, I’ll choose being alone over the judging eyes of other people any day.

How to change?
  • Poke myself every time I notice my thoughts getting too paranoid (there’s no reason for everyone to hate me!)
  • Spend more time with people, from strangers to family members
  • Start more conversations with people at Verstas 3 years ago


I’m bad at co-operating

I’ve only recently noticed how bad I am at working with other people. I suppose I’m so used to doing things by myself that whenever I have to co-operate on a task, I find myself constantly trying to take the matters into my own hands, instead of just trusting the other person with his share of the work.

How to change?
  • Do more co-operative things, such as playing a co-op video game
  • Pay attention to my behavior and actively work on changing it 3 years ago


I am 17 and love who I am but I also hate some things about me. I model but fell like im not beutfule, I cant spell that great, iv’e started to hang out with some new people and love all of them to death, I wore that they might think im dumb because of the spelling thing or that they might think im boring to hang out with or that im some kind of freek that wores people to death. I need to get over this so I can start having fun with my new nad old friends. 3 years ago

britmarley246 3 years ago

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