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Give something up for lent

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Give Up For Lent

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Noodles84One week in

I am being very good about staying away from things that I said I would but as a whole I don’t think I am doing my best … using my new found time. Because it is Lent I want to do more:
  • Prayer / Mediation
  • Spending time with family
  • Walking
  • Enjoying outdoors (weather permitting) 4 weeks ago

Noodles84Wasteful internet time

I spend a lot of time on the internet and most of it is just wasted time. So I am giving up wasting time on the internet.

What does that mean? No Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter. Tumblr only to fill my queue and the time me and my husband spend together on Tumblr before bed. Pinterest I can use as a recipe book or instructions for crafts but no time just surfing to see what I can see.

Also, another big thing is since I am giving up Youtube. No extra TV time to “make up” for it. 1 month ago

Noodles84 1 month ago

Pretzel Face 1 month ago

echcandothis 3 months ago

philly6 2 years ago

iamevoxus 14 months ago


give up facebook for lent. i will only miss it for my fitness and nutrition pages that i subscribe to. otherwise its not a big deal. i completely forgot aobut this yesterday so am starting today. will kind of be hard cos i go on fb when im bored alot. but i did this last year and i can do it again! so here we go… adios facebook! 14 months ago

nujenny100 14 months ago

blondebutbright 14 months ago

margriet 2 years ago

gabier_39Good-bye Lactose

I am giving up dairy for lent this year… oh cheese you will be missed. but it must be done.

So far it has been three weeks and I have been successful. Only….. three and a half more to go!

Surprisingly i feel reallllly good without dairy. Soy is a great alternative 2 years ago

gabier_39 2 years ago

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