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sunny_bee33 3 months ago

el mcaring for a sick parent

this is what i have been busy doing. dad was dx’ed with the cancer last month and it’s serious. it’s been a rollercoaster. things have settled (though whenever i say that, they get funky again). so far this is the scariest thing i’ve dealt with in my life and is a reminder of how little time we actually spend in our shells here on earth. 6 months ago

emilylily04 8 months ago

KeiraRoelan 9 months ago

el mdatey

currently dating a cute boy which has been fun but scary. 10 months ago

Amanda R 11 months ago

Ana Belle 12 months ago

el mfood outings

i did some things that were soooo scary:

.i was supposed to go to lunch with my pal, but then we ran into his zirlfriend, and we all ended up eating together. i wanted to say no at first, but stayed. and it was super fun.
.i got myself to a dinner party with about 8 humans. i knew a handful only. i didn’t freak out and had nice conversation. 12 months ago

el mvalentine deliveries

tonight i was delivering valentines to 2 friends and was trying to discretely set in their mailboxes. there were a bunch of mailboxes together by my one pal’s house and i didn’t know which was hers because i didn’t know her address and her porch light was off. so i had to park my car, creep around, walk up to her door to see her address and then find her mail box. at first i was going to just drive away and not deliver because i was scared i’d get yelled at by someone, but i forced myself to do it. and it was fun. 14 months ago

el myoga class

last week i taught a complete, public yoga class where i knew no one in the class. i was super scared [even woke up at 4am unable to go back], but it went ok. i got positive feedback from the lady observing me. it was 10 minutes too short, so i’ll have to work on my timing a bit. but doing this was a huge relief. 14 months ago

el mweight room

i used the room at the gym with machines. only boys were in there, so first i was scared. but i’ve used these machines before and am comfortable with them. now i am buff. 17 months ago

el mUntitled

on friday i mountain biked by myself. i was scared to bike alone, because i worried i’d get turned around and become lost. but i made it out ok.

on my bike ride, i went over a neat see saw type thing which i was initially scared to do. 18 months ago

el m 20 months ago

Vamkay22 20 months ago

jnephin 23 months ago

justdoit82 2 years ago

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