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lose 15 pounds

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Recent activity

kerfuffledUgh just weighed myself

I now weigh 158. Officially the heaviest I’ve ever been. 3 days ago


Thinking about joining a gym! Excited to work on this goal with my husband. 1 week ago

youhavemyattention 6 years ago

sweetanya 1 week ago


In the past, whenever I have wanted to lose weight, it was because I felt like I could be in better shape, but now I’ve gotten to the point where I’m actually overweight, well almost, BMI wise. It’s embarrassing because I have lost weight successfully before and I know how to. I remember the amazing moment of looking in the mirror and feeling happy with what I saw. Now, I can barely fit into my jeans and I always feel like I have nothing to wear. I don’t want to spend money on buying bigger clothes. I used to run marathons and now I tend to walk instead of running. My sister lost weight doing Jillian Michaels, but it’s not my favorite. I just don’t know how I gained so much weight in the past few months. I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been and I am so unhappy with my body. I have 30 pounds to lose, but 15 for now. 3 weeks ago

kerfuffled154. It only took a year to lose 1 pound.

It’s one thing to fail to reach your goal, it’s another to have a written record.

Well now I guess I’m more motivated. I’m starting a new crappy job in a week and a half and I don’t want to buy a whole new fat wardrobe. I’ll have to get at least some new pants though but hopefully over the next couple of months I can get close enough to my non-sloth weight that I can use most of my old work wardrobe.

I wish my motivation didn’t have to always come from some situation that comes up that essentially forces me to really work towards a goal but that always seems to be the way. 3 weeks ago

holmesgirl75 1 month ago

aec20879 2 months ago

peritarosada 2 months ago

kortykortStopped eating at 9:30pm

Super Bowl Sunday 2 months ago

kortykortKickin it with Kiera again

It’s a good workout. I like it. 2 months ago

kortykort 3 months ago

kortykortBHT workout again

This one made me SUPER sore last time, but I did it again. I’ve already improved and did more. Let’s see, though, how those jacks treat my foot. I was careful and they were only 4X 30 sec… I’m afraid I may have done one too many. I did try to simply shuffle more than jump, and I feel no pain now but a bit of discomfort, maybe? We’ll see. I’m hoping I took it just slow enough for it to be progress. 2 months ago

kortykortStretch workout from DB

Only burned 50 cals but a good move. 2 months ago

kortykortOk so I had soup and beer

Just that one beer and then I had soup. Going to bed now. Stretch in the a.m 2 months ago

kortykortAte healthy today

One beer but that’s it. Nothing more to eat tonight. I had my food for the day! 2 months ago

kortykortWorked out this morning!

Kickboxing. About 30 min. Go Daily Burn 2 months ago

kortykortStaying hungry tonight

I’ll eat tomorrow! 2 months ago

kortykortSigned up for Daily Burn

Free 30-day trial 2 months ago

kortykortBought Slim Quick

Took it yesterday. 2 months ago

kortykortYoga today- Weigh in

Lost ten pounds since my heaviest!!
Almost there!! 2 months ago

kortykortOrdered healthiest thing at McDonald's

Sweet Chili Grilled Chicken wrap… 360 calories… Now, small dinner 2 months ago

kortykortHot water with lemon

Morning and night to rev metabolism!!! 2 months ago

kortykortEating healthy!!

Been good for a day and a half again. Sunday I did well, then caved. Had to EAT after the wine on Saturday night. Sad because I almost made it through the day and night. I have to be careful about that. Yesterday I was eating light until dinner… At least then I still didn’t blow it. 2 months ago

kortykortWent to yoga at 12:15

I am also eating yogurt for lunch. 2 months ago

kortykortThis morning

To make up for last night, I ate only a Fiber One bar for breakfast. I am having a Chobani yogurt now.. Healthy!! 3 months ago


Made a healthy choice at Ruby Tuesday lunch 3 months ago

kortykortMonday night

Good portion of protein and fiber at dinner. Beef and sweet potatoes, yummy sauce. Lean Cuisine, actually. Only 250 calories. 3 months ago


Ate a fiber one bar, and two yogurts today. Not bad,.,, keep it up!!! One meal allowed later. Maybe simple as oatmeal 3 months ago


As of Saturday, I ate wisely. Went to bed early both nights. Woke up on Monday morning at 2 am, hungry. Ate lamb. I’m going to have to eat very healthily today to make up for it. 3 months ago

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