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Theskysthelimit1976Courtesy of Flutterby


Sounds delicious!! 5 years ago

Theskysthelimit1976Labash sent me what sounds like a delightful recipe!!!!

Back in the day, I’ve lived with roommates, boyfriends, family… I loved cooking for people… making nice meals… the presentation… just taking care of the people round me that I love… trying new recipes… well… I’ve lived alone for the past 2 years or so and a lot of the cooking has fallen by the wayside… I often feel like “Why should I do all this for one person?” But the one person is me :) Why shouldn’t I? Right? So my new venture is to try out new recipes… Thank you Labash for my very first!!!

the products needed:

3/4 of a glass of fish broth
1/4 glass small-grained rice
40 g butter
2 spoons flour
2/3 glass milk
1 egg, a little bit mixed
1/4 glass parsley, nicely chopped
1/2 glass of fresh or frozen peas
2 sheets of puff pastry dough
2×600 g canned salmon
4 well boiled eggs
another mixed egg
cooking paper

1. boil your rice
2. boil your eggs, chop them into quarters.
3. make up the fish broth (i didn’t get it so used the chicken broth and it turned out well).
4. pour the broth in a kettle. wait till it’s boiling and put the rice in. reduce the heat and cover the kettle. let it simmer for about 10 mins or until the rice has absorbed the broth.
5. put the butter in a medium size kettle and let it melt. put the flour in and mix it to become yellowish. pour in the milk slowly and mix it till it becomes single mass. let it boil till it becomes thick. leave it on for another minute and take it off the stove. let it sit till it’s not that hot anymore and put the 1 mixed egg, peas and parley in. mix everything nicely.
6. uncan the salmon, put it in a bowl and chop it with a fork.
7. put the dough on the board, expand it into 1.
8 spread the salmon on it thoroughly. leave 3 cm margins :) put the egg quarters on top randomly.
9. put the rice and the mixture with peas in a bowl. mix it all thoroughly and then layer it all on top of the salmon and eggs. use the last mixed egg to spead it on the 3 cm margins you left free. fold the margins together,
10. put the cooking paper on the cooking thing you use for cooking in the oven, don’t know the word for it :) turn your pie upside down and put it on the paper. use a knife tomake 3 holes in top of it, spread the egg mixture on top of it. bake it at the temperature of 210 C for about a half an hour till it’s nicely yellow, kind of brownish.
11. cut it to 4 or more pieces and serve it to the table, can add some green salad to finish it off nicely :) 5 years ago

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