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wear a leg cast

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keep complaining of ankle pain 3 years ago

ryanampleg cast

I would like a cast,but not for ‘weeks on end’. But for the lack of mobility and loss of the leg. I have see videos on the ease of application – I might try it. r. 3 years ago


i what to were a cast so i can get a wheelchair 4 years ago


ToeshoesThis thing is a NIGHTMARE

I am wearing 45 inches of plaster on my leg from a missed jump. In addition to having to be on crutches for weeks the thing smells awful, itches terribly,is awkward to move around and looks geeky. Only good thing is the the guys pay alot of attention to me and want to sign it 5 years ago

Harmonygirl as a MeezHuh, I did this too!

As I was cheering this entry, I realized that Huh, I did this too! Twice—once as a child and another time more recently.

When I got injured back in April, I had to wear a leg cast. Granted, it had velcro straps that could be taken on and off, but for mobility’s sake, I had to leave it on for nearly two months, except while sleeping and bathing.

I am very grateful to have left it behind, although my left leg still wears two “bite” marks from its memory. (The plastic rubbed and caused pressure wounds, which left light scarring—I notice it, my sweetheart man kisses that spot.)

When I was about 11 years old, I had injured that same leg. I had to wear a cast, a real plaster one, all the way up to the knee. I remember the itching, and the heat—Florida summers are not kind to leg casts!

Bye bye cast(s) – parts one and two!6 years ago

tknightI have had one of these... but it was worth doing with a caveat...

In my case it was the result of a rather nasty car accident.

What they didnt tell me was what happens to your leg during the eight week I wore it.

The muscles I had on my leg seemingly evaporated.

It actually took longer to get the leg working again after it had ‘healed’ than it took to get to where the cast could come off.

Worth it for the faqct that if I hadnt worn it, I would never have become better…

not worth it as despite the ‘recovery’ the leg is not now, nor ever will be, as good as before the healing process became a necessity. 6 years ago

DetcastI have done this before

I broke my leg six years ago, and had a cast from my hip to my toes for four months, followed by a series of below knee casts over six months, and a Boot for two months.

While it was a painful process at first, I was thankful that I didn’t need surgery. I did need special treatments to get the bones to heal. I have learned since then that I have a disorder that causes my bones to break easily, and makes the heal slowly.

It was a learning experience.

It did statisfy a child hood curiousity in the process.

I wish that I could have worn the cast’s with out the injury though. 6 years ago

fgllcwearing a leg cast

As of last Tuesday, I am wearing a left short leg cast. This cast will be for 8 weeks. This first week I have been walking on it using a cane. Well, now I know why the doctor wanted me to use crutches; it hurts like hell to walk on it! If this does not work (the casting), the next step is surgery to fuse the bones. This will require a minimum of 3 to 5 months in a cast. Be careful what you wish for people! 7 years ago


I love putting myself in hotpink slcs and llcs .I am a recreational caster.I wear hotpink casts with matching nailpolish and toerings.You dont have to break any bones to get a cast.You can buy 3m casting tape from any surgical supply stre and do your own cast www.castfetish.com 7 years ago


I broke my leg when I was a freshman in high school, had a cast from my toes to my hip! It was fun, at the same time got old, bur Id like to do it again! I liked the attention! 7 years ago

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