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Basic English Classes

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Non-Native To English?

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How To Speak English

www.nitlc.com/     Study Online Courses, Improve Your Skills And Knowledges Today.

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sankaamaHi Guys

I am Sam. I’m newbie for 43things. Thanks God. I think this is very good start for my future goals to make come true. I know my English is very poor. If I am wrong pls, tell me. All suggestion are really appreciate. Have a nice day. 20 months ago

sankaama 20 months ago

poushkar 22 months ago

Mats 22 months ago

Paola 2 years ago

junsheng_li 2 years ago

gracet79should do it more often

After a long gap I started listening to it a month ago but havent been able to listen to it as directed. I only do it when I go to work ie, 3 days a week. But I must say it is a really good one. the vocabulary lessons are good. 2 years ago

mariamc95 4 years ago

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1RL 2 years ago

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sitruunapuuSomething to think about...

I’ve been thinking lately, especially when I’ve been feeling particularly brain dead and unable to learn much new despite really trying, whether I should consider moving to an English-speaking country instead of a Spanish-speaking one. As much as I love Spanish and Spain, I really haven’t felt like I’ve the brain capacity for learning a new language lately, so I’m wondering whether I should make life easier for myself and move to an English-speaking country first and live there until I feel like I’m ready to learn a new language… after all, I do want to improve my English as well, so I’d be glad to do that too.

Decisions, decisions. I haven’t really thought of this before, and now I’m not sure which English-speaking country I’d like to live in… Might be the US actually, which is strange because I’ve never thought of living there, but now that I think of it, it could be interesting. There’d be so much to choose from, so many different states and cities… another option might be Australia.

I have to say that the idea of having to only improve my English feels very relaxing as I can most of the time express what I think, which I really can’t do in Spanish, so getting to know people would be much easier too if I could speak English. In Spanish, I could imagine having much harder time getting “in” because I couldn’t discuss about anything beyond the weather and the basics… of course my Spanish would improve with time, but I still wonder whether I should take the easy way out.

Hmm. 2 years ago

abdoule24 2 years ago


i am learning english 3 years ago and i am looking forward to become a fluent in english 2 years ago

Yonaka 2 years ago

Andréa Dias 2 years ago

aryaneast 2 years ago

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